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The Proposed Wind Turbine Farm at Long Sutton

April 25 2012

The Little Sutton Energy Company Ltd are holding a consultation on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th May, 10am - 8pm at the Curlew Centre

Susenco Management Ltd Press release:



The Little Sutton Energy Company Limited announces that it has submitted a planning application to erect a wind turbine adjacent to the Princes Food factory in Little Sutton, Lincolnshire. As part of this project, we are offering to finance local low-carbon community projects.

The project is managed by Susenco Management Limited ("Susenco"), the Sustainable Energy Company. We develop renewable energy projects and consult to major land owners, corporations and not-for-profit organisations in the field of renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. Susenco is owned and run by its 3 founding directors who have a strong commitment to the development of community based energy in the UK.

The application is for a single 500kW turbine with a hub height of 60 meters on a site immediately to the south of the Princes Food factory. This is a submission of a reduced scheme compared with a previous application withdrawn in April 2010 for two 80 meter turbines. In the consultation for that proposal, concerns were raised about its noise and other impacts. The current submission in reducing the size and number of turbines seeks to address those concerns.

We will offer the power generated to local businesses and do this at a lower price than available to them on the open market. Given this and the fact that the power is from renewable sources and so could assist local businesses in meeting their regulatory requirements in relation to carbon emissions, we believe the proposal supports local business and therefore local employment. Currently, the regulatory regime does not allow this cheap power offer to extend to domestic dwellings.

However, in accordance with our commitment to community energy in the UK, we are offering to share some of the financial returns from the turbine with the local residents in another way. We propose to make "community payments" at a rate at the top end of industry practice, totalling £65,000 over the 25 year period of the project. Also, subject to consultation with local residents, we offer that these be front loaded over the 25 years if used to finance community low carbon projects such as a community owned renewable energy generation scheme (e.g. a solar PV array), a low carbon community revolving loan fund (see further below) or energy generation and efficiency in local homes and community buildings (e.g. PV panels, log burning stoves and insulation). We are willing that the community payments be used for other purposes if the local community so desires. We invite interested parties to contact us to discuss the options available.

Dr Mark Hinnells, Susenco's Solutions Director, says "As well as providing local benefits both in terms of supporting employment and community efforts to reduce carbon emissions, this project is estimated to save directly over 25,000 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime and produce enough power annually for the equivalent of 455 average UK homes." Dr Tony Benson who first managed this project on behalf of Premier Foods and is now doing so for us says "Having worked on this project for over 6 years, I am delighted now to have been able to produce a scheme that addresses the concerns raised in the original consultation while still also providing significant local benefits. I have every confidence it will be as successful as my nearby project at McCains' food factory, Whittlesey."

For more information on the turbine and the proposed community involvement, please see the "Non Technical Summary" and "Statement of Community Involvement" submitted to the planning authority (available to view at under reference H10-0290-12).


Susenco Management Limited

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