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Sept 19 2011

Marlene Deanes, nee Fox

A request has been received from Marlene Deanes, nee Fox, who tells us that her family lived in Sutton Bridge and Long Sutton. The family Harper resided in Sutton Bridge and the family Fox originated in Long Sutton. Marlene was born in 1946 and lived at 23 Lime Street, Sutton Bridge with her Great Grandmother Annie Harper a widow, great Uncle Fred Harper and mother Muriel Fox. She lived there until the early 1950s when she moved to Hull, East Yorkshire to, live with Grandparents Robert and May (nee Harper) Fox.

Marlene's Great Uncle Fred Harper
Marlene's Great Uncle Fred Harper

She tells us she has enjoyed looking at the website and has some memories though vague. She does remember being in a large hall at Christmas with other children and the moment when everyone ran to get their present from Father Christmas, and her standing there empty handed until someone took pity on her.

Marlene also tells us she went to a primary school in Sutton Bridge but does not have any recollection of it.

Marlene Fox
Marlene Fox
May and Muriel Fox
May and Muriel Fox
Robert, Muriel and May Fox
Robert, Muriel and May Fox

If anyone remembers anything about Marlene and her family, it would be of great help and much appreciated if they would get in touch through the Bridge Watch website on

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Aug 22 2011


The following is an extract from a letter by a local resident (sent directly to the Parish Council Chairman - cc'd to SHDC and Bridge Watch) - the subject matter will be on the agenda at the next PC meeting.


Dear Sir

I should like to draw to the attention of the Council an offending obstruction to the access of a Public Footpath in the neighbourhood of Sutton Bridge.
Please see the enclosed photographs.

My family and I walked to Long Sutton by going down New Road and taking the Public Footpath that skirts “Hoyles Farming Ltd.”.  Our first obstruction was the pile of wooden containers across the road which we had to walk around.  This was possible, but could have been awkward for a wheelchair or buggy.

The far more severe obstruction which we then encountered, (See Photo below), was a rusty piece of farm machinery which spanned the whole of the exit into the lane at the end of the footpath.  My youngest grand- daughter found this hard to negotiate and it would certainly have been a dangerous and impenetrable route for wheelchair users and both young and old people.

obstruction to the access of a Public Footpath in Sutton Bridge area

I urge you to look into this problem as soon as possible.  Whilst I understand the farmer’s dislike of vehicles cutting off the bend by using this as a short cut, every consideration should be given to the status of public walkways and access should not be impeded. It is beholden to you to monitor and maintain those in your area.

A resident
Name and address supplied.

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Jan 25 2011

We have received emails from Sutton Bridge residents requesting that their letters, as quoted below, be posted on our website.

Bridge Road - Sutton Bridge

Anyone living along The Bridge Road couldn’t have helped but noticed an increase in the speed at which traffic is now travelling along The Bridge Road since the removal of the Island close to Nene Lodge and the instalment of a new Pedestrian Crossing, thus opening up this straight linear road even further where drivers rarely keep to speed limits.

Even the temporary traffic lights put in place 25th January 2011 between Railway Lane and Allenby’s Chase haven’t made a significant difference to the way in which drivers ignore speed limits, some have even been observed going through these lights when red at speeds well in excess of 30 m.p.h.

The Bridge Road has now reverted back to a “race track” simply because County Planning have once again had the wool pulled over their eyes by certain residents and councillors who have only their own interests at heart.

The Island close to Nene Lodge was doing its job as best as possible by assisting in slowing traffic and, it should never have been removed. Another pedestrian crossing was certainly needed, but not where it has been installed. A far better place would have been closer to the Pharmacy where people going to and fro from the Health Centre and the Pharmacy could cross the road more safely.

The removal of the Island close to Nene Lodge has also enabled heavy lorries to thunder through at speed and, it has also been stated that the Island close to the Post Office is going to be removed, thus likely to aggravate the situation further.

Because some drivers insist on violating parking laws and cause unnecessary obstructions, others have to pull out well across the road to avoid them, all of this leaves an accident waiting to happen somewhere along Bridge Road.

A resident
Name and address supplied.



Why is it that we, in our enlightened times, are so accepting of the amount of litter which ‘graces’ our streets, gardens, parks and other public places? It seems that we don’t even see the rubbish which surrounds us.

Now, with the cuts which the local authorities will have to make to balance their budgets, it is quite possible that the cleaning of our streets will not be high on their list of priorities. If this is the case, then it is up to all of us who live in Sutton Bridge and Wingland to start taking care of our town and one of the easiest and quickest methods of improving our surrounds is to clear up litter.

Many people will say “well, it’s not for me to do, I pay my Council Tax”. In a way, this is true. However, if we were to pay the right price for all our services, then our Council Tax bills would be enormous. At this time of severe cutbacks, it is time for residents and businesses to be responsible for their immediate environs. Even if you don’t want to go out and clear up the public pavements and roadways, you could still do your bit by clearing any blown or dropped rubbish from the front of your property or premises, but don’t just sweep it into the kerb – pick it up and put it in your dustbin. Don’t walk past litter and think ‘someone else will clean it up’ - BE THAT SOMEONE ELSE.

Many years ago when the State was not such a provider people got on and did what was necessary without any expectation that someone else would come along and do it for them. Self-help was the order of the day. This led to a strong feeling of community and friendship. We need to embrace that ‘self-help attitude’ once more and give some pride back to our town which in turn, gives us pride in ourselves.

We probably all know that the Big Bloomers do regular litter picks around our streets, but it should not be left to a volunteer ‘in-bloom’ group to always initiate this task – we all live here. When the Big Bloomers advertise the litter picks they always ask for volunteers. We could all do just a bit more and join them on their rounds. It is not onerous work, it can be quite enjoyable – it is certainly satisfying and, you get to meet new people.

Come on you good folk of Sutton Bridge and Wingland – look closely at YOUR town and then think what you can do to improve it. We may all be surprised at how a little effort goes a long way.

Sutton Bridge Resident
Name and Address Supplied.

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