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Dec 42011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held on 29th November, 2011


Mrs. J. Sutton spoke of the appalling amount of dog fouling that is occurring in the Memorial Park. She also stated that during a football match at the weekend, while players were on the pitch, someone entered the home team's locker room and money had been stolen from players' belongings. The matter had been reported to the police.

Mrs. Faires stated that the resurrection of the Sutton Bridge Multi Agency Group was an excellent decision, but with so many parish councillors present at the last meeting and the talk mostly centred on the S106 money and the Marina Project, she thought she was in a Parish Council meeting. She also stated that the plinths on the village green and the war memorial with the propeller on the East Bank were in urgent need of repair, as well as the sign on the village green plinth being in need of a repaint.

Mrs. Hardy asked whether the Christmas tree was going to be cut in time for the lights to be erected properly. She reminded the PC that this had been discussed a few meetings ago but nothing further seems to have happened. Cllr. M. Booth commented that this was in hand and Mrs. Hardy asked that this be done fairly quickly as the time for erecting the lights was fast approaching and we did not want to have the poor show we had in 2010.

Mrs. Hardy continued to state that now the S106 money had been allocated to the Sutton Bridge PC, would they consider using some of it to provide new Sutton Bridge town signs at each end of the village. It is time they were redesigned and replaced. She further commented that she would pass on the details of a website which dealt in this type of signage, to the Clerk.

Mrs. Hardy also referred to the Item 22 on the agenda, and asked when Cllr. Croxford was going to produce papers for the landscaping for all to see.

Mr. Shapland stated that now the remainder of the S106 money was in the hands of the PC, then none should be allocated without consultation with the parishioners. He did not agree that the £150,000 that had been allocated to the previous East Bank Lighthouse project should be lost in the Marina project.

Referring to Item 6 on the agenda (Centrica Update presentation) he said that such a presentation should be made at a separate meeting and not a PC meeting such as this with so many items on the agenda.

Mr. Shapland also referred to Item 22 saying no one knows what is proposed and before any changes are made to the area, the public should be consulted first.

Referring to Item 23, he also suggested that the village should have just one large notice board, instead of the four dotted around the village. This would save someone valuable time and carbon footprint going round the village putting notices up.

Mrs. Minns is still very concerned that the promised yellow lines at the Bridge Road end of Chestnut Terrace and Withington Street have not been done and it is extremely dangerous trying to get out of these streets when large vehicles are parked so close to the turnings making it unsafe for drivers to pull out on to the main road.

Mrs. Houlder questioned the reason for the proposal of the landscaping of the area on the Falklands Estate and asked was this not another way to get a children's playground? It has become a regular issue, barely six months since the subject was last brought before the PC, who had rejected the idea several times previously. Mrs. Houlder then read out a statement about the area which over the years has become an interesting nature reserve.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons : Cllr. T. Rowe.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act. Cllrs. M. Booth and S. Booth both declared their interest in the Allotments and the SBCCF respectively. Cllr. Croxford also declared his interest in Item 22.

3. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES – Notes from meetings on 25th October 2011 and 22nd November 2011 to be accepted as minutes. Agreed.

4. POLICE MATTERS – To include update on Community Engagement Model Group – WPC Laura Griggs and PC Darren Enderby were in attendance this evening. The chamber was informed that Inspector Timmins has been promoted to Chief Constable(?) and Chris Dobbs-Davison had been promoted to Inspector. A major issue at the present time is illegal hare coursing, and while a lot of police attention is given to this, the public are asked to be aware and report to the police immediately the sight of any strange large vehicles on farm land, especially if they have dogs inside too. Cllr. M. Booth said the amount of mutilated bodies of hares thrown in ditches at this time is deplorable.

Another issue is that traffic is still speeding through the village, but while the tests had been done the amount of those who would have been prosecuted was less than 4%. Cllr. Croxford stated that vehicles are still speeding through Falklands Road and Bridge Road. He went on to say that a person, in what appeared to be a WWF vest, had been knocking on doors late in the evening. Fortunately PCSO Ben Harrington had been in the area and as he approached the person got into a car and drove off.

5. CHAIRMAN'S REMARKS; Cllr. C. Brandon-King thanked the Burial Ground Working Party for the sterling work they had done so far, and also the Allotments Working Party for their detailed comprehensive report. He went on to say that although the PC now had powers over the S106 money, it was still in the hands of the SHDC. Further details can be obtained from the Cabinet Minutes on the SHDC website. Cllr. C. Brandon-King said he is also asking for further details regarding the payment of almost £25,000 to the Economic Development Capital Projects Post 2007-2009, and why the £150,000 S106 money for the lighthouse project had been diverted to the Marina Project. The Internal audit recommended implementation is to be deferred to January and then to go through the Finance Committee.

6. PRESENTATION – Simon Gamage: Lincs Wind Farm Ltd : With so much on the agenda Mr. Gamage was requested to make his presentation as brief as possible, which he kindly did. A full report on Mr. Gamage's presentation can be found on the Off Shore Wind Farm pages of the Bridge Watch website. Standing orders were suspended for questions from the public. The final question from the floor was when will Sutton Bridge start benefiting from reduced energy costs? This was met with roars of laughter from all.

7. CLERK'S REPORT : As per usual the Clerk gave a very efficient précis of all matters that had been attended to during the past month.

8. TO RECEIVE REPORTS FROM DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS : Cllr. Brewis mentioned the MAG meeting that had been held the previous week and said that although there were five parish councillors present they were all there for different reasons other than parish council matters. A new metal seat had been installed near the underpass in Railway Lane South at a cost of £1,000 from the two district councillors' fund. Cllr. M. Booth again mentioned his concern about the illegal hare coursing. He further stated that the War Memorial plinth was indeed in need of urgent repair as had been mentioned earlier.

a. Accounts for payment 29.11.11:



Chq. No.










Hurdletree Nurseries

Weed Control





Henry Smith charity

Land Rent






Off. rent (Oct & Nov)





Wingland GC

Litter picking (Nov)





Wingland GC

Parish G'cutting (Nov)





N Portass

Picnic area











S England

Clerk's Expenses





Royal British Legion

Poppy wreaths








Two further cheques had also been issued since the above figures were drawn up.
b. Money In:

As per bank reconciliation: Allotment Rent: £4864.81
E-on (overpyt. 2009): £200.00
Total: £5064.81

In addition, a further payment of £7 had been received for allotment rent.

c. To resolve to approve the revised Schedule of Council Assets as proposed by the Finance Committee : agreed.

d. To resolve to approve revised level of insurance cover as recommended by the Finance Committee : agreed.

e. To accept Council budget and precept for 2012-2013 taking into account
recommendations put forward by Finance Committee
: agreed.

f. To resolve on Grant Application for Sutton Bridge in Bloom 'Big Bloomers' : It was agreed that a grant of £500 would be made to Sutton Bridge in Bloom.

g. To resolve to authorise the Finance Committee to accept and resolve for payment
any supplier invoices due to be received in December 2011
: agreed. Also agreed that a request from St. Matthew's Church be referred to the next agenda.


a. Items of correspondence for comment:

(i) Letter SBCCFC – Confirmation of resignation of Chairman ; Cllr. Croxford resigned as Chairman in August 2011.
(ii) Letter SBCCF – Details of Community Centre opening ceremony 10th December 2011 @ 3 pm
(iii) Email Teresa Palmer – Best Kept Village Competition : giving SB free entry into the competition in 2012.
(iv) Email SHDC – S106 monies – Funds available to Sutton Bridge
(v) Letter Sutton Bridge in Bloom – Request to install posts in MP - See Agenda item 16

b. Correspondence received for information purposes only (for further details please contact the Parish Office):

(i) Came & Co – Parish Council Insurance Newsletter – Autumn Edition
(ii) Email, SHDC – Notice of 'Big Lottery Funding Workshop' 8th Dec 2011, Red Lion Quarter 10am-12.30pm
(iii) Letter LCC – Sever weather winter maintenance plan
(iv) LCC – Gritting routes map 2011-2012
(v) The Bridge for Heroes – Monthly Newsletter
(vi) Holbeach & Fenland Gymnastics Club – Letter of thanks to SBPC for awarding £100 grant


H18-0821-11, Proposed paddock and stables, Riverside, East Bank, Sutton Bridge.
Ms E Garner & Mr M Mears, Riverside, East Bank, Sutton Bridge.
H18-0388-11, Amendment to residential development – erection of 2 detached
dwellings, rear of 76 New Road, Sutton Bridge. Mr M Ludlow, 23 Small Drove,
Weston, Spalding, PE12 6HS

a. Update on outstanding matters : no report
b. To report any new matters : nothing new reported

(Action recommended in reports to be included for resolution on next agenda)

A. Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr Grimwood, Hills, T Rowe : Cllr. Grimwood stated how disappointing the meeting with Richard Knox of SHDC had been regarding the playgrounds. The gates to the playground in the Memorial Park are being removed as they do not meet the safety standards now required. The trees at the playground in Chalk Lane are being cut back. There is no money in the SHDC budget for any repairs or new equipment and Cllr. Grimwood asked if there was any money available in the SB budget?

B. Allotments – Cllrs Brewis, Croxford, Preston : a report had been made to the PC.

C. Finance Committee – Cllrs Brandon-King, Dewsberry, Grimwood, Hills : covered in Item 9.

D. Personnel Committee – Cllrs Booth, Brewis, Croxford, Preston : Reporting in Closed Session.

E. Planning – Cllrs S Booth, Brandon-King, J Rowe : had already been covered in Item 11.

F. Footpaths & Byeways – Cllrs M Booth, Hills, Preston ; to be discussed at Item 19.

Extension to Burial Facilities – Cllrs Brandon-King, Grimwood, Hills, J Rowe : Once again Cllr. Mrs. Hills had prepared a written report regarding the meeting held on site at Scott Miracle-Gro on the 22nd November, with Richard Fidler, from the Planning Department at SHDC.

• Mr. Fidler was shown where the proposed entrance to the proposed burial ground would be, plus two other alternatives. One from Flint Gate (was rejected) and one from the churchyard through the Memorial Park/Arnie Broughton Walk via a new footbridge. Mr. Fidler pointed out that this proposed entrance would have to be carefully considered with regard to the Disability Discrimination Act.

• Cllr. Mrs. Hills also advised she had spoken with Katrina Finch of the Environmental Agency with regard to the excavation of the trial pits. These would have to be 1.8m deep and a minimum of two trial pits would be required. It is suggested that 4 trial pits be dug and photographs would have to be taken to show the ground was dry at the required depth.

• With regard to the Soil Analysis this would take approximately three weeks to complete and cost is dependent on what is required.

• The Highways department at Boston had been contacted to request a site meeting regarding the access to the proposed burial ground off the A17.

• With permission given from Scott Miracle-Gro, Cllr. S. Booth was allowed to take his tractor fitted with a satellite measuring device on to the proposed site. The measurement is approximately 1.7 acres and it is to be noted that this is for guide purposes only.

To resolve to change the 'Extension to burial facilities' working party to a Committee: agreed

To resolve to accept terms of reference for the 'Extension to burial facilities' Committee: agreed

G. Parish Newsletter – Cllrs Brandon-King, Dewsberry, Preston : Cllr. C. Brandon-King stated that "this had fallen off the to do pile" but it was still planned that a newsletter would be produced.


a. Phillips and Allen's Charities : Many students had been lucky to receive grants from these charities. Although quite a few students had put in their application too late for this year.

b. Voluntary Car Scheme : use of this scheme has increased by 13%. Rate is set at 45p giving a cost to passenger of 35p per mile with the remaining 10p being met from funds.

c. SBCCFC : Cllr. S. Booth reported that the new building was to be Called "The Curlew Centre".

• A leaflet drop is being made throughout the village Sunday 4th December advising of the Opening Day on the 10th December. There was a request for volunteers to assist in the delivery of the leaflets.

• The Race Night had raised £1250.00.

To resolve to appoint Cllr S Booth as Council's official representative on the SBCCFC: appointment agreed.

d. LALC : No report

e. Holbeach Senior Links : No report

f. Power Station Liaison : A person is being trained to take on the educational classroom.

• In future the public liaison meetings will be held in the new community centre. These meetings are open to the public.

• The Power Station Fund is open to groups in Cambridge (Tydd St. Mary & Foul Anchor) and Norfolk (Walpole Cross Keys) as well as Sutton Bridge.

g. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Special Area of Conservation : Cllr. J. Grimwood (PC Rep) spoke about the presentation given by the Marine Management Organisation at the recent KLAG meeting (Tuesday 22nd Nov.) in which the East Inshore & Offshore Plan area 4 was outlined tote meeting. Cllr. Grimwood explained that the MMO has been set up to provide an overview of all marine planning in UK waters and rivers. The Eastern Inshore & Offshore Plan Areas are part of the pilot project. Cllr. Grimwood has some leaflets available at the PC office. At the end of his report Cllr. Grimwood thanked Roger Ward (Chairman of the KLAG group) and Mrs. Blundell (Secretary) for the sterling work they had done in monitoring the work Centrica were carrying out on the marsh.

h. Charter of Friendship Group : No report, but in response to a question, the Chairman confirmed that Christmas cards would be sent.

i. Grange Wind Farm Liaison Group : next meeting will be at the Tydd St.Mary Village Hall on 1st December.

j. The Suttons Emergency Planning Group : No PC representative.

To resolve to appoint a Council representative to 'The Suttons Emergency Planning Group' : Cllr. C. Brandon-King was elected to be the PC representative.

k. Sutton Bridge Multi Agency Group ; covered in District Cllrs reports.




18. TO RESOLVE TO AUTHORISE SUTTON BRIDGE IN BLOOM TO INSTALL FOUR 'FREE-STANDING POSTS' IN THE MEMORIAL PARK FOR THE PURPOSE OF SUPPORTING PAINTED BOARDS DESIGNED TO REFLECT IMPORTANT EVENTS : Cllr. C. Brandon-King asked whether they had a site plan, what materials would be used, how the boards would be fixed and had a risk assessment been done. Cllr. Croxford stated that Health and Safety issues would come into play as they would be of a height where children could run under them. Standing Orders were suspended in order for Mrs. Hardy to reply. It was explained at the school that the boards would be painted by the pupils of the local schools and then erected at the Memorial Park at two sites agreed by the PC and the Bloomers. Cllr. Grimwood suggested that the safety aspect could be overcome by placing the boards on the posts next to the present fencing, but obviously all safety precautions would need to be in place before placement. With regard to the risk assessment Mrs. Hardy was unsure of how this would be achieved, but assured the PC that it would be done. Cllr. Croxford offered to advise on procedure. Standing Orders reinstated. It was agreed that Cllr. Grimwood and one other councillor would liaise with the Bloomers on this project.

19. TO DISCUSS AND RESOLVE ON APPROPRIATE ACTION RELATING TO THE FORMING OF A 'RIGHTS OF WAY' ASSOCIATION – Carried forward from October meeting: Standing Orders were suspended for Graham Law to outline the proposals of setting up a committee to proceed with this project and explained five or six people were interested in the project and the LCC had given a positive reaction. He had also been in contact with interested parties in Long Sutton. Cllr. C. Brandon-King stated that the PC could not be involved on the committee if they wanted to obtain funding from the Power Station fund.

20. TO DISCUSS AND RESOLVE ON APPROPRIATE ACTION CONCERNING THE BUS SHELTER SITUATED OUTSIDE, 1 THE BIRCHES, SUTTON BRIDGE : The discussion of what could or could not be done about this bus stop took almost half an hour. Eventually it was agreed that in the first place it should be cleaned up and refurbished, then to investigate the cost of having the roof turned around and adding a splash guard.

21. TO DISCUSS AND RESOLVE ON ACTION RELATING TO THE REDEVELOPMENT OF A SPORTS FACILITY IN THE MEMORIAL PARK – Cllr J Rowe : stated that £50,000 had been granted to the new community centre on the proviso that facilities would include changing rooms replacing those of the pavilion. She went on to say that we now have a new community centre but without the outdoor sporting facilities. Standing Orders were suspended to allow Mrs. Sutton to state that new facilities were desperately required as the inside of the pavilion was showing extreme signs of damp and black mould was forming on the walls. Cllr. C. Brandon-King stated that it was intended to develop the pavilion. Mrs. Sutton said that when Mr. Middleton formed the committee some time ago, he had a quotation to say that the cost of rebuilding the pavilion would be in the region of £200,000 - £250,000 and she now wondered where this money would come from. Mrs. England advised that while there was still some money in the S106 pot, there was an opportunity for match funding. Mr. Blundell stated that he had been involved at that time as a consultant, and he had obtained a quotation from a local builder who had said he could knock the old pavilion down and rebuild to requirements for £50,000. It is also anticipated that after the 2012 Olympics that the big Lottery Fund would be available for local projects. Cllr. C. Brandon-King asked Mr. Shapland if he would be interested in assisting this group to raise the necessary funding. Mr. Shapland will think about it. The same question was put to Mr. Blundell who replied he would be willing to do so in an advisory capacity. It was agreed that a working/steering party be formed as a matter of urgency.

22. TO DISCUSS AND RESOLVE ON ACTION RELATING TO THE LANDSCAPING OF AN AREA WITHIN THE 'FALKLANDS OPEN AREA' – Cllr Croxford : stated that this land should be available for use to all residents as there were some 296 dwellings on the estate. Cllr. Croxford says that no-one seems to own the land, but it was pointed out to him that SHDC had taken responsibility for it. Cllr. Mrs. Rowe stated that although it was just an empty space once the estate had been built, that for several years in the 1990's 25 trees every year had been given to the parish and these had been planted on that space to improve the area and no one had objected about that. Over time many of these trees have matured and have preservation orders on them, also there are many rare and unusual plants also officially listed. Cllr. Mrs. Rowe also said that she was surprised that Cllrs Brewis and Dewsberry did not remember this because the trees were given to the Parish when they were on the Parish Council at that time. Neither councillor made any comment. Cllr. Croxford is concerned that the area is only used by people walking their dogs, and it should be an amenity for everyone to enjoy. Standing Orders were again suspended. It was stated that there were five play areas in Sutton Bridge, and why put another one on an area surround by elderly people? The arguments continued back and forth, until it was decided to put it on the agenda for the January meeting. Standing Orders reinstated.

23. TO RESOLVE ON AN APPROPRIATE NUMBER OF PARISH NOTICEBOARDS AND WHERE THEY SHOULD BE SITUATED – Finance Committee : While the earlier suggestion of one large notice board be erected near the new PC office on PC land was noted, it was also agreed to keep the notice boards on the East Bank, the corner of Bridge Road and Falklands Road, and the one at Goose Green. While it was suggested that the one on the village green could go, a voice from the public gallery was heard to say "I read the notices on there". Cllr. Brewis also suggests that a new notice board be put up near the new seat in Railway Lane South and also suggested that Councillors should help to put up the notices on the boards, but the Clerk said she had a regulatory obligation to do so herself.



Time: 9.50 pm.

From the Public Gallery

Re Item 4 - It was interesting to note Cllr. Croxford's concern over the increase of speeding traffic in Bridge Road. Could this possibly be due to the recent removal of traffic islands? This should presumably also be a matter of concern for the Road Safety Action Group if it still exists now they have achieved their real aim of getting rid of many of the features of the Enhancement Scheme which, it was acknowledged, contributed to traffic calming.

Re Item 9e - Much was made of returning the paper containing details of next year's precept to the clerk on the pretext that it was 'confidential'. Are the taxpayers who provide the money for the precept no longer going to know how their money is spent?

Re Item 21 - When Mr. Blundell stated he had been asked to obtain a quotation from a local builder who had said he could knock the old pavilion down and rebuild to requirements for £50,000, Councillor Brewis stamped quickly on this so completely missing the point which was that at least one reputable builder could do the work for a lot less than the figures that had previously been talked about when Mr. Middleton was on the job.

Re Item 22 - Earlier in the evening Councillor Croxford declared an interest in the matter of the area known locally as "Tom's Wood" but this did not seem to stop him from talking to this item.

In the Open Forum and under Item 22, Mrs. Houlder made a sound case for leaving Tom's Wood just as it is - a flourishing nature reserve for public enjoyment.

Whilst most councillors do adopt a proper meetings procedure of making their contributions through the chairman, there are one or two councillors who waste time by failing to do this and their asides and innuendoes make it difficult for anybody to follow discussions.

General Comment

There is such a waste of time and energy at Parish Council meetings: inordinately long discussions that come to nothing because nobody has prepared themselves sufficiently; impolite interruptions that add nothing to the sense of the proceedings; the weariness by the end of the evening contributes to the sense of disorder. Even the chairman said that he was feeling tired!

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Oct 312011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held on 25th October, 2011


Mrs. Giles On 17th May 2010 I asked several questions of the council, which were unanswered.

On 27th June 2010, I received a reply to those questions from the Vice Chairman, Cllr .Brandon-King, in which he states and I quote

"The land in question currently belongs to the Parish Council, and will be "sold" to the SBCCF for a nominal £100. (as already agreed)".

On 24th August 2010, Item 14 on the Agenda "To resolve to sign the "lease" agreement and approve the plan for the proposed new Community Centre – Cllr, Dewsberry

I have searched every Agenda dating from 29th June 2010 to the current Agenda, and nowhere have you had an agenda item to rescind the decision to sell the land and then an agenda item to grant a lease.

You can, however, over come this by putting on the agenda next month, and I quote,

"In the light of further information received from the solicitor, the council wish to rescind the decision to sell the land and grant a lease in place of the sale.

If you can see your way clear to doing this, you will put yourselves back on a legal footing and I will keep quiet.

My second point is that Cllr. Croxford is still listed as a Trustee for the SBCCF as on the Charity Commission report dated 24th October, 2011.

Does he sign the Declaration of Interest Book and why does he remain in the room when SBCCF is discussed.

If he is no longer a Trustee, then may I suggest that he approach Mr. Clery and get his name removed from the Charity Commission database.

Thirdly, please can the clerk put on the parish website a copy of the SBPC Standing Orders. I have been informed from a very reliable legal source that they should be on the council website.

Thank you.

Mrs. Minns, stated she was at the SBCCF meeting when Cllr. Croxford gave his resignation and confirmed he was no longer on the committee. She continued that her main complaint was still about the yellow lines at the top of her road, and that these have yet to be extended.

Response was that she should take the matter up with the Highways.
Mrs. Minns stated that she was taking it up with the Parish Council again.

Cllr. Brewis stated that he was meeting with managers of the Transport department in the very near future and would take the matter up with them:

Mr. Blundell asked about Quality Status for the Parish Council. The NALC guidelines talk about logistics, not quality. What is the Parish Council's concept of quality? Was it anything more than a rubber stamp?

Response was that the PC achieved certain standards etc, and had been properly elected.

Mrs. Faires said she was rather confused by all the talk of the S106 funding.

In recent Parish Council meetings members of the public had been told that the Parish Council cannot help them apply for funding, yet there were encouraged to form "a group" to apply to the Power Station Fund and/or to apply to the S106 fund as long as they make a formal application, backed up by a proper business plan of how and where the monies would be spent. It would appear to be common knowledge that some parish councillors are also members of one or more recently formed groups.

Cllr. M. Booth states that certain sums are being "earmarked" for various projects, such as the new burial ground and to this end the proper procedures are being followed. Is the PC recommending that a fair sum also be earmarked for a new multi-sports pavilion now that provision for a Youth Club has been provided in the new community centre? After all the present building is hardly a credit to the town, or the Parish Council who allegedly own it.

But why is the Sutton Bridge Parish Council applying for £50,000 from the S106 fund to use at its own discretion? It is her understanding that to apply for such a large amount of funding, a business plan has to be produced, giving exact reasons of why and how the money is to be spent.

If the gift of the benches and picnic tables so generously offered by the FOSB&OS is accepted, is it proposed that money from this proposed application will be used for the upkeep of said furniture, thereby releasing this group from any further responsibility? Or does the Parish Council have unlimited funds stashed away?

I would like to know whether a business plan is being, or has been prepared for this sum of £50,000, and if it is, what projects are being promoted to benefit the community should the application be successful.

Response was that all will be revealed later in the meeting.

Mr. Clery spoke at length, thanking the Parish Council and all those who had helped towards the building of the new Community Centre. He stated he had read the conditions surrounding the S106 money many times and that is was available to anyone who asked for funds from it. He confirmed to Mrs. Faires that a business plan was not a requirement, only the assurance that the money would be wisely held and sensibly used.

Mr. Clery added that the £150,000 that had been earmarked for the defunct East Bank Lighthouse project had been moved to the earmarked £250,000 for the Marina Project. He said there was no guarantee that this project was going to deliver, as he knew that no approach had been made to the owners for the purchase of the land.

Cllr. Brandon-King then questioned Cllr. Mrs. Rowe on why the Marina Group had refused to make a presentation to the PC, as they had bypassed by the Parish Council and had applied to directly to LCC and SHDC, also suggesting they would be using public money for their own benefit.

Cllr. Brewis also commented that when Peter Harvey was questioned at the presentation on the Marina on 17th May, 2010, he allegedly said the project was not viable.


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons No apologies received.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act. Cllrs. M. & S. Booth signed the book as per usual.

3. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES – Notes from meetings on 27th September 2011 and 18th October 2011 to be accepted as minutes. Cllr. C. B-K said he would sign them later.

4. POLICE MATTERS: No Police presence. Cllr. M. Booth stated that illegal hare coursing had been taking place in the less populated parts of the area. That the remains of the dead animals had been discovered in ditches. He requested that a letter about this subject be sent to the Inspector Timmins and also requested that members of the public note vehicle registrations they think may be involved in this illegal activity.

5. CHAIRMAN'S REMARKS: With reference to the Burial Ground an offer had been made in principle.

• Mrs. England had undertaken the two days training at LALC.

• According with the criteria to provide a newsletter, he suggested a small working party be formed to do this. Cllr. Brewis offered advice about production and printing and proposed a working party be made up. Working party elected = Cllrs. Brandon-King, Preston and Dewsberry. Resolved.

• The Community Centre is almost complete

• The Parish Council Office would be moving in accordance with their lease on the 1st January, 2012.


• Mrs. England had completed the 2 day training course and that as per the nomination from the Parish Council, she had been elected to serve on the LALC committee, but the appointment had yet to be confirmed.

• The pigeon netting had been installed on the swing bridge.

• Reference to Localism; a guide to Localism can be found on the internet, and there is a hard copy available for perusal in the PC office.

• Litter: having been in contact with SHDC the Clerk had been informed that the official litter picker's hours were variable, but that he usually started work at 5.30 am. On questioning how it was possible for him to litter pick in the dark during the winter months, received the response that cleaning the public conveniences and emptying litter bins took precedence.

• There had been a negative response from BT to the request for internet connection for the Parish Office. To date connection to the internet had been unreliable. An alternative supplier was being sought.

• Apparently the new bins in the Memorial Park cannot be emptied by SHDC.

• There is a problem with the fireproof filing cabinets being kept in the pavilion, as the keys are missing. A locksmith will be required to drill out the locks. There is some doubt about whether the cabinets are lined with asbestos.

• Karen Johnson from SHDC had communicated that the Community Pay Back team would be available to help with various projects in the area. Cllrs. J. Grimwood and Mrs. Hills have identified several areas where the Payback Teams could be deployed.

• A communication had also been received from Howard Johnson who says the PC must thoroughly discuss their proposals before he will come to visit SB.

• The Woodland Trust will attend the meeting in January 2012 to discuss the possibility of a new Community Wood to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

7. TO RECEIVE REPORTS FROM DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS : Cllr. M. Booth admitted he had no written report but stated that the rubbish dumping problem was getting worse. There was a problem with refuse being dumped on private land at the end of Chestnut Terrace even though there is a "no dumping" sign. He asked the public be vigilant and report anyone seen to be illegally dumping rubbish. He further advised the public not to remove rubbish to the roadside as this could possibly lead to them being fined.

Cllr. Brewis carried on at length about county and local transport issues, as well as gritting in bad weather. A copy of Cllr. Brewis' report is available at the PC office.

8. FINANCIAL MATTERS: Cllr. Dewsberry stated all payments had been made, and that the allotments rents were coming in, with the Clerk following up on those unpaid.

a. Accounts for payment 25.10.11:


Photocopier (Oct)











Wingland GC

Litter (Oct)





Wingland GC

Parish (Oct)





Wingland GC

District (Oct)





N Portass

Picnic area (Oct)





Digley Associates

Play Equip. Inspection











S England

Clerk's Expenses





          £ 3837.23

b. Money In:
As per bank reconciliation: Allotment Rent - £3514.75

c. To Resolve to authorise two bank account signatories to provide authorisation to
LloydsTsb for the Clerk to have access to online banking facilities in order for her
to check account balances and facilitate inter-account transfers
: resolved.

d. To Resolve to authorise two members of the Finance Committee in liaison with
the Clerk to transfer the closing balance in Council's Santander account to the
new account with LloydsTsb
: resolved

e. To provide an update on 2011-2012 budget : Finance Committee meeting 3rd November to discuss the budget.

f. To Resolve on Grant Application for Holbeach & Fenland Gymnastics Club : as it has been established that 28 of the members of this club live in Sutton Bridge it was resolved that a grant of £100 be allocated to them.


a. Items of correspondence for comment:

Letter, SHDC – Information re S106 Fund (Detail provided in Clerk's Report) this subject produced one of the longest and most confusing discussions of the evening. It would appear that the figures do not add up.

• There is a sum of approximately £24,000 being a payment made during the period 2007 – 2008 to the Economic Development office and it appears nobody has any knowledge of this transaction.

• An enormous amount of money has now been allocated to the new Community Centre to complete the building.

• The sum of £150,000 that had been earmarked for the east Bank Lighthouse project had been returned as private investment had been found for this project. It was reported that this £150,000 had been reallocated to the Marina project, whereas the majority of councillors are of the opinion this money should have been put back in the pot for any other organisation to apply for.

• Cllrs. Brewis and Brandon-King were vociferous in wanting to know who and on what authority the East Bank Lighthouse money had been put into the Marina Project.

• It was resolved that a letter be written to Mark Stanton with a copy to Howard Johnson asking for further information on both the sum of £150,000 as well as asking for a breakdown of the disputed sum of £24,000.

• Cllr. Brandon-King stated that very little appeared to be happening with regard to the Marina and was concerned that the Community Interest Company can pay themselves from public money that would benefit so few people.

• Confusion reigned over how much money was left in the S106 fund.

• Standing Orders suspended to allow Mrs. Sutton to state that herself, David Earth and Robert Middleton had been to see the then Portfolio Holder of Place for the S106 fund for the consideration of money being awarded for the building of a new pavilion and it had been stressed to them that they had to have a business plan and this was the main reason the money had, at that time, been denied for a pavilion.

• Mrs. Minns asked if the public would be invited to attend the proposed meeting with Howard Johnson, and the response was a definite Yes!.

• Mr. Clery stated that the power lay with Mr. Stanton, but it was unlikely they would be able to see one without the other, i.e. Howard Johnson.

Standing Orders reinstated . It was then resolved to write for further details of the disputed sums of money as well as for the breakdown of the £24,000.

(ii) Email, SHDC – Details of providing online feedback for Grange Wind Farm Consultation : can be accessed at

(iii) Letter, Boundary Commission – Initial proposals for new Parliamentary constituencies

(iv) Letter, KL & WN Borough Council – Local Dev. Framework, Site Specific Allocations & Policies, Consultation

(v) Letter from Parishioner – Raising issues relating to bus shelter : another unnecessarily long discussion about bus shelters in the village. It is unfortunate that the bus shelter in question is against a resident's boundary wall, and young people are climbing on to it. The resident would like the bus shelter removed, but it was considered not appropriate to remove the shelter.

(vi) Letter, Bruno Peek, Pageantmaster – Guide to taking part in the Queen's Jubilee Beacons Event 4th June 2012

(vii) Emails SHDC, Information relating to grant schemes for tree planting

b. Correspondence received for information purposes only
(for further details please contact the Parish Office)

(i) Confirmation received that Parish Council has been entered on Data Protection Register
(ii) Newsletter – Voluntary Newsbite Issue 36
(iii) Information re RTC Parks Safety Surfaces
(iv) Information re Spalding Christmas lights 'switch on' weekend, 3rd-4th December 2011
(v) Notification of adoption of (a)Norfolk Minerals & Waste Local Development Framework Core Strategy and (b)Waste
Development Management Policies Development Plan (2010-2026)
(vi) Email SHDC – Details of how to put ideas forward for improving the local area. 'Big Society: Big Ideas'
(vii) Notification of Lincs CC Tourism Policy Review. View online @
(viii) County Sports P'ship Network – Funding opportunities for sport and the arts


H18-0584-11, Extension to provide enclosure to existing swimming pool,
184 Avenue Farm Rd, Sutton Bridge – Mr M Godfrey, 184 Ave Farm Rd, Sutton


a. Update on outstanding matters : The is a continuing problem with rain water collecting near the pedestrian crossing, a broken slab outside the New Inn as well as the drain further along Bridge Road towards the High Street, is still blocked.

b. To report any new matters

(Action recommended in reports to be included for resolution on next agenda)

A. Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr Grimwood, Hills, T Rowe : Cllr. Grimwood report that the trees in Chalk Lane need trimming and there are broken bottles along the Arnie Broughton Walk, which the councillor said he would clear.

B. Allotments – Cllrs Brewis, Croxford, Preston : No report again!

C. Finance Committee – Cllrs Brandon-King, Dewsberry, Grimwood, Hills : Cllr. Dewsberry had been appointed Chairman of the Finance Committee.

D. Personnel Committee – Cllrs Booth, Croxford, Preston, J Rowe : Cllr. Mrs. Rowe has resigned from this working part and Cllr. Brewis elected on.

E. Planning – Cllrs S Booth, Brandon-King, J Rowe : No report

F. Footpaths & Byeways – Cllrs M Booth, Hills, Preston : No report

G. Extension to Burial Facilities – Cllrs Brandon-King, Grimwood, Hills, J Rowe : nothing new to report

H. Internal Audit Recommendations – Cllrs Brandon-King, Hills, J Rowe : Cllr. Mrs. Rowe resigns from the working party.

I. Inventory of Assets & Insurance Cover Review – Cllrs M Booth, Brandon-King, Grimwood, Hills


a. Phillips and Allen's Charities : Four Sutton Bridge students have benefitted by £80 each from this charity

b. Voluntary Car Scheme : meeting next month

c. SBCCF : Cllr. S. Booth reported that they were hopeful that the new building would be open on 10th December.

• The Parish Council Office could move in on 1st January 2012.

• Substantial numbers of bookings and interest were being received

• The SBCCF Committee were extremely grateful for the help received from the PC.

• They would support the Farmers Market

• A Race Night was planned for 26th November at the Constitutional Club, Tickets £6 include a fish & chip supper.

d. LALC No report.

e. Holbeach Senior Links No report.

f. Power Station Liaison : Cllr. Mrs. Hills had been to visit the Power Station and had been advised that the education room was being brought back into use.

g. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary ; Cllr. Grimwood advised the next meeting would be 26th November. Reinstatement of the sea defences was very good, although the marsh was not quite as it should be.

h. Charter of Friendship Group : Cllr. Dewsberry to find out when the next exchange trip will be.

i. Grange Wind Farm Liaison Group : Roads works leading from the A1011 would commence 1st December and would be carried out mainly at night. The proposed annual sum of £28,000 available to groups within a radius of 10 miles, preference to applicants within 5 mile radius. Not more than one application per annum.

j. The Suttons Emergency Planning Group : next meeting 2nd November at 7. 30 pm in the RBL.

k. Sutton Bridge Multi Agency Group next meeting on 21st November at 7 pm.

14. TO RESOLVE TO APPROVE THE DETAILS OF THE LEASE AGREEMENT FOR THE PARISH COUNCIL OFFICE WITHIN THE NEW COMMUNITY CENTRE : access to be checked as the PC own the car park. The CC generously giving PC right they already have.

15. TO RESOLVE TO AUTHORISE TWO MEMBERS OF THE PARISH COUNCIL TO SIGN THE APPROVED LEASE AGREEMENT FOR THE PARISH OFFICE WITHIN THE NEW COMMUNITY CENTRE WHEN THE ROOM IS READY FOR OCCUPATION : subject to amendments and confirmation for the use of the hall for the Annual Parish Meeting, and for PC public meetings being approved by all councillors the Chair and Vice Chair will sign the lease.

16. TO RESOLVE TO ACCEPT SIMON GAMMAGE'S OFFER TO MAKE A PRESENTATION IN ORDER TO PROVIDE AN UPDATE ON THE LINCS WIND FARM PROJECT : it was suggested he be invited to an ordinary PC meeting, with time allocated to 20 minutes for the presentation plus up to 20 minutes for public questions. Otherwise it was suggested to hold a separate special meeting for the public.

– Cllr Hills handed out a presentation


Farmers Market

I would like to propose that we set up a working party to look at the possibility of holding a weekly, fortnightly farmers market for Sutton Bridge.

A Farmers Market can principally offer produce that is grown, reared, caught or processed from within Lincolnshire or neighbouring towns, villages etc. or if preferred within a certain radius of Sutton Bridge.

We could also look to include a continental market, Christmas market as other towns, cities do very successfully. I believe that a Farmers Market would add vibrancy to Sutton Bridge and also providing an opportunity for localism.


Agreed in principle. A working party, which may include interested members of the public, to be set up.

18. TO RESOLVE ON COUNCIL ACCEPTING THE DONATION OF; AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR; TWO PICNIC BENCHES RECENTLY INSTALLED ON THE GREEN BY 'FRIENDS OF SB PLAYING FIELDS & OPEN SPACES' – Public Forum Sep. meeting : Cllrs. Brandon- King and Grimwood declared an interest. Cllr. Brewis said "Just accept it and say thank you".

OF A 'RIGHTS OF WAY' ASSOCIATION – Public Forum Sep. meeting
; deferred until next meeting


• Cllr. Brandon-King – To make amendments to rescind the sale of land and to amend to leasing the land to SBCCF as per the information given in Open Forum

• Cllr. Rowe - Pavilion & Football Club.

• Cllr. M. Booth -The move from Railway Lane PC Office to new Office in CC.

• Cllr. Croxford – Playground on land known as Tom's Wood.

At this point the press and public were requested to leave the chamber.

From the Public Gallery

• Quality Status for the Parish Council: the answer given ― that they have achieved certain standards etc, and had been properly elected ― suggests that the Parish Council has not even begun to think about what 'Quality' really means beyond a rubber stamp exercise...

• Mr. Clery's personal attack during the Public Forum should have been stopped by the Chairman. It appeared to be part of the stage management for the later introduction of a further personal attack on the Rowe's.

• A guide to Localism can also be found on the Bridge Watch website...

• Councillor Brewis could usefully have presented a summary of his long paper rather than just read it out sotto voce ― since the paper went to all councillors they could have read it at their own leisure.

• The Marina Project was not on the agenda. The acrimonious exchanges should have played no part in this Parish Council meeting. If anything it should have been given space under Item 20 for the next meeting.

• The Chairman should have put a stop to this out of order exchange; it was only because Councillor Brewis raised his voice and said he wanted to discuss The Marina that it was allowed to continue. The Chairman should not have demeaned himself by subscribing to what appears to be a personal vendetta against two other councillors. This was a violation of the Code of Conduct and is one instance that confirms that the Parish Council is not yet of 'Quality Status'.

• Councillor Hills' proposal for a Farmer's Market resulted in another 15 minute unnecessary 'discussion' when all that was required was an agreement to set up a working party.

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Oct 182011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting
held on 18th October, 2011 @ 7pm

Cllr John Grimwood was in the Chair

Present: Councillors T Rowe, J Rowe, V Hills, G. Croxford, J Grimwood, D Dewsberry, M Preston, M Booth and C Brewis.

Apologies for absence: Cllrs S Booth and Chris Brandon-King

Declaration of Interests: None

The single item on the Agenda was to hear the latest developments in talks with Scotts Miracle-Gro about the purchase of some of their land for a new burial ground in Sutton Bridge.

Cllr V. Hills, on behalf of the Parish Council Working Party, presented the Council members and members of the public with a written statement and a map to show the proposed site.

At a recent meeting with Mr Paul Cheffings it emerged that Mr D Johnstone (UK Operations Manager of Miracle-Gro), had said that while Miracle-Gro were still prepared to sell their land at the current agricultural value plus £10,000 (for loss of amenity), they had reservations about access to the proposed burial site.

Mr Johnstone said that it was not practicable to share access as Miracle-Gro had, in their peak season, up to 50 wagons a day using the roadway and sometimes vehicles have to queue while waiting.

Miracle-Gro proposed an alternative solution: to use land currently owned by Premier Foods. Currently it contains the waste pipeline from the Premier Foods factory to the discharge point in the River Nene. At the moment this land is inaccessible and overgrown. However, it could be cleared and a roadway built that would enable access to the burial ground.

This plot of land lies beyond the large pit between Scotts Miracle-Gro and Metalair. It was suggested that if an access road was built, it might benefit Premier Foods, giving them access to their pipework if remedial work/repairs were needed to be carried out in the future.

The proposed burial site (illustrated below) is triangular in shape and borders the A17, Railway Lane and the Arnie Broughton Walk (ex dismantled railway). Its approximate measurements are 183m x 58 m at the widest point.

Some useful discussion took place and finally a proposal was made and seconded and agreed unanimously. The proposal was that:

Sutton Bridge Parish Council would approach all relevant parties (including SHDC Planning /Dept, Lincolnshire County Council Highways Dept, Premier Food, the Environment Agency) with a view to go forward with this proposal. All letters would be prepared by the Working Party and be signed by the Clerk.

Issues discussed were:

*Cllr Simon Booth's offer (made on his behalf by Cllr Michael Booth) to use his tractor that has satellite navigation and measuring aids to measure the site, was accepted.

** At this point the Clerk reiterated that £150,000 of S106 money had already been allocated to Sutton Bridge. £80,000 had gone to the community Centre Fund, leaving £70,000 committed to SB, with £50,000 being ear-marked for a new burial ground and some of the money to be used for the Sports Pavilion. Cllr Brewis reminded the Parish Council that he had Howard Johnson from SHDC to come and talk to the Council about the S106 money. The Clerk said she had heard from him that morning and that he had said it would be a waste of time to come now as there was nothing firm in place.


1. Cllr Grimwood asked for Standing Orders to be lifted so that members of the public present could have the chance to comment. The people who did so were pleased that the Council had at last been able to move things forward in a positive and encouraging manner to solve the outstanding problem of providing a new burial ground for the Parish. This action was welcomed by those present.

2. Cllr Hills' presentation, together with appropriate paperwork, including a map, was most welcome and enabled both the Parish Councillors and members of the public to follow what was going on and contributed greatly to the informed discussion that took place.

The Meeting closed at 7.30pm

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Oct 32011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held on 27th September, 2011


Mrs. S. Giles spoke on behalf of the friends of Sutton Bridge Playing Fields and Open Spaces saying that they wished to donate the picnic seating to the Parish Council is they would be willing to undertake the upkeep and insurance of them. Also that they were planning to place some more seating on the East Bank opposite the Port Sutton Bridge.

Mrs. Faires stated that many people had worked very hard making Sutton Bridge a cleaner place prior to the judging day in July, but since then not a lot appeared to have been done with regards to the litter problem in the village. Bridge Road was a disgrace. What was the official litter picker doing, after all was he not being paid to do the job?

Matter to be taken up with SHDC.

Mr. Law spoke about Rights of Way and how some could be improved upon. Perhaps even making new paths and cycle paths, as well as creating picnic areas along old and new Rights of Way. He further suggested the possibility of working with other adjoining parishes so that footpaths could be integrated, say with a safe Right of Way between Sutton Bridge and Long Sutton. If such a RoW could be opened it would mean a much safer route for not only cyclists but also for those who use mobility scooters.

Cllr. Brandon-King suggested that Mr. Law might like to form a group for this proposed project. It would have to be independent of the PC in order for the group to obtain funds from such as the Power Station fund etc.

Mrs. D. Cook voiced her concerns about young children riding their bicycles on the roads and being in danger. She would like to see a place provided where the children could learn to ride in safety as well as some special equipment being provided where they could enjoy thrills and spills in a safe environment.

Cllr. Brandon-King suggested that an independent group be formed outside of the PC so that they may apply for funding e.g. from the Power Station. Agreed that this and the previous item be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

Mr. Blundell asked how and when the PC were going to inform the local residents about the implication of 'Localism' and stated the aim of which was to give power to the people. He added that an article about this had been put on the Bridge Watch website reducing a 40 page article to six.

He also asked about the electoral promise made by a collective number of prospective councillors about issuing two newsletters a year and that by his reckoning the first of these was now overdue.

Cllr. Brewis stated that Localism was still only a Bill and had not been made an Act (of Parliament). It would be wrong for the PC to take any action yet. It is only 5 months since this PC was elected so a newsletter is not overdue.

Mr. Blundell retorted that what is proposed in the Localism Bill is fully documented and already being acted on in many areas. The Parish Council should take the initiative or be caught napping.

Mrs. Minns referred to the amendments to the Enhancement scheme and that it had been said that yellow lines of 10-12 metres would be in place at junctions where there where build-outs, which had not been done. She said that with cars parked inside the build outs, it was very difficult to get out of the side turnings of Bridge Road, namely Crosby Row, Chestnut Terrace and Withington Street and turn right towards Long Sutton with the view of traffic being obscured.

It was agreed that the Clerk should write a letter to Steve Willis of the Highways department asking for an update with a copy to Cllr. W. Webb.

Mrs. Hardy asked if any decision had been made about the Christmas tree which had been discussed some months ago.

There was a negative response, followed by a discussion about the present tree that had been planted by the PC some years ago and which had grown much too tall. Mrs. Hardy suggested that if this tree were to be lopped to a manageable size, money could be saved in the long term as it could be used year on year and there was no guarantee that the Parish would be offered a free tree every year. Agreed it would be a matter to be referred to the PCC.

Mrs. Hardy also asked if there were any allotments available for renting or if there was a waiting list was this for specific sites?

The response was that the Allotments Working Party were working on the scheme and that currently there was a waiting list of 5 people.

Mrs. Blundell asked if there had been any progress on the Council's decision to consider using a Dog Patrol company in certain parts of the village. She added that many residents were quite concerned about this.

The response was that to date no written information had been forthcoming from the Dog Patrol man, but the PC would follow it up.

Mrs. Blundell also said she thought the PC were going to discuss the Sports Pavilion, but she could not see it on the agenda. She was informed that the matter would be discussed later at item 15.


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons: Cllr. V. Hills apology for absence being at a training course for Code of Conduct organised by SHDC was accepted.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act: Cllrs. M and S. Booth both signed the book in regard to their interest in Allotments and the SBCCF.

3. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES – Notes from the meeting on 30th August 2011 to be accepted as minutes. With minor amendment, these were accepted and signed.

4. POLICE MATTERS: No Police presence yet again.


• Cllr. B-K complimented the achievements made by the Big Bloomers, whose name was now changed to "Sutton Bridge in Bloom". The PC had had a meeting with Mrs, Hardy, (Chair of Sutton Bridge in Bloom) with regard to the Best Kept Village Competition and the in-Bloom group had offered to assist the PC with this competition next year.

• The PC had received the kind offer of the benches donated by the FOSBPF&OS.

• Mrs. England (Parish Clerk) would be on a two day training programme for CILCA which is a certificate all parish clerks should have. The training to take place on 4th and 11th October and therefore, the Parish Council Office would be closed on those dates.

6. PRESENTATION – George Scott, Chairman of Spalding & Peterborough Transport Forum: Mr. Scott outlined the workings of the Spalding & Peterborough Transport Forum and how they had achieved some success in getting some rail movements improved between Spalding and Peterborough stations as well as championing the bus transport into the Springfields Outlet. He also stated that they were actively involved in the Call Connect system. Further information about this Forum can be found on their website.


• All correspondence since August had been dealt with.

• The Archer speed trial would be done late October.

• Mr. Watson from Long Sutton had agreed to service the Parish clock.

• An independent internet service has now been sought, with BT being the provider at a cost of £23 per month. This could be transferred to the new office in the Community Centre as and when.

• Cllr. Brewis interrupted by saying cheaper options were available via other providers and these should be looked at soonest.

• It had been agreed with the Laptop Shop (which appears to have now closed down) there would be no rent due for August due to the inconvenience of lack of internet service.

• It was time for next year's budget to be considered and the Finance Committee would be meeting on the 24th October to consider same. The Chairman asked all councillors to let the Finance Committee know of any amendments/additions to the budget as soon as possible.

• The Inspection Certificate for the Play equipment had been received.

• The Like for Like insurance cover for replacement playground equipment also to be considered.


• Cllr. Brewis stated that everyone now knew about the Allen and the Phillips charities, and their providing funds for students, also the George Clark Charity.

• He suggested that as the Long Sutton Registry Office was larger and a better venue for wedding photos etc than was provided at Spalding, that the LS office should be kept open and the Spalding one closed.

• The work on the sea defences had been completed over the weekend by Centrica following their recent cable laying activities, and all had been made good.

• Local response times for the Ambulance Service in this area left a lot to be desired.

• Cllr. M. Booth reported that the new MAG (Multi Agency Group) had met on the 20th September, with the next meeting planned for end November, and from then on would endeavour to meet quarterly.

• He also mentioned about the SHDC district plan and that the SH Housing should provide housing for local people and not for outsiders.

• Fly tipping is still a major concern and the District Council were being very strict about prosecuting offenders who were caught and/or identified.

• The Voluntary Car service was also meeting a good demand.

9. FINANCIAL MATTERS: The Finance Committee had met that morning and all cheques had been signed. Congratulations were given to the Clerk for her excellent handling of the recent War Memorial Service and the PC's appreciation of this should be recorded in the minutes.

a. Accounts for payment 27.9.11:



Chq no






Photocopier (Aug)







Photocopier (Sep)







Data Protection Reg.






 S England

Clerk's Expenses





(Incs £126.82 Mem Service)

Laptop Shop

Rent (Sep)







Election charges







Tax & NI






Wingland GC

Litter (Sep)






Wingland GC

Parish (Sep)






Wingland GC

District (Sep)






Wingland GC

P3 Cuts






N Portass

Picnic area (Aug)






N Portass

Picnic area (Sep)








Noted that the item P3 Cuts had been increased by 6% to £892.94, but this was a reclaimable item. In addition, a cheque had been issued to cover the Clerks salary which was not shown above.

b. Money In:
As per bank reconciliation: £0.00

c. Update on new bank account; now open, the paying in and cheque books were on their way. It was agreed that the Clerk would have limited internet access to the new account to enable her to check balances etc., but not to make payments.


a. Items of correspondence for comment:

(i) Letter, RH & RW Clutton – Formal notice of rent review to take place 29.9.12

(ii) Letter, CC Crompton – Confirmation complaint forwarded to Professional Standards Dept

(iii) Letter, Police Professional Standards Dept. – Confirmation of action re Council's complaint: A letter from Insp. Timmins was read out in which it stated the police had looked into the incident which occurred outside Cllr. Mrs. Hills home, but despite witnesses, they were unable to find the offenders and with no other leads, they have to consider the matter closed. Agreed to send a copy of this letter to Cllr. Mrs. Hills.

(iv) Grange Wind Farm Community Fund – Initial Consultation, 12.10.11, 12 Noon-5 pm : The public were to be encouraged to attend this consultation regarding the proposed funding the GWFCF would provide every year and on what and how it should be spent. As yet it is not known how much money will be deposited for the benefit of the local community.

(v) Letter, Holbeach & Fenland Gymnastics Club – Request for donation : it appears they have members attending from Sutton Bridge and also that they meet in Lutton. They have been sent an application form.

(vi) Letter, Results of Best Kept Village competition : although SB had received congratulations, they had not actually received any award in this competition. It was considered that the statements made about Sutton Bridge were somewhat ambiguous, and the Clerk has been requested to write for more details about how the judging is done.

(vii) Letter, Sutton Bridge in Bloom – Results of East Midlands in Bloom Awards : advising of their great achievements, having received a Bronze award for the second year running, certificate for the Floral enhancements in the village and also for the best kept wild flower and conservation area. The PC have agreed to continue to support the group and a letter of appreciation for all they have done for Sutton Bridge is to be sent to the Sutton Bridge in Bloom Chairman.

(viii) Cllr. M. Booth also mentioned a letter that had been received asking about the S106 Fund and what money had already been earmarked.

b. Correspondence received for information purposes only
(for further details please contact the Parish Office)


Letter from Merchant Navy Assoc. - Thanks for Memorial Service


Email - Voluntary NewsBite


Email - Voluntary Sector Recognition Awards


Email - Information on The Woodward Charitable Trust


Email - Spalding Christmas Light Switch-On weekend 3rd & 4th Dec 2011


Email - Voluntary Newsbite


Email - Family singing Project for Foster families


Net Gain - Summary Report on Marine Conservation Zones


Email - Job Opportunities Fair, Holbeach 6.10.11, 10am - 2pm


Email - Voluntary NewsBite


Email - Talk by English Heritage CEO 27.10.11, Spalding Grammar, 7.15 pm


Email - Home Start Volunteer Prep. Course, commencing 7.10.11



H18-0677-11 – Change of use of shop and flat to shop and takeaway, extension to
form 3 units of living acomm. Amendments to include brick soldier course lintels,
staircase detail, doorway & entrance detail, 112 Bridge Rd, Sutton Bridge –
Mr G Sangha, 5 St Thomas Court, Long Sutton.


New: N/A
H18-0613-11- Extension to side of bungalow, amendment alterations to windows,
Prospect Lodge, Chestnut Terrace, Sutton Bridge – Mrs F Minns, Prospect Lodge,
Chestnut Terrace, Sutton Bridge.
H18-0567-11 – Ground floor extensions and alterations, Peldon house, New Rd,
Sutton Bridge – Mr & Mrs M Ward, Peldon House, New Rd, Sutton Bridge.



a. Update on outstanding matters; The problem of the pigeon droppings on the Swing Bridge had not been cleared and the netting not installed.

b. To report any new matters:

• The PC are to contact the Highways Dept. to replace the post on the Village Green, and also to put posts on the smaller bit of green where vehicles are continuing to park.

• Cllrs. Mrs. Preston stated there was a problem for cars coming out of Crosby Row onto Bridge Road, and asked if it would be possible to have mirrors placed as an aid to motorist using this junction.

• Cllr. Grimwood stated it was not possible for mirrors to be put on public furniture and agreed that the build-outs were too short.

• Cllr. Brandon-King stated that it was up to the public to make representation to the Highways Dept.

• The post on the hill on the village green also needs to be replaced.

• The kerb drain alongside the footway near the top of High Street has been blocked for months, this to be reported to the relevant authority.

• There would be a temporary closure of the road/footpath at Guys Head in the last week of October.

(Action recommended in reports to be included for resolution on next agenda)

A. Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr Grimwood, Hills, T Rowe:

• Cllr. Grimwood stated that the Princes Street play area was covered in litter, much of which had been cleared by a good lady on her birthday,

• The floodlight behind the Youth Club building had been broken and had now been removed for safety reasons.

• The area behind the Youth Club building was a disgrace covered in cans and bottles and although it would appear that local youth were at fault here, there was nowhere for them to congregate. He felt the youth of the village were getting the thin edge of the wedge by being left in limbo and being badly let down.

• There was a suggestion that once the Community Centre is open, that the present toilet block be partially demolished and made into an outdoor shelter for the youth to meet, as well as setting up a meeting point for the youth at the end of the Arnie Broughton Walk.

• A discussion also centred on the prospect of having a ban on drinking alcohol in the village streets. Cllr. Brewis was in favour of a blanket ban. The PC are to consider a list of places where drinking of alcohol on the streets and in public places is to be banned.

B. Allotments – Cllrs Brewis, Croxford, Preston – There would be a full report next month.

C. Finance Committee – Cllrs Brandon-King, Dewsberry,
Grimwood, Hills
– the next meeting would be on 24th October.

D. Personnel Committee – Cllrs Booth, Croxford, Preston, J Rowe - next meeting would be on the 28th September.

E. Planning – Cllrs S Booth, Brandon-King, J Rowe –No report.

F. Footpaths & Byeways – Cllrs M Booth, Hills, Preston :

• Cllr. Mrs. Preston stated that the Westmere Creek needs clearing, and the land along side the footpath had been rotavated making the RoW extremely narrow and almost impossible to walk along. The RoW sign was missing, but on the whole it was in not too bad a condition.

• Here again Cllr. Brandon-King suggested that a group similar to the FOSBPF&OS could be set up to obtain funding from the Power Station Fund.

G. Extension to Burial Facilities – Cllrs Brandon-King, Grimwood, Hills, J Rowe; An approach to the Environment Agency had been made to consider if the land would be suitable for burials and it appears that it would be suitable, but first trial pits would have to be dug.

• There is to be a meeting with Scotts Miracle-Gro to see if they will agree to sell the land (See Item 16)

• The PCC are in favour of the new proposals and the Rev. J. Dunkling has agreed to administer burials on the proposed site if all goes to plan, which would make the new graveyard an extension of the existing burial ground.

• Cllr. Brandon-King stated they are cautiously optimistic about the graveyard extension.

H. Internal Audit Recommendations – Cllrs Brandon-King, Hills, J Rowe: There had been no meeting as yet.

I. Inventory of Assets & Insurance Cover Review – Cllrs M Booth,
Brandon-King, Grimwood, Hills
: the Like for Like aspect of the replacement insurance cover costings was almost complete and the Clerk was requested to complete the forms and send them off.


a. Phillips and Allen's Charities – No Report

b. Voluntary Car Scheme – next meeting would be in November


• Cllr. S. Booth stated that the £91,000 had been secured and agreed to complete the first floor of the new building.

• It is anticipated that the new building would be open by Christmas and would include a room for Police use.

• A further approach for funding of £97,000 was being sought to fully complete the first floor.

• The SBCCF AGM is being held on Wednesday, 26th October at 7pm in the Constitutional Club.

• A Race Night as also planned for November.

d. LALC : there had been a good attendance by councillors at a recent meeting.

e. Holbeach Senior Links : next meeting will be in Sutton Bridge in November when refreshment would be provided.

f. Power Station Liaison: Cllr. Brewis is organising trips to the Power Station.

g. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary – No report was given as it was considered that Centrica had finished all the work they had set out to do for this year. That was until Mrs. Blundell challenged this statement and was asked by the Chairman to elaborate. She said that work had finished on the marsh and all machinery had been removed and the marsh was reinstated according to an agreed plan with Natural England. However, work was still ongoing in the Wash itself. There was some difficulty with the second cable and until this was resolved, the guard vessel would remain to alert shipping. She added that councillors could read about it on the Bridge Watch website.

h. Charter of Friendship Group – No report

i. Grange Wind Farm Liaison Group : there would be the consultation meeting in Sutton Bridge on 12th October at the Constitutional Clun, 12 noon to 5 pm, and that would be followed by a similar presentation at Tydd St. Mary Village Hall later in the month.

j. The Suttons Emergency Planning Group – re Flood Risk. There had been a very successful meeting held recently when a new chairman and vice chairman had been elected. Membership was on the increase.

15. TO RESOLVE TO WRITE TO SHDC S106 PORTFOLIO HOLDER TO SEEK APPROVAL TO EARMARK £200,000 FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A MULTI-USE SPORTS FACILITY SUBJECT TO RECEIPT OF A DETAILED PROPOSAL – Cllr Brandon-King – after a lengthy discussion it was agreed to request the Portfolio Holder in Place for the S106 Fund, Howard Johnson, be invited to Sutton Bridge as a matter of urgency in order to discuss the matter of earmarking money for various projects in the village and to invite HJ at his convenience otherwise things go on forever. Cllr. Brewis said several times that they should invite HJ so they could get an immediate response; the Chairman eventually said they would do both, write a letter and invite the gentleman.

• Mrs. Sutton said she thought the PC should provide changing facilities for the multi sports pavilion or to improve them. To which the Chairman commented that any money would be for the provision of a pavilion, but the fact was that a pavilion had already been provided and was in place.

• Cllr. Brandon-King stated there was a maximum amount of £50,000 they could apply for from the Sports Fund but it had to be spent in 18 months.


: As Cllr. Mrs. Hills unable to attend the meeting, this item is being carried over.

-Cllr Brewis
: Cllr. Brewis appeared quite keen on this subject as there is money available for the project and he instructed the PC to invite this group to make a presentation to the PC. This was agreed.

19. TO RESOLVE TO PROVIDE A REAM OF PAPER AND BLACK INK CARTRIDGE TO EACH CLLR ACCEPTING AND PRINTING DOCUMENTS RECEIVED BY EMAIL – Cllr Brandon-King; agreed if somewhat half heartedly by those who want them and use computers.


• Cllr. Croxford yet again brought up the subject of turning part of the open area of land on the Falklands estate (known locally as Tom's Wood) into a children's play area. It was questioned whether or not six months had passed since this idea had last been presented and dismissed. It was generally agreed that it should be left for another month.

• Cllr. Brandon-King suggested setting up a working party for the PC to apply to qualify for "Quality Council" status. In order to do so they would have to demonstrate amongst other things:

a) Community Engagement

b) Democratic procedures

c) an electoral mandate.

He considered they already qualified on six counts and that when Mrs. England had obtained her CILCA certificate, this would be an essential part of it too.

; The general public were then requested to leave.



Quote of the night by the Councillor most responsible for making it happen: "We drag on…."

Can you imagine what the youth of the village will say about the proposal to make the old toilets into a shelter for them?

Who will make a judgement about whether this council is a 'Quality Council' or not? What will the criteria be? Will the electorate be consulted about the 'quality' of their Parish Council?

The matter of the pavilion was not really discussed at Item 15, nor was Mrs. Sutton, who had been asked to attend to answer questions, consulted.

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Sept 132011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held on 30th August, 2011


Mrs. Sutton said that she was concerned about the noise that Dodfrey Engineering Ltd., were making and disturbing the residents in Lime Street as well as causing much distress to Mr. Fenton, who now has large cracks in the walls of his house. She further added that this company was also working extremely long hours and all weekends. It was felt that they were not adhering to the instructions given by SHDC to muffle the sound. In addition there had been a change of use of the company's building, as it used to be a wood working and joinery firm and has now changed to engineering, which is much noisier.

Response: SBPC will take up the matter again with SHDC as soon as possible.

Mrs. Faires stated that the anti graffiti paint wasn't working in the A17 underpass and now had extremely obscene graffiti once again. Not only that there was still the problem of broken glass and the unrepaired storm grating.

Furthermore the footpath in Railway Lane North (alongside Scott Miracle-Gro) is becoming overgrown with nettles and in a few days the children from Railway Lane South will be returning to school using this footpath.

She also stated she had been requested to read out a letter from Mrs. Giles as follows:-


Please can the council tell me the date and at what parish council meeting, it was decided to grant a lease instead of selling the ground for £100? Is it minuted because I've searched the minutes and cannot find where it is minuted?

Please can the council tell me is the ground lease signed and when was it signed? Also where is it?

Please can the council tell me why the parish council (landlord) are using the same solicitor as the community centre (lessee)?
That arrangement was fine when the council were going to sell the land for £100, but now the council is just leasing the ground to the SBCCF you should have different solicitors because of conflict of interests.

Please can the council tell me, who drew up the lease and which councillors were involved in compiling the lease.

Why is there an insertion in the lease agreeing to give the clerk her own parking space and 2 for the police?? The council own the car park so how can a proviso be made for the clerk etc. it is not necessary in the lease.

Why are the council now proposing, to make a contribution of £1600 towards security measures, for the memorial park and local area, as the council previously cancelled the security contract to save money?? Have the council suddenly won the lottery and can now conjure up the necessary funds?

If the community centre wants security then it must provide for it's own security out of it's own income, like any other business in the area must do the same.

I for one would be very grateful, when this parish council stops wasting unnecessary money.

Surely the council set a FRI lease for the community centre. I most sincerely hope so. Or are you taking on that responsibility also?

Having been involved in various leases over the years I do know some of the pitfalls.

Shirley Giles
Sutton Bridge


RESPONSE: The PC will be contacting Mrs. Giles in this connection.

Mr. Blundell

• There were two extraordinary meetings of the PC in August. At the first meeting a contribution of £30000 to the Community Centre was supposed to be confirmed. Everybody agreed that because of the uncertainty over the lease this could not be done. It was to be discussed at a second meeting.

• At the second meeting there was no mention of the £30000.

• Has confirmation been made without discussion?

• Why was the chairman so extraordinarily reluctant to have the change from sale to lease minuted? The question of the £50000 earmarked for 'changing facilities' came up at the first meeting but now seems to have been dropped. When I was working briefly with Robert Middleton on the football pavilion I happened at the time to be in contact with a reputable builder who said he could knock the existing pavilion down and build another for around £50000.

• Why is the rebuilding of the football pavilion not an issue? Who is championing it?

RESPONSE; The Clerk pointed out that the contribution of £30000 was confirmed at the first meeting.

Mrs. Hardy asked for the Council's views on the free advertising in the Village Green. There were four A-Boards in the area of the village green, two on the green itself and two on the traffic islands nearby. While she is in favour of supporting all businesses in the village, this does seem to be a unfair advantage to the company in question.

RESPONSE; The boards on the islands are problem for the Highways Department, and she should contact them direct. Cllr. Brewis gave her the contact telephone number and stated that he would also look into the matter.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons: Cllr. G. Croxford apology accepted. No other apologies were given. Cllr. C. Brandon-King reiterated that the format for apologies was as per the guidance of LALC and this was going to be adhered to.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act. Cllr. S. Booth for Allotments and SBCCF, Cllr. M. Booth for Allotments.

3. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES – Notes from the meetings of 26th July 2011, 2nd August 2011 & 23rd August 2011 to be accepted as minutes. This did pose a problem for Cllr. Brewis who stated that as one set of minutes referred to an extraordinary meeting in which only one item could be voted on and other items were not strictly according to the agenda of the extraordinary meeting, then the minutes of that meeting should not be signed. However, as there is no way of separating out the minutes, it was resolved that they all be signed.

4. POLICE MATTERS Once again there was no Police presence at the meeting. Cllr. M. Booth said this was most disappointing as there were many points the PC wished to raise with them. The Police did not attend as frequently as they used to. Agreed that the clerk should write to the Police in this regard.

5. CHAIRMAN'S REMARKS: Cllr. Brandon-King thanked the Clerk for her efforts in sorting out the lease of the SBCCF and for volunteering to organise the post propeller service reception. Also thanks to the Rev. J. Dunkling and the PCC for allowing use of the Trinity Room and to the two ladies who have volunteered to serve the refreshments, Mrs. A. Jackson and Mrs. A. Garwell.

6. PRESENTATION – Mrs J Sutton, Sutton Bridge Football Club: Mrs. Sutton handed out copies of her presentation which is copied below;



The pavilion in the Memorial Park is a village amenity, not just for the Football Club. As the main users at this time, we are setting out our minimum requirements, along with observations. As we have the use of two pitches we would like four changing rooms, of a minimum size of 15 square meters, plus requirement of three showers, plus 1 shower, 1 wash basin and 1 w.c. This is the requirement for 1 official x 2. Spectator toilets for ladies and gents.

We need a kitchen area, storage room for marker, nets and training equipment.

The building as it stands now is only a single skin brick building, this only provides us with 2 changing rooms with showers and I smaller room, which is used for storage.

The entrance porch, which we feel we would still need.

Due to the poor state of the building we feel that it would be very costly to repair, as it would require extending, plus an outer skin to the brickwork. Therefore we feel a new building would be more appropriate. Hopefully this would encourage other groups to use the pavilion.

We hope that we will be able to get this project going forward again, as a lot of time has already been spent, and it would be a shame for it to be wasted.

As a football club we do raise funds for various equipment and we decorated the pavilion last season.


D. Earth stated there had been a previous meeting with R. Middleton and Karen Johnson of SHDC when the matter of applying for S106 funding had been discussed. Also that committee had had plans for a new building drawn up.

CBK said that to develop the whole thing a fresh approach to SHDC should be made, and that things were happening, but it all takes time.

D. Earth said they had also considered plans for a modular building, adding there had been quite a lot of paper work already done and much of this had been given to Cllr. M. Booth from R. Middleton.

Cllr. M. Booth suggested that the project be put on the agenda for the next PC meeting. The present building would be better bulldozed and a new one built.

R. Middleton had not responded to any message left for him, but Cllr. Brandon-King said that RM had been away and may not have picked up the messages as yet.

There is the possibility that S106 money would be available for a pavilion.

Cllr. Grimwood asked if the FC were prepared to pay a rental and if so how much.

Mrs. Sutton responded by asking who pays for the cleaning?

Cllr. Hills said £30K could be applied for from the S106 and was there a possibility for SHDC to match fund it.

There will be further discussion at the next meeting.

7. CLERK'S REPORT – Mrs. England advised the chamber that there had been no internet connection for some days and it was not expected to be reconnected before the end of the week.

• The bus stop on the A17 will be moved, possibly being done in November.

• Speed check request had been submitted and now it was to be ascertained whereabouts this would be best carried out. Councillors agreed it should be on the Falklands Road, joining with Bridge Road and Railway Lane North.

• The internal audit had been completed with no query.

• The lease for the PC office in the CC is available to view in the present PC office.

• It had been confirmed that the public toilets in the new centre would be open 8am to 5 pm daily.

• Simon Gamage of Lincs Wind Farm had reported that the sea wall would not be finished by the 31st August, but it was expected to be done by the end of that week. If the public have any enquiries regarding this project they can speak to Mr. Gamage on 07786 748445.

8. TO RECEIVE REPORTS FROM DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS : Cllr. M. Booth reported that the fly tipping and litter problem in the village was getting worse, especially on the outskirts of the village, and if anyone witnessed any fly tipping they should report it to SHDC who will prosecute the offenders.

• It is hoped that he and Cllr. Brewis would be holding a similar meeting to the SBMAG meetings and the first would be on the 20th September at 7 pm in the Con Club hall. He will be contacting Karen Johnson for a list of the people who attended the earlier MAG meetings to inform them of the new development.

• The public toilets were open for the gala days.

• The marking out of parking bays outside the Bridge Hotel would not commence before 2012.

• Cllr. Brewis reported that was a problem with tyres being dumped in the roadway between Princes Street and St. Matthews Drive.

9. FINANCIAL MATTERS the Financial working party had met that morning, but as the proper notices had not been posted there had been no action taken.

The Clerk reported a sum of £517.65 had been received but not shown on the agenda. In addition, the Clerk's salary has also not been included on the agenda.

Cllr. Dewsberry proposed that £5,000 be transferred from the Business A/c to the current A/c to ensure present obligations would be met. Proposed and agreed that the Clerk should in future make these transfers as and when necessary.

a. Accounts for payment 30.8.11:



Chq. No.




Wingland G’cutting

Litter Picking (Aug)





Wingland G’cutting

Dist. Mowing (Aug)





Wingland G’cutting

Parish Mowing(Aug)





Clement Keys

Audit fee





J Grimwood

Repairs Exps.





Fraser Dawbarns

Legal fees

















b. Money In:
As per bank reconciliation: £0.00

c. Update on new bank account still on going. Agreed to chase up progress if nothing heard by next week.


THE Clerk reported that in order to reduce time spent on this item it was now split into two sections – one for comments and the other for noting. Further information on the latter was available at the PC office, if required.

a. Items of correspondence for comment:

(i) Letter from Clement Keys – Conclusion of External Audit 2011
(ii) Letter from SHDC Planning – Signage to shop in Bridge Road : Comment - Planning granted as no breach of original plans.
(iii) Email from Digley Associates – Inspection of play equipment
(iv) Letter SHDC – Review of Polling Places Cllr. Brewis suggested that once the new CC is up and running that it should become the Polling Station for SB
(v) Email from Karen Johnson – Sport England Grant Scheme – it was considered that this would be an advantage for the FC and that a preliminary application should be made by them as soon as possible.
(vi) Email Lincs Sports Partnerships – Funding for Olympic themed event
(vii) Letter from Grange Wind Farm Liaison Group n- Cllrs. Mrs. Preston & J. Grimwood have volunteered to attend, Cllr. S. Booth is already committed on behalf of Long Sutton PC. The meeting will be held on 6th Sept. at 7 pm at the Market House Long Sutton.

Cllr. Brewis stated that the LS Registry Office is to be closed and every effort should be made to keep it open as it was a long way to go to Spalding, King's Lynn or Wisbech for the registration of births, marriages and deaths.

b. Correspondence received for information purposes only
(for further details please contact the Parish Office):


Best Kept Village Competition - Villages through to 'Finals'


Lincs Registration Office and Celebratory Services Newsletter


Lincs Community Foundation - Details of grants/funding available


KL & W Nflk Borough Council - Local Dev. Framework - Core Strategy


Details of The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service


Bridge for Heroes - Newsletter


CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) - Annual Report


Lincs Assoc. of Local Councils - Annual Report 2010-2011


Voluntary Services Newsletter - Issue 28


Village SOS Active fund (


Details of free software for charities


Voluntary Sector workshop - 21st Sep 2011, Fulbeck V. Hall


Moulton Chapel Musical Evening 10th Sep 2011


Community Toolkit - Help with Community Activities


Photographic Exhibition, 10th & 11th Sep - Market House, Long Sutton


Crown Estate - Annual Report 2011


H18-0602-11 – Change of use from joinery workshop (B1) to joinery/metal
Fabrication workshop (B2), Dodfrey Engineering Ltd, West Bank, Sutton Bridge – Dodfrey Engineering Ltd, Sutton Bridge.

This planning application is causing much concern for nearby residents. Already the company is working as an engineering company instead of its previous trade in woodwork and joinery. Residents state that the noise level from this company has increased and it is alleged that the vibrations from the engineering workings are affecting residents' homes. The SBPC are to lodge objections on the grounds of the extra long working hours of this company, the increase of noise and the problem caused insufficient parking facilities. While the SBPC are keen to promote businesses in the village, consideration should be given to the effects on adjacent properties.

Granted: N/A;
H18-0321-11 – Conversion of lighthouse garages to museum, Lighthouse, East
Bank, Sutton Bridge – Mr D Hilton, Snowgoose Wildlife Trust, Filston Lane,
Shoreham, Kent.
H18-0320-11 – Construction of Green Gateway Visitor Centre, Lighthouse East
Bank, Sutton Bridge – Mr D Hilton, Snowgoose Wildlife Trust, Filston Lane,
Shoreham, Kent.
H18-0457-11 – Details of external materials, window design, rooflights, doors,
storage, disposal of waste, 112 Bridge Rd, Sutton Bridge – Mr G Sangha, 5 St
Thomas Court, Long Sutton, Lincs.

Refused: N/A

H18-0567-11 - Ground floor extensions and alterations, Peldon House, 100 New Rd
Sutton Bridge – Mr & Mrs M Ward, Peldon house, 100 New Rd, Sutton Bridge.
H18-0584-11 – Extension to enclose swimming pool, 184 Avenue Farm Rd, Sutton
Bridge – Mr M Godfrey.
H18-0617-11 – Proposed tennis court and fencing, Curlew Lodge, Guys Head Rd,
Sutton Bridge – Mrs C Smith, Curlew Lodge, Sutton Bridge.

Granted: N/A ;
H18-0442-11 – Additional garage, 258 Bridge Rd, Sutton Bridge – Mr & Mrs K Wiles
258 Bridge Rd, Sutton Bridge

Refused: N/A
H18-0452-11 – Amendments to layout of utility area (retrospective), Curlew Lodge,
Guys Head Rd, Sutton Bridge – Mr R Smith, Curlew Lodge, Sutton Bridge

a. Update on outstanding matters - Cllr. Brewis said that all works on the corner of Crosby and York Row now completed.
b. To report any new matters – Cllr. Mrs. Hills said there were potholes at the top of Garners Lane. Cllr. S. Booth said he had received reports that a business near the Village Green had held a BBQ in the roadway. Cllr. Brewis to deal with this. Cllr. Mrs. Hills said that it appeared that the police had dropped any action in respect of the recent accident which had damaged the fencing on her property. A letter would be written to the Chief Constable requesting an update on this matter. The Clerk reported that there would be a temporary closure of the High Road for resurfacing.


A. Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr Grimwood –

• Trees had been felled on the village green. Apparently this was due to thinning the canopy and the trees often shedding broken branches were considered to be a danger to the public.
• To press for a ban of consumption of alcoholic drink in the Memorial Park and the Lime Street
• The mystery of the stolen turf had been solved, it had been used by the SBFC to repair areas at the goal posts. Cllr. CBK stated there were two options. A) the FC to repair the damage and B) the FOSBPFOS group were planning to place picnic benches on the village green and the grass removed could be used to repair the damage in the Memorial Park.
B. Allotments – Cllrs Brewis, Croxford, Preston – It was confirmed that allotment holders are allowed to keep chickens on their allotments but not dogs. Reports that dogs and cockerels were being kept on the allotments would be looked into on Saturday.
C. Finance Committee – Cllrs Brandon-King, Dewsberry,
Grimwood, Hills – in future will be posting proper notices.
D. Personnel Committee – Cllrs Booth, Croxford, J Rowe – Cllr. S. Booth advised that Cllr. G. Croxford had taken the notes at a recent meeting, and these should be discussed in Closed Session.
E. Planning – Cllrs S Booth, Brandon-King, J Rowe – No report
F Footpaths – Cllrs M Booth, Hills, Preston – Cllr. Mrs. Preston asked if it would be possible to have the old closed off roadway known locally as the Lynn Boards be registered as a Right of Way, as it is a well used footway.
• To ensure the Lynn Boards is added to the definitive RoW map.
• It is not the SBPC's remit to have tractor parts removed from the entrance to a RoW as they are actually on the owners land. However, it was considered that the farmer should be requested to move the tractor part to one side to allow access for walkers.
G. Extension to Burial Facilities – Cllrs Brandon-King, Grimwood,
Hills, J Rowe – still awaiting response from Scotts Miracle-Gro.
• Consideration is still being given to whether the SBPC or the PCC administer the proposed new burial ground,
• Also waited is a response from the Environment Agency on whether there is a water course within 30 metres of the proposed new site.
H. Internal Audit Recommendations – Cllrs Brandon-King, Hills,
J Rowe – as discussed earlier,

14. TO REVIEW WORKING PARTIES AND COMMITTEES – Cllr J Rowe – as not in attendance, no report was given. Cllr. M. Booth stated the need to look at all working parties to be quorate and if need be to co-opt another councillor. There were two committees i) Finance ii) Personnel.


a. Phillips and Allen's Charities – No report – next meeting 14th October.
b. Voluntary Car Scheme – No report
c. SBCCF –
• Cllr. S. Booth reported that the SBCCF had a very successful Gala over the Bank Holiday weekend and they thanked the SBPC for the use of the Memorial Park on both days.
• A written commitment to establish a police base in the new centre had been received and it was hoped that this would be in daily use.
• Thanks to the SHDC for the release of the £92,000 which will be used to complete as much as possible of the first floor.
• Cllr. M. Booth added that himself and Cllr. Brewis had pledged £1,000 each from their District Councillors allowance to ensure a police presence in the new building
• Cllr. Brewis also stated that money would also be allocated for furnishing the proposed library.
d. LALC – No report – AGM to be held in October.
e. Holbeach Senior Links – No report
f. Power Station Liaison – No report – next meeting in November.
g. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary – No report
h. Charter of Friendship Group – A report from the three visitors to Sedlec was awaited.

(Report circulated to all Cllrs 8.7.11)
– A long discussion centred on this subject and it while it was generally considered not to be a SBPC problem, Cllr. Brewis stated it concerned the whole country as everyone would benefit from the food produced on this Grade 1 land. The EA are responsible for the maintenance of the sea defences and the funding should come from the government not just the individuals in the vicinity of the flood risk area.


Although the public were not privy to the contents of the letter Cllr. CBK stated the following:
• It was a 50/50 split for the cost of lopping the branches where the spray had drifted (re the spraying of the Arnie Broughton Walk)
• The PC is not considered a "small business" but a statutory body, and as such, capital items do not depreciate.
• Primarily to litter pick before cutting the grass as the cutter would spread the said litter even further afield. The fee comes from SHDC for litter picking.
• Referring the Chairman's Allowance, it is standard practise in all Parish Council's to allot a certain sum the Chairman to acknowledge the time/telephone calls etc necessary when in office. Cllr. CBK said he had refused this at first, but had been persuaded to receive the allotment, however he does give a breakdown of this allotment to the PC and will refund any money unspent at the end of the year.

– this is not a PC responsibility. There is an email from LALC about details the Queen Elizabeth Fields Challenge.

– Cllr Hills – suggested that a new photocopier be purchased for the PC office prior to the move to the new Community Centre, as the present photocopier was not fit for purpose. They could look to purchasing a second hand copier as well as look at the option whether it would be viable to rent or buy, but to look into the matter prior to the move into the new centre. It was suggested that this matter be deferred until the next meeting

– Cllr Dewsberry stated that the clock was losing approximately 5 minutes per week. It would appear the PC pays for the maintenance of the clock on the church tower. It was believed that the cost was in the region of £65 last time it was maintained. It was agreed to allocate the money to have the clock maintained and that £100 had been budgeted for this in any event.


Cllr. Mrs. Hills suggested the Sutton Bridge have it's own farmers Market.
Cllr. CBK requested for paper and ink cartridges be provided to all councillors to enable them to down load the necessary PC paper work.
Cllr. Dewsberry stated that the hedge at 210 Bridge Road was across the footway.
Cllr. S. Booth requested that the authors name be given in all reports to the PC.


The public were requested to leave the meeting at 9.40 pm.



• One has to wonder what mechanism is in place to check on the legitimacy of the reasons for councillors' apologies for absence.

• Under item 16 if Councillor Brewis said that paying for flood prevention was the role of government once he said it many times. The chairman can help to shorten meetings by curtailing Councillor Brewis' contributions and by insisting he speak through the chair.

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Sept 132011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting
held on 23rd August, 2011

Present: Cllrs. S. Booth, M. Booth, Mrs. M. Preston. D. Dewsberry, C. Brandon-King (Chair), G. Croxford, Mrs. V. Hills, Mrs. J. Rowe

Cllr. C. Brandon-King stated that a 15 minute Open Forum was on the agenda as there were items that were not related to the Extraordinary Meeting, but as the regular Parish Council meetings were getting to be so long, extra items have been added in tonight. He requested that members of the public only raise items in the Open Forum that are on the agenda for this evening.


Mr. Shapland stated that only one item on the Agenda was relevant to the extraordinary meeting so why were there 11 items on the Agenda?

Response given was that regular meetings were taking so long with so many items to be discussed at the next meeting, a few had been brought forward to this meeting to save time.

Mrs. Hardy requested that her question be minuted and referred to Item 8 on the agenda asking why was this to be discussed in closed session when it could affect many people in Sutton Bridge. She went on to say that is was the Chairman himself who, at a previous meeting, had said that this Council was going to be more open.

Response from Cllr. C. B-K was as it had commercial implications, it was considered best that this should be the case, as it could affect land values of the parcels of land that had been identified.

At this point Cllr. Mrs. Rowe said that it was also her view that this item should be discussed in the open meeting.

Mr. Blundell stated of all the many items on the agenda this evening only one has any reference to the previous Extraordinary meeting of August 2. That's item 3 on tonight's agenda.

This is very confusing for the following reasons:-

At the 2nd August meeting, it was quite rightly pointed out that item 3 (confirmation of payment to CC) and 4 (which becomes item 3 tonight) were interconnected.

I have no head for figures but the discussion under item 3 on 2nd August appeared to revolve amongst other things around the issue of whether the £30,000 match funding was in addition to a sum of £50,000 which had been originally been allocated for changing rooms. Has this been resolved?

There was also the question of whether the ground for the CC had been sold for £100 or whether it is being leased.

It seems that the lease had not been seen or discussed by all councillors at that stage.

It was not known who had signed it or what it contained.

No decisions could therefore be made on 2/8 till the situation was clear to all.

In view of the significance of all this to Council Tax payers:-

1. Has the Clerk been able to get a copy of the lease?

2. Have all councillors seen it and has it been discussed and its implications been made clear?

3. Since there is no agenda item specifically relating to item 3 of 2nd August or the lease perhaps this is what will be discussed in closed session under item 9?

4. If the lease has not been read and discussed by all councillors how can the PC possibly confirm acceptance of responsibility for the CC when the full details of what they are confirming are not evident?

Perhaps this will become clear during the course of the meeting?

The Chairman pointed out that all councillors (bar the new ones) had been given a copy of the lease long ago and were therefore fully aware of its contents.

Mrs. Blundell referred to Item 5 on the Agenda of the Extraordinary Meeting of 23rd August, concerning the £1,600 that the PC had been asked to contribute towards the cost of employing a dog patrolman to enhance security measures in 'the Memorial Park and local area' , and asked if a decision been taken?

Response was that not all the papers were to hand and that this item was on the agenda for the next scheduled meeting.

Mrs. Giles spoke as a representative of the Friends of Sutton Bridge Playing Fields and Open Spaces and requested they be allowed to place an advertisement on the Parish Council's website for the Garage Sale they were planning to hold in order to raise funds.

Permission was granted.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons: Cllrs. C. Brewis. G. Grimwood, apologies accepted. T. Rowe at another meeting.

Chairman Cllr. C. B-K. stated that issues of absence had not been dealt with in a proper manner and that it was considered that some of the reasons given were not genuine and that in some cases the PC would not accept doubtful reasons for absence. He went on to say that after a time of receiving apologies and no appearance in person it would become a matter of concern that an elected Parish Councillor was not doing their duty by the electorate and therefore their position as a Parish Councillor would have to be reconsidered.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act. Cllr. S. Booth signed the book acknowledging his interest in the SBCCF.


Cllr. S. Booth left the chamber.

A very long discussion on this item followed on from the discussion on the same subject on the same agenda'd item at the last extraordinary meeting. Basically it concerned the following points:

• Not all councillors had seen the new amended and signed lease, although some of them (members of the previous PC) had seen the original one which had been returned to the PC's solicitors for amendments.

• The copy of the lease that was available had been altered by hand, not initialled, but had been signed. This did not look like a professional or valid document.

• Had the land been sold for £100 or was it leased, and if leased when was this minuted and who authorised it and signed it?

• SHDC are under the impression that the land has been sold, not leased, therefore this should be made clear.

• It was considered that the PC had acted on the advice received from their solicitors that it would be more prudent to lease the land rather than sell it, therefore this is what had been done.

• If the SBCCF project failed then the land and the building on it would revert to the SBPC for a sum of £100.

• The main issue is that it had not been minuted that there had been a change from the sale to a leasing of the land, it was considered that this is a vital point because SHDC is still under the impression that the land had been sold, whereas the SBPC has leased it. This needs to be clarified in case of legal complications in the future.

• The Chairman said that with a lease and counterpart lease, there would not be all the signatories on either, as one would have been signed on behalf of the Parish Council and the other on behalf of the SBCCF.

• The Chairman could see no reason for taking any further action: they were voting on acceptance of responsibility and the lease was abundantly clear to all.

4. TO RESOLVE TO IMPLEMENT THE NALC RECOMMENDATIONS (LEGAL BRIEFING L04-11) +RELATING TO THE NEED FOR THE COUNCIL TO REGISTER FOR DATA PROTECTION; AND TO REMIND INDIVIDUAL CLLRS OF THEIR REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS – Carried forward from July agenda. This covers individual councillors from legal action brought against them by any parishioner from anything written in an email exchange. As this was considered to be a very important point all councillors should safeguard themselves by registering. Further details about this subject can be found on the website . It was noted Cllr. Dewberry does not need to register since he does not have a home computer.

5. TO DISCUS VENUE AND CATERING ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE RAF MEMORIAL SERVICE ON 4TH SEPTEMBER, AND TO RESOLVE ON THE ISSUE : Some confusion had arisen here, as the Clerk and Cllr. Dewsberry had booked the RBL hall only to be informed at a later date that bookings have to be made "by a member of the RBL". In the brief discussion that followed it was agreed that if the PCC were agreeable, and as it was part of a religious ceremony, then the reception could be held in the Trinity Room. An announcement to this effect could be made at the beginning and end of the ceremony on the day. Cllr. Dewsberry commented that the Trinity Room would be available on the day.

6. TO RECEIVE A REPORT ON RECENT DEVELOPMENTS RELATING TO THE EXTENSION OF BURIAL FACILITIES – Cllr Hills AND TO RESOLVE ON TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR WORKING PARTY GOING FORWARD : Cllr. Mrs. Hills had distributed copies of the report of the meeting that had been held with Mr. Paul Cheffings for Scotts Miracle-Gro and SBPC Cllrs: J. Grimwood, Brandon-King, Mrs. Hills and Mrs. R. Rowe.


5th August 2011 at 10 am – Scotts Miracle-Gro

In attendance Mr. Paul Cheffings for Scotts Miracle-Gro. SBPC Cllr
Grimwood, Cllr King, Cllr J Rowe, Cllr Hills

After introducing ourselves we explained that we would like to create a footway extending from the Churchyard through the Memorial Park/Arnie Brought Walk to the land belonging to Scotts Miracle-Gro for a new cemetery.

Mr Cheffings appeared to be very receptive to the proposal. He asked how much land would be required we said that the minimum requirement would be 2 acres for the provision of a cemetery. Mr. Cheffings said that the land in question was approximately 5 acres and is classed as agricultural. In the event it was sold it would be valued as agricultural land he said that he would get the registry legal implications looked into the following week with his legal department.

Mr. Cheffings mentioned that there would be an additional sum of approximately £10,000 that would be required to cover the company's "depletion of assets value".

We asked if we could undertake to have professional soil analysis tests carried out to ascertain that the land would be suitable for burials and Mr. Cheffings said that would be acceptable. Mr. Cheffings said that secure fencing for safety purposes and the protection of their property must be provided and that a separate gateway/entrance would need to be created to ensure that transport in and out of Scott Miracle-Gro would not be affected by any funerals taking place. He also mentioned that the whole of the site is currently monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day.

After the meeting ended the working party went to look at the site it is already aesthetically pleasing with a row of established trees lining the entrance, there is a watercourse running from the entrance to Scotts Miracle-Gro which would propose a problem from a practical aspect with regard to using this option for an entrance for the new cemetery.

• We talked about an easement that could run from the existing roadway onto the proposed land this may be the most practical/safest option. On the whole it was agreed that the site would be ideal for a new cemetery

• We discussed the possibility to buy more than the proposed two acres to facilitate a hard standing area for the funeral cortege and any associated vehicles.

• We observed that if a footway is created through the Memorial Park/Arnie Broughton Walk that a footbridge across the watercourse may be necessary to facilitate access.

• We also discussed the possibility to administer the cemetery ourselves whilst the PCC is happy to administer it may be a viable option for the Parish to recoup any financial outlay.


Cllr. Mrs. Hill further stated that they were still awaiting Mr. Cheffings response. Also that the Working Party had approached the Environment Agency with regard to using the proposed site for burials. There were a few criteria would need to be addressed; for example, there should be no burial within 30 metres of flowing water, and at least 10 metres from dry dikes. It was felt that these criteria could be met. A soil analysis test would also have to be done as would an exploratory pit dug to a depth of 1.8 metres to establish if water would seep into it. This pit would have to be fenced off for Health and Safety reasons.

It was agreed that a representative from the Environment Agency should be invited to visit the site prior to doing the soil testing and digging of the test pit.

The Chairman said that he believed that Cllr. Grimwood had some ideas about linking the new graveyard to the Memorial Park and Arnie Broughton Walk. He said he also believed Cllr. Grimwood wished to explore the possibility of seeking S106 money towards funding the project. Cllr. M. Booth said that if this was the case, it would be prudent to ask if their request be jeopardised by the intention to let the PCC manage the new cemetery. Some discussion took place on whether the SBPC or the PCC should run the burial ground, on the grounds that the commercial benefit from running the site might accrue funds to the SBPC.

7. TO RESOLVE ON WHETHER THE COUNCIL SHOULD MOVE INTO CLOSED SESSION FOR DISCUSSION OF THE FOLLOWING AGENDA ITEMS ON THE GROUNDS OF CONFIDENTIALITY. Cllr. Mrs. Rowe reiterated that she did not agree that this should be discussed in closed session as it was a matter of public interest. Cllr. M. Booth suggested that perhaps it could be done without identifying the areas that had been suggested, but this was not considered to be a viable option. Therefore the public were requested to leave the chamber.

The meeting closed at 8.20 pm.



The question arises: what process is in place that will enable checks to be made on the genuineness (or otherwise) of Councillors' reasons for absence?

At the meeting of 2nd August, apart from Councillors Rowe & Hills, all Councillors professed not to know (or maybe remember) what the lease contained, who had signed it and when. Why were the 'new' councillors not brought up to speed before the meeting? Why did they not make an attempt to make themselves familiar with the contents of the lease before the meeting? The result of the meeting of 2nd August was that the Clerk was asked to obtain a copy of the lease from the solicitor for the enlightenment of Councillors. The upshot of this is that Councillors (especially the 'new' ones came to the meeting prepared to vote blind on something of profound importance. How many members of the PC were still voting on something they knew nothing about in spite of further attempts to get things clarified and recorded in the minutes?

No answer was forthcoming about the issue of whether the £30,000 match funding was in addition to a sum of £50,000 which had been originally been allocated for changing rooms. (Item 3 in 2nd August meeting). The question of the PC's contribution to the CCF seems to have been disappeared.

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Aug 52011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting
held on 2nd August, 2011

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons: Cllrs. C. Brandon-King, C. Brewis, S. Booth (working) T. Rowe (working)

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act. Cllrs. M. Booth and J. Grimwood both declared an interest in the matters of SBCCF, but both councillors had checked that their interests were not in conflict with matters to be discussed.

3. TO CONFIRM PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY CENTRE FUND AS APPROVED IN PRINCIPLE UNDER AGENDA ITEM 14c. OF MEETING HELD ON 26TH JULY 2011: discussion centred on the SBPC match funding the £30,000 S106 fund with SHDC. Cllr. Croxford declared his interest (he is Chairman of the SBCCF) and left the chamber. Cllr. Mrs Rowe stated that in principle she had no objection to this sum being transferred to the SBCCF, but sought clarification that the £30,000 mentioned was in addition to £50,000 which had previously been allocated, and that if granted, it would be with the proviso that space would definitely be allocated for the Youth Club to use. Cllr. Grimwood stated that space had been set aside in the new building for a Youth Club. Cllr. J. Rowe then asked about the lease, as since the first lease had been sent back to the solicitors for amendment, she had yet to see it. She understood it had been signed, although no confirmation was given about by whom, or when, it had been signed. She sought clarification as to whether the land had been sold for a nominal £100, or whether the land was leased from the Parish Council..

It was also stated that if the land had been sold, then only one solicitor was required to act on behalf of both parties, however if the land was to be leased then each party would need to engage their own solicitor. Cllr. J. Rowe pointed out that Items 3 and 4 on the agenda were both linked to the same agenda item of the meeting of the 26th July, and the matter of the lease was common to both. Her concern is that provision for a Youth Club presence in the new building should be in writing, as she understood the present Youth Club building is most likely to be razed to the ground in the near future. Cllr. Grimwood agreed that this would most likely be the case.

Cllr. M. Booth stated it had recently been stated in Cabinet (at SHDC) that the £30,000 had been agreed to be released as long as SBPC match the amount.

Cllr. Grimwood stated that the youth in the village had been badly let down by the county, who had been extremely slow in making any decisions and the problem had been ongoing for a very long time. There was a time when the youth club was open 3 nights a week giving the local youth somewhere to go. At present there is no proper meeting place and they congregate in the car park by the Youth Centre, where an Outreach youth worker visits every Thursday just to talk to the youth congregated there. Cllr. Rowe stated that the provision for the Youth Club in the CC should be available as and when a new Youth Club has been set up.

The Clerk advised the meeting that she would personally go the to PC's solicitors on the 3rd August to get a copy of the amended lease so that all parish councillors would have sight of it.

Cllr. Mrs. Preston said that she and some of the other councillors present had little knowledge of what had happened prior to their being elected to the PC, and that it was most important that all councillors were aware of what had been signed and agreed.

The resolution to confirm the transfer of funds has been deferred until the next meeting, which will most likely be another extraordinary meeting arranged as soon as possible.

4. TO CONFIRM THAT THE COUNCIL ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE IMPROVED COMMUNITY CENTRE BUILDING AS APPROVED IN PRINCIPLE UNDER AGENDA ITEM 14c OF MEETING HELD ON 26TH JULY 2011 : the improvement referred to is that with the extra money from SHDC and the SBPC, the first floor of the new building can be prepared with lift/stairs to finish the actual building work of the CC. The furnishing of the upper floor can be done at a later date as and when funds again become available. It has been stated that SBPC had originally accepted responsibility for just the ground floor, but in the light of the earlier discussion it was agreed that the SBPC should seek clarification of exactly what they had allegedly accepted, whether it was for the sale of the land or to lease the land, as this had not been clarified previously, nor had such a resolution been minuted. Apparently there was a letter regarding this dated 17th May, 2010. It was agreed that this letter from SHDC together with the reply from SBPC be produced for the next meeting.

Cllr. J. Rowe asked again about the lease at the solicitors, who had signed it and was it for the sale of the land or a lease.

Cllr. Grimwood stated there was a need to clarify exactly what the solicitor has. Cllr. Dewsberry said this would require to be discussed at another special meeting.

It was agreed that no resolution could be passed until the lease had been seen by all Parish Councillors.

Cllr. Croxford was recalled to the chamber.

5. TO CONFIRM A CONTRIBUTION OF £1600 TOWARDS SECURITY MEASURES FOR THE MEMORIAL PARK AND LOCAL AREA AS APPROVED IN PRINCIPLE UNDER ITEM 20 OF THE AGENDA OF MEETING HELD ON 26TH JULY 2011 AFTER SIGHT OF (i)LIABILITY INSURANCE, (ii)RISK ASSESSMENT, (iii)THE CONTRACT (iv) SCHEDULE OF WORKS : The Clerk advised that she had requested sight/copies of the Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment and the contract, but as yet these were not to hand. It was asked whether this security measure was a company or one man band. Cllr. Croxford advised it was a company. Cllr. J. Rowe asked if they would be patrolling the other parks in the village as some years ago the then PC had employed such a Security company who had a good relationship with the police and it had worked very well until it became too expensive to keep it up. Cllr. Grimwood stated that the SBCC had taken on this measure as there had been problems with the youth in the village who had managed to gain access to the roof of the new CC building and had lit a fire up there. So far the security measure had proved an advantage, but he didn't know if it would cover other parts of the village. Cllr. Mrs. J. Rowe asked if it would it be feasible and whether the security matter been put out to tender. It was agreed in principle but that clarification of the liability insurance, risk assessment and contract would be required for the next meeting.

Meeting concluded by 7.30 pm.

Mrs. Blundell then requested permission to speak to the councillors present, and said that as other people in the village were also worried about this particular security measure too, she had sent an email to the clerk about her concerns regarding the employment of this security measure in particular. She requested that her email be sent to all councillors prior to the next meeting so that they would be aware of her concerns when they came to consider the matter at the meeting. The Chairman said this could be done. The Clerk advised she had a copy of the email on file and would distribute it to all parish councillors.



The PC Meeting on 26th July had run out of time and it was on that date proposed to defer decisions about the Parish (1) making a payment to community centre fund, (2) accepting responsibility for the improved community centre building and (3) making a contribution of £1600 towards security measures for the Memorial Park and local area.

Councillor Rowe pointed out that (1) and (2) were so closely connected that they could not be considered separately.

This extraordinary meeting was held to make decisions about these issues. What should have been said on the 26th July was that the postponement gave time for all relevant documents and background details to be made available.

In the absence of this information no proper decisions can be made.

However, while very few of the others present had any relevant information or recollections, Councillor Rowe had some important questions to ask.

Consequently it was decided to obtain all relevant documents and again postpone decisions on (2) and (3) until a later date.

It surely should have been obvious from the start that no confirmation of matters as important as these could have been made without full details of legal matters and the status of security arrangements being made clear.

What was surprising to those of us in the public gallery attending this meeting was that only one councillor had come prepared to discuss the matters. There had been no real discussion at the full Council Meeting. Surely, all councillors should attend any meeting with information at their fingertips, especially where large sums of public money are involved.

What BW would like to see

(1) A letter from SHDC requesting that the money for the CCF is handed over.

(2) That a caveat is attached to any agreement to ensure that the Youth Club has use of the building as agreed together with all the conditions for its use.

(3) That the Parish Council should have a letter setting out plans in the event of the CC project failing, and what the expected liability to the community would be.

(4) That an independent adjudicator should be appointed to oversee these matters. It is too important to be left to people who have little experience of these things.

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July 312011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held on 26th July, 2011


Mrs. Ling asked what the PC were doing about the public drinking of alcohol on the streets as this was becoming more of a problem.

Mrs. Grimwood asked about the plans and planning permission given to the Bargain Booze shop in Bridge Road, that while half the shop had been refurbished, the other half had been demolished apart from two walls left standing. Was this in accordance with the planning consent given?

Mrs. Minns referred once again to the parking on the river bank at the East End of the village, as she understood there had been a site meeting by some members of the PC and that there was space for at least 14 vehicles and what was the outcome?

Cllr. C. B-K stated that the matter of parking had been looked at and there was ample parking outside the Bridge Hotel. However, extra parking was the remit of SHDC Highways and that the matter would be taken up again with them.

Mr. Clery stated that the leaflets handed out about the SBCCF Big Days out on August Bank Holiday weekend were just a taster of what was to come as many more exciting events were also being arranged.

Mrs. Hardy referred to the Litter Picking within the village. She asked who was being paid to do it and when was it supposed to be done. She further asked why a volunteer group was picking up litter regularly when someone was being paid to do it.

Mrs. Hardy also asked what plans had the PC in hand for the celebrations of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics 2012.

Cllr. C.B-K stated that the PC had no plans, but not doubt there would most likely be other groups who would be organising celebratory events. Cllr. S. Booth said that he had also wanted to raise this question for discussion.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons Cllrs. T. Rowe (working) and C. Brewis was at another meeting but would be attending later.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act. Both Cllrs. M & S Booth signed the book for their interest in the allotments.

3. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES – Notes from the meeting of 28th June 2011 to be accepted as minutes. With the exception of two requested amendments, these were then signed.

– Cllr. C.B-K stated that he had been the elected representative for the PC and to date he had not had any invitation from this group for him to attend, therefore, as there was no point in his being the PC representative he would stand down. Cllr. Mrs. Rowe had attended the CEMG meeting and gave a report, which is reproduced below with the permission of Cllr. Mrs. Rowe.


Meeting of CEMG (Community Engagement Model Group)
29th June 2011

• Current priorities for Sutton Bridge.
• Parking on the pavement by the New Inn has been resolved by the Police.
• Police were called to a problem with young people smoking drugs and drinking, there seems to be quite an issue of underage drinking at present.
• Police made aware of speeding problems on Bridge Rd and Falklands Rd they will take this on board. Parish Council could also request an Archer Box from the Road Safety Partnership.
• Antisocial behaviour report.
• Four GAP letters had been sent to parents in Sutton Bridge.
• Bargain Booze was discussed as certain people were buying drink and selling it to young people.
• New system called Sentinel, which enables all parties to report all incidents of anti social behaviour onto one system, will become live in Sept this year.

Next meeting 21 Sept 10am at Long Sutton Fire Station
(first 30 mins are open to the public).


(GAP = Guardians and Parents)

5. POLICE MATTERS – With no Police presence yet again, it was agreed to write to the County Police to arrange a meeting to discuss the problems within Sutton Bridge. Cllr. M. Booth referred to the CCTV cameras that allegedly are in operation in Bridge Road, and the fact that the PC are paying for a service it was felt the community were not receiving. It does appear there is an increased police presence in the village, especially during evening opening hours of local public houses. With regard to the matter of CCTV, Cllr. M. Booth suggested this be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

6. CHAIRMAN'S REMARKS – Cllr. C.B-K thanked Cllr. Grimwood for his excellent chairmanship at the previous meeting, and also thanked Suzanne for keeping things running smoothly, as well as all the other councillors who had supported him during his absence. He outlined the way Parish Councils should be run and proper procedures to be followed. He reported that six councillors had attended the Code of Conduct meeting the previous evening. He also recommended councillors to read various books written on the subject of correct practice in Parish Council meetings, and advised that these were also available to anyone.

7. CLERK'S REPORT – (This item is becoming somewhat confusing as most of the matters referred to come under the heading of Correspondence).

• The Railway Lane subway had been pressure washed and cleaned, but it had not been ascertained whether the repainting had been completed. There had been an email concerning a broken drain grill in the underpass.

• Consideration and discussion was given to whether details of future planning applications sent to SHDC could be sent by electronic mail, instead of hard copies. Cllr. Rowe stated that there were occasions, e.g. when visiting neighbours of proposed new planning sites, when a hard copy would be preferable. It was also considered that all new planning applications could be accessed on line on the relevant SHDC website, but of course this is not an option available to residents who have no access, or desire, to use computers. It was agreed that one hard copy would be made available at the PC office.

• Reference was made to an email from Glen Chapman concerning the local public conveniences when they are relocated to the new Community Centre. It was stated that the hours of opening would be same as they are at present. It was pointed out that at present the Ladies is open during the day, but the Gents was locked due to the continued vandalism.

• A letter was received from SHDC asking about the S.E.Lincs Strategic Housing Land availability. They want a response by 12 August. As this was too short notice an extension would be requested. It was agreed that the Planning Working Party should look into this matter as it would form part of the local development plan. Any available land for building purposes was to be considered. The working party would report back to the PC on their findings.

At this point of the meeting Cllr. C. Brewis arrived (7.45 pm).

• In response to the request to move the bus stop on the A17 east of the Swing Bridge, the Lincs Transport Project Officer said they were doing a survey of all the bus stops in Sutton Bridge and moving this stop would be considered.

• Baytree Nurseries have advised they are willing to donate a 25 ft. Christmas tree to the SBPC. The offer is conditional upon Baytree's name being advertised as the donator. A long discussion centred on this topic. The current tree used for Christmas decoration is situated in the churchyard and has grown far too large and incurs unnecessary expense in hiring cherry pickers to position and dismantle the tree lights.

If only the same sort of discussion was given to more important and pressing matters on the agenda!

• Playground risk assessments are to be carried out in the near future, including assessing the life expectancy of playground equipment.

• There will be a meeting between Scots Miracle-Gro and Cllrs. C. Brandon-King, Mrs. Hills and J. Grimwood with regard to the sale/purchase of land for the extension of the churchyard cemetery.

• There is to be a service at the RAF Memorial at 3 pm on the 4th September, followed by a reception in the RBL hall. Invitations will be sent out shortly.

• On Sunday 11th September there will a 'Battle of Britain' Memorial Service starting at 10.30 am.

8. TO RECEIVE REPORTS FROM DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS – as usual Cllr. Brewis gave his report about matters in the county as a whole with very little referring to Sutton Bridge.

Cllr. M. Booth reported that the lack of council housing in this district was the highest in England and more houses to rent are required. There is also a requirement for more space to be acquired for building of affordable housing.

He went on to say that together with Cllr. Brewis, and in relation to the sum of money allocated to them from SHDC, it was planned to hold three meetings per year with the various committee groups within the village, on a similar basis to the now defunct SBMAG, to decide where the money would be best spent.

9. FINANCIAL MATTERS – Cllr. Dewsberry proposed that £7,000 be transferred from the reserve account to the Business account to ensure there were enough funds to cover current expenses.

a. Accounts for payment:




Chq No







Tel. Calls















Wing. Grass

Litter picking (July)








Parish mowing (July)








Dist. Mowing (July)







N Portass

Picnic Area (Jn &Jly)







Mrs J Ripley

Clerk's Mentor Exps







J Grimwood

Travel Exps





(To collect cabinet)


Laptop Shop

Office rent







Mrs S England

Clerk's Salary







Mrs S England

Clerk's Exps





(f/p cabinet £140)










In addition to the above a further £126.99 had been expended on the electricity account bringing the gross amount to £5571.27

b. Money In:
See bank reconciliation

c. Update on new bank account – Councillors were surprised to learn that most of the necessary information regarding the opening of the new bank account could be done by telephone. Obviously, before the account becomes operative, the four signatories will have to present themselves at the bank with proof of identity etc and sign the requisite forms in the presence of a bank employee.


a. To note general correspondence


Email, SHDC - Details of Craft Activities


Details on Parish website


Email, SHDC - Details of Community Safety Coffee Mornings


Details were available on Parish website


Email, SHDC - Details of South Holland Food Festival


Details are available on Parish website


Email, Lincs Rural Housing Association - Details of Roadshow


Letter, Santander - Confirmation of updated signature mandate


Letter, Lincs Highways - Thanks for taking part in Flood risk Assessment


Letter, SBCCF Committee - Re Memorial Park security


See Agenda item 20


Letter, Lincs Highways Technical Services - Railway Lane subway


See Clerk's Report


Letter, SHDC Planning dept - Electronic Consultation on Planning


See Clerk's Report


Email, SHDC Planning Dept - Correspondence via email


Clerk's Report


Email, LALC - Booking confirmation for training


Clerk's Report


Email, Glen Chapman - Public Conveniences


Clerk's Report


Letter, SHDC - S E Lincs Strategic Housing land availability


Clerk's Report


Email, Lincs Transport Project Officer - Moving bus stop A17


Clerk's Report


Email, SHDC - Details of Heritage Challenge Fund


Details available from Parish Office, relates to listed buildings


Letter, SHDC - Details of Code of Conduct  training for Cllrs


Invitation, FDC - Chairman's Reception


Email, Env Agency - Local Emergency Planning Group


Clerk's Report


Email, SHDC - Summer Fun brochure now available online


Email, SHDC - Details of Sport Relief Grant


Email, SHDC Economic Development - Christmas tree donation


Clerk's Report


Invitation, Mayor of Wisbech - Organ Recital


Notice, SH Internal Drainage Board - Notice of access for 'Mudding Operations'


Clerk's Report


Granted: N/A; Refused:N/A

Granted: N/A ; Refused:N/A


a. Update on outstanding matters - the problem of the blocked drains in Granville Terrace in 2010, which has again caused flooding in Withington Street, has been brought to the attention of the PC. SHDC had written to ask if this matter had been resolved. Cllr. Brewis stated that the problem with the drains is not on SBPC land, but on private land adjoining it and accordingly Mrs. Cooper of the LCC is to be appraised of the matter.

b. To report any new matters – communication had been received regarding the overgrown footpaths in Railway Lane North, although it was not clear whether this was the responsibility of Scotts Miracle-Gro or the relevant Lincs Highways Department. It was reported that the overgrown footway from the Nightingales Estate to past the transport café in Bridge Road has been cleared.


Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr Grimwood reported that:

• Two trees had been cut down in Lime Street playing field.

• The trees removed in the Railway Lane play ground had been mulched so the area was now much lighter, but with the trees gone there is no fence. Glen Chapman to be contacted regarding this problem.

• Turf had been removed by unknown person(s) and a pile of earth left on the side near the Sports pavilion in the Memorial Park.

• The electricity pole mentioned in his report last month has now been removed.

Cllr. Grimwood thanked all those who had attended and helped at the Litter Pick organised at short notice by the PC, particularly to those who had helped clear the front of the old school. He added that if more notice and advertising had been done then perhaps more people would have turned out to help.

A. Allotments – Cllrs Preston, Croxford, Brewis – Cllr. Croxford stated that there appeared to be no logical filing system and until this was instigated they would not be able to move forward.

B. Finance Committee – Cllrs Brandon-King, Dewsberry,
Grimwood, Hills – it was agreed that this working party would meet on the morning of the next PC meeting to go through the accounts to ensure all was in order.

C. Personnel Committee – Cllrs J Rowe, S Booth, Croxford – Cllr S Booth reported that:
a. it was agreed to confirm the appointment of Suzanne England as Clerk to the PC.
b. There would be a review of her hours in 6 months time.
c. To close the PC office the Thursday after a PC meeting in order that the Clerk may attend to the necessary work involved without undue interruptions.
d. To appoint a councillor as a mentor to the clerk (to be discussed in closed session).

D. Planning – Cllrs Brandon-King, J Rowe, S Booth - although this subject had been covered earlier, it was agreed that these three councillors would look at available plots of land that could be built on.

E. Footpaths – Cllrs M Booth, Hills, Preston – very little if anything has been done about this since the last PC meeting.


a. Phillips and Allen's Charities – no report although it has now been suggested that more publicity is given to these charities and to the grants they are able to donate. It is thought that a grant of about £100 is available to individual applicants.

b. Voluntary Car Scheme – no report

c. SBCCF – Cllr Croxford stated that £31,000 has now been agreed to be allocated to the SBCCF from the S106 monies, but comes with certain conditions. The funding is required complete the access to the upper floor, and although it would not cover the completion of furnishing the upper floor, if would be less of a burden for future fund raising.

At this point a discussion began and Cllrs. Croxford and S. Booth thought it best to declare their interest (Cllr Croxford being Chairman of the SBCCF and Cllr. S. Booth being on the same committee) and left the room.

Cllr M Booth stated that of the £150,000 outstanding S106 money available, £50,000 had been earmarked for the SBCCF, £50,000 for the provision of the new cemetery, and £50,000 towards the Youth Club and other groups for the benefit of residents in Sutton Bridge.

At this point all councillors were talking at once. It was alleged that no money had ever been allocated to the FC for the pavilion.

It was pointed out that SBPC had already allocated £50,000 to the SBCCF with the proviso of providing sports changing facilities for the FC and/or similar types of groups, but as this was not now going to happen then the money should go to the FC for refurbishment of their present pavilion.

As the PC own the pavilion it was suggested they give it to the FC to enable them to obtain their own funding.

Cllr. M. Booth stated there was £70,000 is still available to the SBFC for completing their plans for the future development of the pavilion, either to rebuild or extend.

It was suggested that SBPC authorise SHDC to release £30,000 match funding from the S106 fund to SBCCF.

Yet again SBPC suspended Standing Orders to allow Mr. Clery to state that it was to clarify that the SBPC accept responsibility for a better building. SO's restored promptly. It was noted at this point that the SBPC had previously agreed to take on the liability of the SBCC should it fail.

d. LALC – no report

e. Holbeach Senior Links – the next meeting will be held in Long Sutton.

f. Power Station Liaison – report given by Cllr. Mrs. Hills, who stated that Trevor Thorpe had now retired.

The Power Fund had grants of up to a maximum of £3,000 available to organised groups within its boundaries that may be applied for once in every two years.

g. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary – Cllr. Grimwood stated he had attended the recent meeting of this group and that Centrica are still hoping to complete the cable laying on the sea bed, under the sea wall and across the marsh. This will involve breaching of the sea wall. There were ongoing in-depth discussions being carried out between the relevant authorities. He said that their first attempt to bring the cable ashore had failed because the cable had been damaged, which has temporarily halted operations.

He reported one of the vehicles (Nessie V) had made deep gouges in the marsh when it came over the sea wall and that this will have to be reinstated.

He added there had been many observers of the operations out on the sea wall.

Bridge Watch suggest you look at their Off Shore Wind Farm page for further details.

h. Community Engagement Model Group – already covered by Cllr. Mrs. Rowe.

i. Charter of Friendship Group – awaiting report from recent visitors to Sedlec.

– there appears to be some confusion on who is responsible for doing what on this subject. It was agreed to write to SHDC and request the schedule of work for the officially allocated litter picker to Sutton Bridge. The PC will also to write to Mr. Portass asking for a schedule of the work he is responsible for within the village. Although it is not a problem for the PC to organise a litter pick to support the Sutton Bridge in Bloom team, it was said, if such an event were to be organised in the future, it should be given more publicity and perhaps more people would be willing to turn out. It is also the responsibility of the PC to make sure that they are getting the services they are paying for.

– This item brought forth a long discussion. Sutton Bridge Football Club committee wrote to the PC requesting the help that had already been promised at a previous meeting, as they did not want all the effort that already been made with regard to the replacing/enhancing the pavilion to be wasted.

The councillor who had initiated this earlier in the year had not been re-elected, and Cllr. Croxford, who had been on this steering group seemed unable to recall any knowledge of the earlier negotiations which had included talks with Karen Johnson of SHDC.

One suggestion put forward, was to ask if the builders (Langwith) while they are working on the new Community Centre to tidy up the front. The outside base of the pavilion badly needs attention. The doors of the pavilion also need to be repaired and a quotation for this will be required.

It was stated that S106 monies could not be used for refurbishment but that proposals for enhancement/extension to the present pavilion could attract the money. It was suggested that the PC arrange a meeting to find out exactly what they need, and to ask SHDC how they would consider the SBPC should use the S106 money to help in this project.

It was agreed to write to the SBFC for request them to make a presentation to the PC and also to SHDC for their views.

Cllr. Mrs. Preston commented that while she did not disagree with help being given to the Football Club, it would be a good thing if SBFC did their own fundraising like the Long Sutton FC do.

What a shame that SBPC cannot give this valuable local community group the same considerations it gives to the new Community Centre, especially in the light of the fact that there will be no facilities for them in the new building, despite £50,000 grant from SBPC having been allocated for the purpose.

- Cllr Hills : as this is in the remit of LCC it was agreed to write to them requesting they visit the site to discuss this matter.


Cllrs M Booth, Brandon-King, Grimwood & Hills To be deferred until the next meeting, as time was running short with many more items on the Agenda still to be discussed.

– Cllr Hills : The PC are to write to SHDC for notices to be displayed on all playing fields and public places referring to the local bye-laws, especially those relating to the consumption of alcohol. There is to be a working party formed to produce the necessary documentation.

: A letter had been received from the SBCCF Committee advising they had retained the services of a Security company with a speciality Dog Handling department. It was alleged that the services of this company had been beneficial to the security of the new build Community Centre and the immediate surrounding area. It was claimed that a group of litter louts had been caught and made to clear up the litter they had thrown around where they had been congregating. The new security measure was successful in keeping the new build area secure from night time vandalism. It was proposed by the SBCCF that the SBPC take over part of this contract, currently costing £2,400, and had suggested that SBPC share the cost with £1,600 to be paid from PC funds and the SBCCF paying £800. It was also mentioned that this contract would continue until 5th April 2012. A majority of councillors agreed to take on part of the responsibility. They did so without first ascertaining the credentials of the Security Company or its personnel.

: Deferred until the next meeting

: Cllr. Mrs. Hills was proposed and there was no seconder. Cllr. Mrs. Preston was proposed and seconded and the motion carried.

: this was agreed.

- Personnel Committee – this was agreed.

: item deferred until the next meeting as time was running out.

: this was agreed

Request made for all working parties be reviewed.




Since this meeting of the 26th July, there has been a notice on the Parish Council website that an extraordinary meeting has been called for Tuesday, 2nd August at 7 pm. Members of the press and public welcome.

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July 42011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held on 28th June, 2011


Mrs. Hardy spoke of the lack of support received by Big Bloomers from the Parish Council as a whole and suggested that if the Parish Council were to underwrite this project it may have more effect and produce more support from the local residents.

Mrs. Blundell stated that under item 20 the Agenda, the Council is considering writing to LCC Highways with regard to the speed limit and traffic calming measures in the Falklands Road and Railway Lane North and would they, in the light of this and the accident on the corner of New Road and Bridge Road that occurred last Monday, consider monitoring the speeds of motorists and lorry drivers in Bridge Road? Since the removal of the central reservations in Bridge Road, the open stretch of road is an invitation to thoughtless and careless drivers to exceed the 30mph speed limit.

Mrs. Blundell also requested they consider monitoring how much use is made of the new crossing opposite Nene Lodge? Further stating that removal of the reservations has made it increasingly difficult and dangerous for pedestrians (some of whom are not as agile as others) to cross Bridge Road. While it is feasible to cross the road on the pedestrian crossing opposite Bridge Stores, it is not realistic to expect pedestrians to walk several yards to cross from other stretches of Bridge Road.

Mrs. Faires asked why the emailed request for publicity on the Parish Council's website for the Big Bloomers proposed Litter Pick scheduled for Monday 27th June, had not been posted. The answer was that the Clerk was on holiday.

She also enquired if the Saturday refuse collection point was going to be permanently situated at the Railway Lane Industrial site, as residents in St. Matthew's Drive and Wharf Street areas were complaining that it was already a long walk for them to the Memorial Park collection point, especially as most of them were not car drivers and took their refuse by wheelbarrow or had to carry it themselves. They had suggested that the collection point would be more centrally located if it were in the Royal British Legion Car Park.

Mrs. Sutton requested an update on behalf of the Sutton Bridge United Football Club regarding repairs or the rebuild of the Pavilion as they did not want all their previous meetings with various people in SHDC to be in vain, especially as they understood that S106 money would be available.

Mrs. Sutton also asked on behalf of Mr. N. Fenton, if Cllrs M. Booth or C. Brewis had found out any further information about engineering company next to his home as the noise and vibration had not improved. He had already brought this to the attention of the Parish Council at the last meeting. Cllr. M. Booth said he had not done anything about this and it was not known if Cllr. Brewis had.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons ??? Cllrs. C. Brandon-King, Brewis, S. Booth, Mrs. Preston

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act. As per usual Cllr. M. Booth signed the book in regard to his interest in Allotments.

3. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES – Notes from the meeting of 17th May 2011 to be accepted as minutes. All agreed.

4. POLICE MATTERS – No Police presence – so no report.

5. CHAIRMAN'S REMARKS – Cllr. Grimwood stated there had been two Flood Risk seminars held recently both in Sutton Bridge and Gedney Drove End and the results had been very similar.

The Big Bloomers were doing a marvellous job in the village, but needed a lot more support not only from the Parish Council but also the residents of Sutton Bridge to take pride in their village. The judging for the Britain in Bloom competition is being held on the afternoon of the 14th July and he requested that all parishioners give their support in helping to clear the proposed route of the judging by giving a helping hand on Saturday 9th July.

6. PRESENTATION – SIMON GAMAGE: LINCS WIND FARM LTD. Standing Orders were suspended for the duration of this presentation in order that members of the public be allowed to ask questions as and when they wished. Questions asked by parishioners were responded to in a very courteous manner.

In attendance: Simon Gamage, Consents and Environment Manager (onshore), Lincs Wind Farm Ltd (Centrica), Glen Evitson (civil engineer) ; representative from Halcrow); representative from BIRSE Coastal Ltd; Hugh Gates, Port Manager, Sutton Bridge Port; rep from Fenland Ports. Leila Farhan, Coastal Engineer, Environment Agency.

Leila Farham said that the EA had finally given consent because Centrica, after looking at alternative methods, had convinced them that, after their failed attempt last year to drill beneath the marsh, the proposed method was the only one left to them and so mitigation was granted. Consent is subject to stringent relevant conditions. The consent and conditions can be seen on the SHDC website planning pages.

Simon Gamage outlined project: the planning application was submitted in 2004 for 75 270MG turbines and in 2008 consent was granted for the connection to the substation at Walpole. Connection was completed in 2010.

Consent was granted last week for work across sea marsh to the shore connection, which will pass through two sea defences. The consent was granted with various conditions attached, one being that the work must finish by August 31st 2011. If it is not then the work will be demobilised and will continue next year.

Christoffers (a German firm) have supplied two cable trencher machines to carry out the work . Halcrow and Birse designed the breach.

The two 'cable trencher machines (Nessie III and Nessie V) are currently in the field behind the sea defence wall. It was explained that a straight pull of the cable can cause damage to creeks. These two machines can have a 'bespoke' route. Any burrs on the creeks will, in their opinion, be levelled over time.

One condition was that monitoring of the breach must continue for five years; there must be 6-monthly checks to check for slippage etc; the bank must be reinstated as good as, or better than it is now. An independent expert from EA will be involved in this. Only one section will be worked on at a time. The second breach will not be made until the first one is reinstated. This will require working through all daylight hours. The work will be tidal dependent.

Birse said that the ramp had already been prepared to excavate to 2.5 m (mid point) . The front face will be protected with mats and once Nessie III has passed they will begin rebuilding the sea wall. This is expected to take between 3-4 days. Recycled plastic piles will be inserted to prevent seepage and the sea bank will be reinstated higher to allow for settlement. The cable itself will be buried 6m in the ground under the sea defence bank). There will be 2-4 weeks between actual breaches. The footpath will be reinstated as soon as protection of the front face of the sea defence wall has been completed. Wave action of a 4ft surge will be taken into account.

In the event of a flood warning sandbags are in place and it will take 12 hours to fill the gap with them. As the EA can give a warning 3 days before an expected sea surge the contractors will begin putting in sand bags as soon as they get the warning. A local subcontractor (Fenditching) will be on-call for 24 hours to assist on site. The EA will monitor.

The Flood Risk evacuation plan is to ensure the safety of the workers on site and residents in nearby low-lying dwellings.

7. CLERK'S REPORT – Suzanne England confirmed that all correspondence noted at the May meeting had been attended to.

• SHDC/Methodist Church site (Youth Club Centre) lease is being considered with the likelihood that the present building would be demolished. It was suggested that the residents local to the site be asked what they would prefer, whether the site be fenced off, or half laid to grass and half hard standing, although it was also considered that this would encourage fly tipping which was already a problem within the area.

• The new sign on the shop opposite the Memorial Park is not in keeping with the district plans, and SHDC are looking into the matter.

• The Clerk had spoken to the owners of the Laptop shop with regard to the rent payable by the PC and in view of the move into the new Community Centre, had suggested that this now be paid monthly.

• A councillor training programme was scheduled for 8th September at the Victory Hall in Gedney. Although this is mainly for new members of parish councils, old members were also welcome to attend.

• The Land registry had been contacted with regard to the vacant plot of land in Bridge Road. It would appear it is registered in three different titles, although there appears to be only one owner of the land. In view of the current problem, a letter has been sent to the Environmental Agency.

• The Saturday refuse collection point is now to be situated at the Railway Lane North Industrial site on a permanent basis. If this is not successful then an alternative site will have to be considered, especially in the light of the fly tipping problem within the whole village.

• Photos of the flooding of the new pedestrian crossing taken in after heavy rain in June, have been sent to the Highways Agency.

• An email from Glen Chapman SHDC had been received confirming the public toilets at the Memorial Park were to be relocated within the new Community Centre with access from the outside, and these would be open whether the Community Centre was open or not. The Clerk is to seek further clarification from SHDC about opening hours of the public toilets when they are relocated in the Community Centre.

• Henry Smith Charity had confirmed they own the land at the East End of Bridge Road where it is proposed to site a new car park.

8. TO RECEIVE REPORTS FROM DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS: Cllr. Dewsberry stated that if anyone had been watching Tv that afternoon they would have seen Cllr. Brewis.

• District Cllrs. Booth and Brewis are to meet to decide where the £4,000 being granted to them by SHDC for the benefit of all parishioners in Sutton Bridge.

• It had been suggested the Parish Council be in contact and liaise with all the various committees in the Parish and that four meetings per year could be conducted.

9. FINANCIAL MATTERS: Cllr. Dewsberry stated he had been through all the payments and had agreed same although the Royal British Legion hall hire invoice was not dated. Obviously a fine toothcomb was in use here.

a. Accounts for payment:



Chq. No.




C Brandon-King

Chairmn's Allownce





N Portass

Picnic Area (May)





Wingland Grasscutting

Litter Picking (May)





Wingland Grasscutting

Dist. Mowing (May)





Wingland Grasscutting

Parish Mowing(May)





British Telecom






Came & Co






The Laptop Shop

Office Rent (May)





The Laptop Shop

Office Rent (June)












Training Day





Wingland Grasscutting

Litter Picking (june)





Wingland Grasscutting

Dist. Mowing (june)





Wingland Grasscutting

Parish Mowing(Jun)





Mrs S England






Mrs S England

Clerk's Salary





Royal British Legion

Hall Hire







It was stated the present Chairman had declined to take the Chairman's Allowance and had requested that this be placed in a separate account. He would draw only the necessary expenses he incurred and any monies unspent would be refunded to the PC account.

It was further agreed that the sum of £10,000 be transferred from the Business reserve Account to the Current Account.

b. Money In:
£2,606.25 re Allotment Rents.

c. Update on Budget:
Currently everything was well within budget.


a. To note general correspondence;
(i) Letter – Confirmation of entry to BKV Competition
(ii) Email – Voluntary News
(iii) Letter – CPRE, acknowledgement of Affiliation Fee
(iv) Email – Spalding and P'boro' Transport Forum (in Clerk's report)
(v) Email – Migrant Worker Helpline Information: Posters have been distributed to the PO, Co-op & Laptop Shop.
(vi) Email – Voluntary News
(vii) Email – High Sheriff's Fund information
(viii) Email – copies of letters sent by Roger Ward, (KLAG) re Centrica's planned operations in the Wash. These have been placed with the Centrica Planning Documents and can be viewed at the PC office.
(ix) E-mail – Came & Co, Insurance (Closed Session)
(x) Letter – Lyons Davidson (Closed Session)
(xi) Email – 'Wheels to Work' Scheme – information on PC website
(xii) Email – The Police Property Act Fund – details
(xiii) Letter – TV Switchover Help Scheme – details will also be available on website. This scheme is aimed at those of 75 years and over. The Clerk has acquired several useful items regarding this subject and has placed them in the St. Matthew's Drive Community Centre.
(xiv) SHDC – Methodist Church Site – see Clerk report
(xv) Email – Henry Smith Charity re ownership of land – see Clerk's Report
(xvi) Email – BT Call Box in Bridge Road – conformation that this had been cleaned.
(xvii) Letter – Lincoln Short Wave Club – in Clerk's report
(xviii) Letter – LCC Highways, update, Deferred to Agenda Item 12a
(xix) Letter – SHDC Planning re sign in Bridge Road – see Clerks report
(xx) Letter- The Laptop Shop, Contract for office rent – see Clerk's report
(xxi) Leaflet – Call Connect on demand bus service: Information will be available on the website


H18-2045-11, Change of use of shop and flat to shop, takeaway and alterations and extension to form 3 units of living accom. 112 Bridge Rd, Sutton Bridge, G Sangha, 5 St Thomas Court, Long Sutton.

H18-0225-11, Landscape screening along northern boundary (Condition 2 of H18-1071-10). J E Piccaver & Co, Peterspoint Rd, Sutton Bridge – J E Piccaver & Co, Norfolk House Farm, Gedney Marsh, Spalding.

H18-0104-11, Construction of 2 floating pontoons and use of land for portable offices and 4 storage containers and associated parking. Port Sutton Bridge, West Bank – Port Sutton Bridge Ltd, c/o 32 High St, Helpringham, Sleaford.


H18-0388-11, Erection of 2 detached dwellings. Plots to rear of 76 New Rd, Sutton Bridge – Mr M Ludlow, 23 Small Drove, Weston, Spalding, PE12 6HS.

H18-0405-11, Listed Building Grade 11, Proposed conservatory. Curlew Lodge,
Guys Head Rd, Sutton Bridge - Mr R Smith, Curlew Lodge, Guys Head Rd, Sutton

H18-0383-11, Proposed 2 storey extension. Fenacre Farm, 92 Peterspoint Road,
Sutton Bridge – Mr C Batterbee, Fenacre Farm, 92 Peterspoint Rd, Sutton Bridge.

H18-0172-11 (Amendment), Proposed replacement dwelling. Riverside, East Bank, Sutton Bridge - Ms E Garner & Mr M Mears. GRANTED.

H18-0114011, Erection of detached chalet dwelling. 62 New Rd, Sutton Bridge – Mr W Seaman, 62 New Rd, Sutton Bridge.

H18-0221-11, Erection of pair of semi-detached houses. 217 Bridge Rd, Sutton
Bridge – Mr M Baggaley, 217 Bridge Rd, Sutton Bridge.

H18-0262-11, Single storey extension to rear of dwelling. 3 Lime St, Sutton Bridge- Mrs E Pointer, 3 Lime St, Sutton Bridge.



a. Update on outstanding matters

b. To report any new matters : There is a problem with pigeons roosting on/under the Swing Bridge and in order to remedy this the Bridge will have to be closed while the necessary work is carried out.

• The underpass in Railway Lane is due to be cleaned in September. Twice per annum is not enough. It was last repainted in 2004 with anti graffiti paint, but much of this has been eroded and now needs to be done again as complaints have been received of more obscene graffiti on the walls.


A. Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr Grimwood :

• The bags for collecting litter in the play area in the Memorial Park had been set alight.

• That on the previous Saturday three large bagfuls of empty beer cans and alcoholic drink bottles had been collected from the Memorial Park, this was far in excess of any litter picking previously done. Cllr. Hills said she went to the Park the next day (Sunday) and had collected another half refuse bag full of the same.

• The pole which supported the light in the Park had been blown over and an electrician should be appointed to ascertain if the armoured cables were live or not.

• There is an issue regarding the playgrounds in Chalk Lane and Railway Lane South in regard to non display of bye laws. It was considered that Glen Chapman from SHDC be invited to visit and discuss this issue regarding ownership of the parks.

• Cllr Grimwood stated a resident had contacted him regarding the Queen Street play area as there were no signs up about it being a children's play area and that there were two entrance gates. This was to be added to the list for Glen Chapman.

• Residents of properties bordering the Memorial Park had complained that trees in the park were blocking out their light and affecting their satellite dishes. The trees could be thinned out as they had been planted many years ago and perhaps were too close together, also the tree branches could be cut back to the boundaries, but not the actual tree trunks. It was agreed that the PC would consult with their legal adviser about what could be done.

B. Allotments – Cllrs Preston, Croxford, Brewis – No report

C. Finance – Cllrs Brandon-King, Grimwood, Dewsberry, Hills – see Clerk's Report

D. Personnel Committee – Cllrs J Rowe, S Booth, Croxford – Meeting to be arranged

E. Planning – Cllrs Brandon-King, J Rowe, S Booth

F. Footpaths – Cllrs M Booth, Hills, Preston : Cllr. Dewsberry stated that the new pedestrian crossing was well used by school children from the Falklands Estate and Railway Lane, as well as by the residents of Nene Lodge residential Nursing Home. Cllr. Mrs. Hills stated that Bridge Road has a lack of kerb-age due to continuous quick fix tar spraying, the road is in need of substantial planing to expose the legal requirements for kerbside protection (1) retaining the carriageway edge to prevent 'spreading' and loss of structural integrity, (2) acting as a barrier or demarcation between road traffic and pedestrians or verges, (3) providing physical 'check' to prevent vehicles leaving the carriageway and (4) forming a channel along which surface water can be drained. She expressed surprise this had not been addressed when the recent remedial road works were carried out.


a. Phillips and Allen's Charities – No report

b. Voluntary Car Scheme – as from September the rate of hire will be increased from 30p to 35p for the passenger and from 40p to 45p from the fund.

c. SBCCF – no report Cllr. J. Rowe again requested to see copy of lease agreement.

d. LALC – no report

e. Holbeach Senior Links – no report

f. Power Station Liaison – no report

g. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary – meeting scheduled for 29th June.

h. Community Engagement Model Group – awaiting confirmation

i. Charter of Friendship Group – Cllr. Dewsberry stated that someone had gone to Sedlec and there would be a report next month.

15. TO REVIEW INVESTIGATION INTO SERVICE PROVIDED BY DIFFERENT BANKS AND TO RESOLVE ON WHICH BANK TO APPOINT AS THE COUNCIL'S NEW BANKERS. Having had so many problems with the current Bankers, it was agreed that the Cllrs. Brandon-King, Grimwood and Mrs. Hills go together to the proposed new Bankers to open the Parish Council account as soon as possible.

16. TO REVIEW FINDINGS AND EFFECTIVENESS OF INTERNAL AUDIT : Cllrs agreed that the new Internal Auditor was doing an excellent job,

17. TO RESOLVE ON PURCHASE OF FIRE PROOF CABINET : It was agreed to arrange the purchase of a used fireproof cabinet and this would be collected and installed in the PC office as soon as possible.

18. TO COMPLETE ANNUAL RETURN GOVERNANCE STATEMENT : Cllr. Rowe stated she was not happy about some of the content of this document. Cllrs. Croxford and Mrs Hills were unable to comment as it refers to matters before their election to the PC.

19. TO RECEIVE A REPORT ON MEETING WITH PCC & ARCHBISHOP – Cllr Hills AND TO RESOLVE TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR WORKING PARTY GOING FORWARD. Prior to the start of the meeting, Cllr Mrs. Hills had distributed her report on the meeting and with her kind permission reproduce below. She stated it had been a good meeting. Pc to write again to Scotts Miracle-Gro if they wish to sell the land, and then to look at the alternatives. Minimum requirement would be 2 acres.

With the kind permission of Cllr. Mrs. Hills, we reproduce the report below:


Working Party PCC Meeting at St Matthews Church on Friday 10th June 2011

Present: Archdeacon, Reverend Dunkling, Mrs Garwell, Mrs Hammond, Mr. Marsh, Cllr. King, Cllr Rowe & Cllr Hills, absent Cllr Grimwood.

It was clarified that the church would agree to administer a new cemetery wherever it was when it was provided and prepared by the SBPC. The only service/requirement needed would be running water and parking facilities. It was established by Reverend Dunklng that she anticipated St Matthews Church would be able to facilitate burials for approximately 2 years by being creative.

An alternative solution is for SBPC to administer themselves.

The Archdeacon suggested that we might like to contact neighbouring Parish/Town councils to see if they had any future requirements for additional burial ground as this would share the burden of cost to SBPC.

It was mentioned that an area of 2 acres would provide facilities for the next 70 years but that if other councils were to share then acreage would need to be increased. It would need to be aesthetically pleasing and any fencing would need to incorporate substantial rabbit proof protection.

It was remarked by Cllr Hills that using a portion of the Memorial Park may last approximately 20 years and would be a quick fix and not a long term solution. Cllr King said that he was in favour of this option. Cllr Hills mentioned that in anticipation as a member of public she had contacted Diane Fairchild at SHDC in 2010 requesting that the established trees running adjacent to the churchyard be protected.

Cllr King informed PCC that a letter had been sent from SBPC to Scott Miraclegro to ascertain if they would consider selling a portion of land that would be accessible via the A17 bypass or by a pathway/access that could be created through the Memorial Park, the Archdeacon expressed concerns about inaccessibility via Memorial Park due to existing ground conditions that may be problematic for the elderly/disabled to negotiate due to uneven ground and distance by foot.

Reverend Dunkling mentioned that before any land was deemed suitable a soil analysis would have to be undertaken to establish whether ground conditions would be suitable for burials, it was agreed to test all possible sites "professionally". Reverend Dunkling also mentioned that if land had been recently ploughed then it would need to be left to settle for a period of around 2 years. An alternative option would be grazing land that would not require time for settlement but would still need a soil analysis.

Cllr Rowe asked what the reasons were for not making the front of the churchyard available members of the public have been lead to believe it was because of the drainage/water tables. Reverend Dunkling stated that it is documented that the are "409 children" interred (see attached correspondence) in the front churchyard who are believed to have died of scarlatina she mentioned that the graves could not be disturbed because the disease may still be virulent if exposed, the Archdeacon said that he was not aware of this information.


20. TO RESOLVE TO WRITE TO LCC HIGHWAYS RE SPEED LIMIT AND TRAFFIC CALMING IN FALKLANDS ROAD AND RAILWAY LANE NORTH : Cllr. Mrs. Hills stated she had been approached by a parishioner who was upset that Toms Wood was not going to be mown to enable a play area for children. It appears to be an emotive issue she reiterated that if a play area is not provided then a child may be killed due to speeding traffic using the Falklands. Cllr. Mrs. Hills added that if this is the primary concern would suggest that traffic calming should be explored to slow down vehicles that may be using it as a rat run and short cut to the A17 bypass.

The subject of traffic calming measures was discussed and agreed that the residents of the Falkands Estate be asked if they want traffic calming, before the matter is raised with the Highways Agency. It was further suggested to take up the matter with the Police Authorities to monitor speed of traffic on the Falklands Road, as well as other areas in the village.

21. TO RESOLVE TO ESTABLISH OWNERSHIP OF ROSE GARDEN : It was agreed that a letter be sent to the parishioner who brought this matter to the attention of the PC for further information. It is understood that Leesons have not been paid for carrying out the maintenance of the garden.

22. TO RECEIVE REQUESTS FROM MEMBERS FOR CONSIDERATION AT THE DISCRETION OF THE CHAIRMAN (NOTHING MAY BE RESOLVED UNDER THIS HEADING) : Cllr. Mrs. Hills referred to the matter of extra parking at the East end of the village, and proposed that SHDC be approached to ask them to definitively mark out the parking area outside the Bridge Hotel with some provision also for disabled badge holders, as it is understood that some people may consider that this area belongs to the Bridge Hotel. Matter to be placed on the Agenda for the next PC meeting.

At this point members of the public were requested to leave the building in order that the PC could go in to Closed Session.






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May 292011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held on 17th May, 2011

PRESENT: Cllrs. Brewis, M. Booth, Mrs. M. Preston, S. Booth, Dewsberry, Brandon-King, Grimwood, Croxford, Mrs. J. Rowe, T. Rowe, Mrs. V. Hills.

Open Forum

Mrs. Faires asked if or when the Multi Agency group could come back to Sutton Bridge as it was the most help she had witnessed that SHDC had given to Sutton Bridge. She also asked it the Parish Council were aware that Japanese knotweed was growing in Bridge Road.

Mrs. Blundell congratulated all councillors on their success in being elected. It was encouraging to see so many councillors at last night's flood risk workshop, although a shame they did not voluntarily dispose themselves around the groups and continued with the question: in view of the Government's intention to do away with the middle level organisations like the East Midlands Flood Risk Appraisal Group and replace it with what they call 'localism', which may mean that Parish Councils will be asked to take on local flood risk roles, what position is the new Sutton Bridge Parish Council going to adopt?

Mr. Blundell asked two questions, (1) Now that Robert Middleton has had his votes distributed elsewhere who will champion the Sports Pavilion project in War Memorial Park? (2) What steps will the PC take to project itself in a positive, constructive, objective way to the residents to replace the half-truths and innuendos of the current 'Newsletter'?

Mr. Fenton stated he is awoken each morning by a thumping sound from the premises next door that starts at about 7 am and continues all day. He has complained to the Parish Council, to SHDC to no avail. Nothing has been done to stop it. His house is over 100 years old and now, because of the continual thumping, cracks are appearing in his property.

Mr. Clery stated there was no conflict between the SBCCF and the Big Bloomers regarding the planting of the small garden at the entrance to the car park at the new Community Centre. He further stated that he had been in touch with the County Police and would be meeting with them in June with regard to the Police having a room in the new Community Centre. It was unfortunate that the Fun Day arranged for May has had to be cancelled and would now take place on the August Bank Holiday weekend, providing of course that the PC give their approval for the use of the Memorial Park.

Mrs. Minns congratulated all the councillors on their election to the Parish Council, both the old and new, and hoped they would all work together.

Mr. Reid asked if the new Parish Councillors would be introducing themselves.

Mrs. Giles reported that the Friends of Sutton Bridge Playing Fields and Open Spaces had been round the village looking at all the open spaces and playing fields. They had agreed that Mr. Kevin Portass had done a very good job as all open spaces were well cut, neat and tidy. She added that she hopes Mr. Portass continues to carry out the same good work in the future and requested that this be added to the minutes.

Mrs. Giles also asked when the Parish Council office is open as she had been there every day the previous week and never once found it open as the council went to great lengths to make sure the previous clerk was in attendance in the office from Monday to Friday and as the new clerk had been provided with a mobile phone to enable her to work from home, if this was going to be the future way of running the council, and if so why were they wasting ratepayers' money renting an office? She also why has the PC agreed to rent an office in the new community centre at a cost of £2,500 if it is not going to be used? Surely this council could save money and dispense with the cost of office space? She hoped the council will oppose the Centrica planning application, or at least ask for an environmental impact assessment.

1. TO ELECT A CHAIRMAN: Cllr. Brandon-King


3. TO ELECT A VICE-CHAIRMAN: Cllr. J. Grimwood

4. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: All councillors present!

Cllr. M. Booth proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing Chairman Cllr. Dewsberry for all the work he had done during the past four year term,

5. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllrs. M & S Booth signed their declarations of interest.

6. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES – Notes from the meetings of 26th April 2011 accepted as minutes and taken as read.

7. POLICE MATTERS No Police presence.

8. CHAIRMAN'S REMARKS: the new Chairman welcomed the new councillors, 2 ladies and three gentlemen, and hoped that the new council would work together and push forward on all issues in a professional way, coming to appropriate conclusions. He also thanked the outgoing Chairman for his work during the past four years as well as all the councillors who helped out during Cllr. Dewsberry's illness. He also commented on the matter of councillors giving apologies for absence, saying that as these may be of a very personal and/or confidential matter, the apology could be accepted by the Parish Council, without public being aware of the reason.

9. PRESENTATION RE MARINA PROJECT – temporarily deferred until Mr. Harvey's due arrival at the meeting.

10. CLERK'S REPORT – Suzanne England stated she was very happy in her position as Clerk and advised she was normally in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 2 pm. These hours are posted on the Notice Board, but keeps getting removed. Her new Mobile Phone No: 07880 535765. She does a lot of the work from home as there is a mountain of work to catch up on. It would be appreciated if councillors and visitors would sign the visitors' book when calling in at the Parish Council office. The Clerk also made reference to the email received (see correspondence) from Simon Gamage of Lincs Wind Farm Ltd., and suggested he be invited to make a presentation and the APM on the 31st May, to which all agreed. Scotts Miracle-Gro had provided the chemicals free of charge for the spraying of the Japanese Knotweed in Arnie Broughton Walk. Training on the Code of Conduct for new (and old) councillors would be held in Gedney in the near future.


• Council representation on external bodies:

• Parish Council representative to the Phillips and Allens Charities would now be, Cllrs. Dewsberry, Mrs. Preston and Croxford.(Cllr, Dewsberry reminded everyone that applications for the educational grants must be in by 31st May).

• Voluntary Car Scheme – representative Cllr. Grimwood. Cllr. Brewis commented that this is one of the best schemes in the country.

• Red Cross Lincs: - Cllr Brewis said that in the past 2 or 3 years he had never received an invitation to a meeting and suggested that this now be removed from the list.

• SBCCF – PC representative Cllr. S. Booth, who although also a member of that committee, it was not seen to be a problem.

• LALC – Cllr. M. Booth would continue as the PC representative.

• Holbeach Senior Links – Cllr. Dewsberry would continue as the PC representative.

• Power Station Liaison – newly elect Cllr. Mrs. Hills will be the PC representative.

• Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary – Cllr. Grimwood would continue as the PC representative.

• Multi Agency Group / Youth Club Meeting – talks with SHDC re MAG are still ongoing about whether or not this will be funded and there fore continue to exist. Matter referred to be put on the agenda for the next PC meeting.. Re the Youth Club, Cllr Grimwood advised that a meeting had been held with four young people who wanted the present Club house to stay open. The SBCCF had offered space, but local youth were pressing to get the original building refurbished and reopened. Cllr. M. Booth said there may be something that can be done.

• Community Engagement Model group – No report from this group. Cllr. Brandon-King stated he had never been invited to attend meetings. Cllr. Brewis stated that the |PC should write to the appropriate bodies, such as the Inspector with copies to the Chief Constable and PC Laura Griggs, to ask if this was group was still ongoing.

• Charter of Friendship Group – is not a specific PC issue, but Cllrs. Dewsberry and T. Rowe would liaise with the Czechs and also ask if other residents wish to be considered to be involved.

At this point of the meeting Mr. Peter Harvey, retained by Fenland District Council, past Harbour Master of the tidal River Nene, also involved with the Wind Farms in the Wash and the Sutton Bridge Marina Project., gave a presentation on the progress of the Sutton Bridge Marina. (Mr. Andrew Jee and Erin Voss were unable to attend). Mr. Harvey stated that safety on the River was of prime importance and was happy about the Sutton Bridge Marina Project where it stands at the moment. The scheme was proposed about 4/5 years ago with the gradual increase of leisure boats in the Wash area. A marina at Sutton Bridge would complement use of the river. The scheme has the support of the Harbour Authorities as well as Fenland District Council and has been brought to a point where it can be delivered. The FDC and the HA should not present obstruction in operations and would assist in the delivery of the project, especially in the design and build. Public funding is in place, there is no need for private finance. With the small marina of 60/70 berths suggested at the beginning, if it was operating on an economic scale , Sutton bridge would not be a drain on resources as it would have to be operated to responsible industry standards and practice.

There followed a question and answer period when Cllr. Grimwood stated he understood that at the present time there is no drop-off point between the Wash and the Wisbech Port. Mr. Harvey said mooring to shore has to be managed, but with the new marina in SB, that would be changed.

Further discussion continued concluding with Mr. Harvey stating that the new project would have a properly constituted agreement between Wisbech and Sutton Bridge, reiterating that there would be greater leisure use of the river and he emphasised that it would be run to responsible industry standards, including safety measures.

Mr. Clery again stated that that the owners of the river bed to the East Bank are Henry Smith Charities and that the project cannot go ahead until an agreement is made with them regarding the building of the marina.

It was asked if the Environment Agency were involved, as Cllr. Brewis said he had been informed the EA were not satisfied with the plans of the project.

It was agreed that Mr. Andrew Jee be invited to a PC meeting to expand on all elements of the project as Mr. Harvey did not have all the answers.

Mr. Harvey was thanked for his presentation.

The meeting continued…

b, Inventory of Council land and assets – the Clerk advised that the Assets register was out of date and an urgent review of these assets should be made as soon as possible for insurance purposes. A new working party consisting of Cllrs. Brandon-King, Grimwood and M. Booth has been formed to review and investigate the assets register.

c, Insurance cover – this subject is also under review as a favourable quotation has been received and the PC need to act swiftly to ensure the assets register and insurance cover is up to date.

d, To review committees and working parties – the PC are going to set up working parties instead of having sub-committees because the latter are formal and require a proper constitution. Committees and working parties cannot make decisions, they can only bring issues to the attention of the full PC for discussion. The Chairman stated that "It's better to set up working parties in order to ensure transparency. With secrecy," he said, "people always think the worst".

• Churchyard and Playing fields – New working party formed with Cllrs. Grimwood, T. Rowe and Mrs. Hills.

• Allotments – new working party consists of Cllrs. Mrs Preston, Brewis and Croxford

• Finance – this will be made up of a new working party as soon as the banking facilities are sorted, as there is the urgent need to have three more signatories, though only any two will be required to sign cheques etc.

• Personnel Committee – the working party will be Cllrs. Mrs Rowe, Croxford and S. Booth

• Planning – new working party is Cllrs. Brandon-King, S. Booth and Mrs. Rowe. All commercial planning applications will be considered by the full Parish Council.

• Footpaths – new working party consisting of Cllrs. Mrs. Hills, Mrs. Preston and M. Booth.

• Website – the Clerk will update the website as and when required.

• Multi-sports Centre – it was agreed that a letter be sent to Robert Middleton to thank him for what he has done on this project so far and if he would be willing to continue to carry on with it as he had stated he would do at the last PC meeting. As this project was considered to be outside the PC remit, it would be a better set up if run by a responsible group.

12. TO APPOINT INTERNAL AUDITOR: a local resident, Mr. Robin Dunn, had been nominated for this position at a previous meeting. The post involves ensuring that the necessary processes of running a Parish Council are done correctly, possibly with checks being made 2 or 3 times a year.


• Cllr. M. Booth stated he had been in contact with Karen Johnson (MAG) and would report back at the next meeting.

• Cllr. Brewis reported that 2 planning applications had been received from the Lincs Wind Farm, and if granted, work on this project can only be carried out between the months of April to September. He said he preferred that the method they use to pass through the sea wall to be by mole boring, but this had been unsuccessful. There is much concern about the sea defences being breached in any way, without full agreement with the EA.

• LCC is fortunate to have 50 PCSO's for the next year.

• The local 505 bus service is still running every 20 minutes during the day..

a. Accounts for payment: cannot do much until arrangements have been made for the new signatories.


Br Gas - Electric













b. Money In:
SHDC – Precept: £52000.00
HMRC – VAT Reclaim: £2819.32
Allotment Rents: £2861.37
Total: £57680.69

c. Update on changing bank

d. To review the Council's bank signature mandate: new signatories to be Cllrs. Dewsberry, Brandon-King, Mrs. Hills and Grimwood.

e. To sign off end of year accounts

a. To note general correspondence:

i) Email – Voluntary News Letter
ii) Email – Grants online Newsletter
iii) Email – details of Police property Act Fund
iv) Email – Alliance & Leicester, Invalid Log-in attempt Closed Session
v) Email – Voluntary News letter
vi) Email – Melanie Stone, Youth offenders cleaning Railway Lane underpass.
vii) Email – Came & Company, Parish Insurance Policy. Agenda Item 11
viii) Email – Simon Gamage, Lincs Wind Farm Ltd., See Clerks report
ix) Email – Voluntary News letter
x) Letter – Mr & Mrs. Crosbie, concerns for Falklands "open area".
xi) Letter – Mr. G. Beardon
xii) Letter – Mrs. J. Smith, Poppy Appeal posters for notice boards. Permission granted.
xiii) Email – Craig Vincent, details of travelling seaside show : investigate further, could be a possibility.
xiv) Email – Big Bloomers, query garden area, Community Centre lease. This does not come under the SBCCF lease.
xv) Email from the Arch Deacon to arrange meeting with Parish Councillors and the Parochial Parish Council in June. Cllrs. Mrs. Hills, Mrs. Rowe, Brandon-King and Grimwood to represent PC at this meeting. Cllr. Grimwood has suggested yet another site and this new option needs more research.
xvi) Event at Westmere School 10am – 2 pm, films by John Barker, items from Long Sutton Civic society with interesting items about Sutton Bridge.


H18-0104-11, Construction of 2 floating pontoons and stationing of up to 10
portable offices and 2 storage containers and associated parking. Port Sutton
Bridge, Sutton Bridge – Port Sutton Bridge Ltd.

H18-0513-09, Siting of 2 twin-bladed Gaia turbines. Sutton Bridge Sewage Works,
Westmere Creek, Sutton Bridge – Anglian Water Services Ltd.

H18-0113011, Single storey rear extension. 184 Bridge Rd, Sutton Bridge – Nene

H18-0094-11, Canopy to agricultural store. Westmere House Farm, New Rd, Sutton
Bridge – J Hoyles, Hoyles Farm Ltd.

Discussion followed on the subject of the new planning applications made by Centrica, and it was agreed to write to the SHDC Planning Department to request a holding objection until an approved EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) has been received. That Centrica should be held responsible for approximately 10 years for any breach of the sea defences and that the banks be made stronger after the breach than before. Absolute assurance is required from the EA on this project. SBPC to lodge strongest possible objection to any breach of sea wall.

To report any new matters: Update to ongoing concerns: overhang of tree in Bridge Road obscures light on pedestrian crossing. Other trees with excessive overhang also need to be attended to. Cllr. Grimwood stated that the A17 underpass in Railway Lane was again covered in graffiti. It was agreed that a letter be sent to the Highways Dept at LCC to request that this be painted with anti graffiti paint. Previously it had also been suggested that the underpass be painted with "artwork", however it was thought this would not be a viable option.

Cllr. Dewsberry reported there were three instances where trees overhang causing a safety issue, and suggested that the owner of the land on which the trees grow as well as the Highways dept., be made aware.

• Bridge Road, overhanging hedge

• By the old pedestrian crossing – overhang obscures Belisha Beacon light

• Overhang of tree in Chestnut Terrace

Cllrs. Mrs. Rowe reports the path on the south side of Queen Street is in need of repair

Cllr. Mrs. Hills reports of brambles in King Street, plus the dilapidated state of the vacant land next to the Beauty Parlour. Vermin have been seen in and around this area both in Bridge Road and King Street. It was agreed to write to the Pest Controller at SHDC about this ongoing problem

A. Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr. Grimwood showed the Parish Councillors a series of photographs of problem areas and to ask the SHDC Cllr Portfolio Holder for Sutton Bridge to sort on our behalf..

• The knotweed had been sprayed and was already wilting, and it was estimated it would take three years to eradicate completely. The area of spraying only needs to be taped off when newly sprayed.

B. Allotments – All arrears had been collected. Fence needs to be repaired , referred to the Working Party,

C. Finance – Accounts had been reconciled. Internal audits in place. To transfer money from current account to deposit account as soon as possible.

D. Personnel Committee – reformed

E. Planning – reformed

F. Footpaths –

G. Web-site – Clerk

H. Multi-sports Centre – discussed earlier


a. Phillips and Allen's Charities: No report

b. Voluntary Car Scheme: Cllr. Grimwood will update at next meeting

c. Red Cross Lincs: Discussed earlier

d. SBCCF – Cllr. Croxford reported that event planned for 22nd May has been postponed until August and that the new build should be completed before the end of 2011.

e. LALC See the LCC website ref Travellers Sites.

f. Holbeach Senior Links No report

g. Power Station Liaison – next meeting on 5th June. Cllr. Mrs Hills will represent PC.

h. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary – No report

i. Multi Agency Group / Youth Club Meeting – discussed earlier

j. Community Engagement model Group No report

k. Charter of Friendship Group – is being sorted out…..?


21. TO DISCUSS PLETHORA OF ADVERTISEMENTS ON A17 – It was reported that apart from the Sutton Bridge businesses advertisements, all others of a temporary nature would be removed, most likely by the Highway Authorities. The Parish Council did not think they were too intrusive and would not wish to do anything that would hinder business in Sutton Bridge from operating.

Closed Session


• unsafe gravestone in churchyard – to notify the PPC.

• East Bank Lighthouse picnic area gate not being locked at night.

• What is going happen to the public toilets in the car park in Bridge Road, as so many differing views being rumoured.





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Apr 302011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held at St. Matthews Church, 26th April, 2011

Present: Cllrs. Chris Brewis, Michael Booth, John Preston, Alan Davies, David Dewsberry, Robert Middleton, John Grimwood, David Wall, Mrs. Jenny Rowe.

Parish Council Clerk Suzanne England assisted by temporary clerk, Jane Ripley


Mrs. Giles, had made in depth enquiries into the ownership of the land and in particular that covering what is commonly known as Tom's Wood on the Falklands Estate, and stated that at the time of obtaining Planning Consent by the builders, the area was shown on the plans as "GREEN". She wanted to draw the Council's attention to a letter, dated 17th June, 1993, sent from the builders architect to the Planning Officer at SHDC. Mrs. Giles then quoted extracts from the letter and other relevant pieces from the same planning application, as follows:- "I now come to the main point of this letter, which concerns the area of the site reserved for possible "village hall", south of plot 127. Allocation of the land for this purpose was made upon the then insistence of the original site vendor, who retains a degree of control over the development proposals. The present developers/landowners, Regalbourne Ltd. have however, now ensured that the earlier requirement has been waived… It was a condition that the area be planted with trees and shrubs. It was considered that there are enough children's play areas in Sutton Bridge."

Mr. Burton said he was a member of the RSPB and lived next to the piece of land being discussed and confirmed it was teeming with wildlife. Many species of birds are nesting there. In fact more appear each year as the land becomes more established as an environmentally friendly habitat. He was concerned that there seems to be a trend to "nibble away" at wildlife areas and that Tom's Wood provides a habitat for wildlife, as well as a recreational area for humans and urged the PC to leave it as it was.

Mrs. Minns asked where had all the bottle and clothing banks been moved to, as she had had people asking her where they could now deposit their empties. It appears that these have all been removed.

Mr. Clery had three statements to make, the first being that the SBCCF were in active discussion with the Lincs Police about a Police presence in the new centre. Secondly when his company sold the land for the Falklands Estate they kept a covenant on it that there would be an open space with, perhaps, a community building, but it was to be for the benefit of Sutton Bridge and especially for the benefit of the people living on the Falklands Estate. Thirdly regarding agenda item 19, it should be noted that SBCCF had leased part of the land at the Memorial Park and this should be taken into consideration if Big Bloomers were to be granted permission to plant up a bed at the entrance. He further added that his company had donated the land at the corner of Railway Lane North, planted as a rose garden, to the Parish Council and that it was now their responsibility.

Mr. Blundell made a statement relevant to the current agenda describing it as lacklustre in description and why was it that questions could only be asked about matters that were on the agenda? With such a skimpy agenda it was impossible to know what questions to ask or statements to make. He also reported that other Parish Councils on other websites were far more amenable on the subject of public forums, one even offering a "Democratic Half Hour" - that would be a turn up for the books! In relation to item 20 on the agenda, he wondered if the Parish Council knew that Standards Committees were to be abolished because, with the large number of complaints about members of Parish Councils throughout the country, they had proved very costly to run. He expressed the view that it would be laughable if some members of the current Parish Council were to put themselves up to serve on a Standards Committee.

Mrs. Blundell reminded the PC of the letter they had received from Centrica about their proposed new methodology to bring the cables from the Lincs Offshore Wind Farm. This involves bringing two trencher-cable-laying machines onto the marsh and cutting into the sea wall in order to join up with those already laid going to the Walpole Sub-Station. Local knowledge is that once a seawall has been breached it takes at least seven years for the repair to be suitably bedded to be effective against sudden sea surges. She asked that the PC look very carefully at the revised proposal being put forward by Centrica.

Mrs. Blundell also had some good news, the LCC Highways had agreed to her request that the bus stop on the lay-by east of the Swing Bridge, was to be moved nearer to East Bank, therefore making it safer for passengers to see and be able to board an oncoming bus.

Mrs. Faires asked who was clearing the dead plant material in the Arnie Broughton Walk.

Mr. S. Booth said that now the speed restrictions were in operation, there was a noticeable reduction in the speed of most of the traffic passing through the village and hoped that the rest of the removal and repairs to some of the build outs would be done as soon as possible. He had presumed that with the white lines being removed around some of the bollards, it meant that these too would be removed in due course. He added that on the whole it had proved to be a huge improvement.

Mrs. Houlder stated that she also lived next to the land known as Tom's Wood and that she had received confirmation that the trees planted there now had Preservation Orders on them. As there had been no objections to the TPO's being placed, this had gone through and every tree planted there had been listed. The area was for everyone to enjoy especially for the diverse ecology that had developed, there being rare wild orchids there too. All this had taken a long time to come to maturity, and there was still a long way to go.

Mr. Shapland enquired if the Council could confirm who the legal owners of the disputed piece of land on the Falklands were. Also, that as this was the last meeting of the present Parish Council in its current form he would like to thank them for all they had done.

With Open Forum now closed, Jane Ripley then explained the difference between the Standards Board and Standards Committees. Whilst the Standard Board of England was being disbanded, SHDC had taken up the option to keep their Standards Committee. She also said a full version of the agenda appeared on the website.

*When we checked the website on Tuesday evening, this turned out not to be the case; the agenda there was the skimpy one we had from the notice boards. However, it has since been rectified and a full agenda now appears on the PC website.

Cllr. M. Booth stated that the bottle and other banks had been a lot of trouble to the village, either by vandals setting fire to the clothing banks, or children fishing out bottles from the bottle bank only to break them. The recycling banks had been moved around the village, but the problem had remained the same. However, it should not be a problem as Sutton Bridge is lucky enough to still have weekly collections and that bottles could be put in the green bags for the weekly collection.

Cllr Grimwood admitted it was himself that was clearing the Arnie Broughton Walk, and that he had had some help from a couple of lads on the Pay Back team.

This is an enormous task Cllr Grimwood is undertaking and although the work has only recently commenced, a tremendous difference has already been made to the area.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons: Cllr. Brandon-King who is on holiday

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act. As usual Cllr Booth signed the book according to his particular interest in the allotments.

3. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES – Notes from the meetings of 29th March 2011 to be accepted as minutes.

4. POLICE MATTERS: No Police presence, no report.

5. CHAIRMAN'S REMARKS: Cllr Dewsberry thanked his fellow councillors for the help and assistance they had given him during the past four years, Cllr Preston for being his Vice Chairman for 2.5 of those years, Cllr Grimwood for the work he had done on the Churchyard and Arnie Broughton Walk and all other councillors who had helped while he was off sick.

6. CLERK'S REPORT: Suzanne England reported that there had been a reply from SHDC about the status of the S106 monies. There had been a sum of £1,000,000 in 2005, and various amounts had been paid out to various projects. There had been no administration costs. However the sum of £400,000 had been set aside equally for the Marina and the Lighthouse project, but as the Lighthouse is now in private hands the money has been "put back in the pot"! It is alleged that as yet, monies have not been allocated to the Marina project.

• Chemicals for spraying the Japanese Knotweed were being provided free of charge from Scotts Miracle-Gro and the spraying is to be undertaken by Hurdletree Nurseries.
• A Flood Risk awareness workshop is being held at the Royal British Legion Hall on 6th May and again on 9th June. It was to be hoped that as many residents as possible would attend these workshops.
• Cllr Brewis added there was to be a training day in July for new Parish Councillors and this would be held at the Gedney Victory Hall.

• Cllr. Booth confirmed that a full account of the S106 money had been received with £250,000 allocated to the Marina project and as the East Bank Lighthouse had now been sold and was in private hands, the £150,000 money that had been allocated for the now defunct East Bank Lighthouse project will go back into the pot for other Sutton Bridge projects.
• Cllr Brewis reported that the monies received by the LCC for Highways would mean that quite a number of potholes that had occurred during the bad winter weather would now be repaired.
• While most libraries had suffered cuts in their budget, our local libraries would not be affected for the time being.
• It was stated that the new speed limits into the village were having an effect of reducing the speed of most of the passing traffic.
• A new traffic sign had been erected at the west end of the village.
• Work on other parts such as removal/improvement of the build outs, and central islands throughout the village was still on going. He quietly added that "this was what parishioners had wanted".


*There were no facts and figures on the agenda itself for this meeting.

It was asked if there were sufficient funds to settle the accounts and this was confirmed. It was also agreed that accounts would be settled quarterly. The Clerk reported that she had reclaimed the VAT from 2009 amounting to £2000.


*No items were shown on the agenda.

• A letter had been received with the instructions that it was to only to be opened in Closed Session.
• Dawbarns, the PC's Solicitors, had written to confirm that the land of the Memorial Park was for recreational use only, that to encroach on it for an extension to the churchyard would be a breach of the covenant protecting the land for the purpose for which it was intended.
• LCC had written to confirm the bus stop on the north side of the A17 east of the Swing Bridge was to be moved to a more convenient position for passengers.
• Mr. Gee had been invited to give a presentation on the Marina at the reconvened APM.
• Centrica – the Clerk had telephoned SHDC about Centrica's new planning proposals but did not expect to get a reply to her questions until the following day.
• Cllr Booth thanked the Clerk for obtaining the information from Dawbarns about the Memorial Park, adding that it was something they had been trying to get for years.


*There was no list of planning applications applied for, granted or refused on the agenda.

There was some discussion about two of the planning applications, the first being the matter of parking outside a shop being converted to contain a self contained flat, and second about the empty shop proposing to be a fast food and cheap liquor takeaway, there was concern about the proliferation of litter, also suggesting that the hours of opening when they would be selling cheap liquor would no doubt be extended.

a. To report any new matters
b. Update to ongoing concerns: Nothing has been done on either of these matters.

A. Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr Grimwood:
• Litter bins at both the East Bank Lighthouse picnic area and the ABW had not been emptied so he emptied them himself.
• The dead Knotweed in the ABW was being burned and new growth would shortly be sprayed with herbicide.
• The play area by the Youth Club was like a rubbish tip, with masses of litter scattered over the area. Kevin (our grounds man) had cleared it up. Protection boards had been pulled off the Youth Club building and jammed on the children's play slide.
• At the playground in Railway Lane South, a hedge had been cut down effectively removing the boundary fence, a matter for SHDC.

B. Allotments – Cllr Preston : Accounts had been sent out. All basic allotments were now let.
C. Finance – Cllr Preston: see above
i. Personnel Committee – Cllr Wall: No report
ii. Planning – Cllr Davies: as above
iii. Footpaths – Cllr Preston: No report
iv. Web-site – Cllr Middleton: stated that this was not his forte but now that of the Clerk.
v. Multi-sports Centre – Cllr Middleton: advised that trying to get the S106 money from the powers that be is like getting blood out of gravel. To have any chance of obtaining some of this fund is that they must do so through the auspices of ProHelp, unless an application is made by the Parish Council itself. Cllr Middleton suggested that the PC might take this project on, but whatever the outcome at next week's elections, he would still continue to work towards getting a new pavilion. He also hoped that at the next Parish Council meeting, a Parish Councillor would be willing to take the project forward. Plans have already been drawn up. Cllr. Brewis said that the PC should write a letter to the SHDC asking why there was the requirement to go through ProHelp. It was ascertained that the ProHelp assistance would be free. The PC will put it on the next agenda. Cllr. Booth stated that that the question of the S106 money was raised at full council at SHDC and no mention had been made about the need to go through ProHelp.

It is worth recording here that Karen Johnson has stressed that the Parish Council has simply to prove potential need before it will be able to get S106 money. She will offer help on this. Any Committee set up by the Parish Council will have to drum up real support from cricketers, tennis-players, athletes and other potential users to justify the allocation of S106 money for a multi sports pavilion.


a. Phillips and Allen's Charities: applications for grants should be lodged by 5th May.
b. Voluntary Car Scheme: Still running well
c. Red Cross Lincs: No report.
d. SBCCF: Cllr. DW reported that there were to be more fund raising events, a car boot sale and a fancy dress football match being held on 22nd May.
e. LALC: there is shortly to be a meeting to discuss the National Conference.
f. Holbeach Senior Links: Meets in Moulton tomorrow (27/4).
g. Power Station Liaison: Cllr Brewis proposed that a letter be sent to Trevor Thorpe, thanking him for all he has done for the parish and to wish him well on his retirement.
h. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary: No Report.
i. Multi Agency Group / Youth Club Meeting: appears that it is has now finished, except for the good work being carried on by Karen Johnson in the effort to keep some form of Youth Centre activity going until such time as the Youth Club could be held in the new Community Centre. Cllr Rowe asked if the Parish Council had a copy of the signed amendments of the lease for the SBCCF and if so requested she have a copy. Cllr. Preston intimated that Cllr Dewsberry had signed this document, to which Cllr Dewsberry said he didn't know what he had signed.
j. Community Engagement model Group: No report
k. Charter of Friendship Group: No report.


Cllr Grimwood said that between the Falklands Road and the play area in Railway Lane there should be a 20 mph speed limit. The A17 underpass in Railway Lane was covered in graffiti again and would this be a suitable job for the Payback scheme? He also mentioned that the trees on the edge of the village green had a lot of growth sprouting around their bases making visibility for drivers coming from the High Street to turn into Bridge Road itself difficult.

15. TO SET NEW DATE FOR ANNUAL MAY PARISH COUNCIL MEETING : 17TH May, 2011. The revised date for the Annual Parish Meeting being 31st May, 2011

16. TO DISCUSS THE PLETHORA OF ADVERTISEMENTS BESIDE A17 WEST OF RAILWAY LANE – CLLR BREWIS; stated that this was a growing problem as more and more advertising boards are appearing, making the area look unsightly as well as being a distraction near a very busy junction. Cllr Rowe suggested that as these boards were on the by pass of SB that it was one way of attracting business into the village. It was decided to put the matter on the next agenda.

17. TO RESOLVE ON INSTALLATION OF BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION RECYCLING WITHIN THE PARISH. Cllr Middleton asked where the bins were to be sited. One bin was for clothing and shoes and the other for books, cds, etc. Cllr Booth stated that the siting of recycling bins throughout the village had not been very successful as there had always been so much vandalism around them, ie the clothing bins had been set alight, and bottles had been fished out of the bottle banks and smashed on the ground. As the residents in Sutton Bridge are fortunate enough to have two weekly collections of household waste, one of which was for paper, tins and bottles, there really was no need for a separate bottle bank. The Parish Council were reluctant to have them on their land and it was suggested that local businesses be approached, as they would possibly be covered by CCTV. Another problem about the recycling bins had been they were not emptied regularly enough.

18. AMENITY LAND ON FALKLANDS ESTATE – MOWN AREA FOR PARISHIONERS USE AND PLANTING OF NEW TREES –PUBLIC FORUM, MARCH MEETING. Cllr Rowe supports the Falklands residents requests that the land is kept as it is and in an orderly fashion. Cllr. Booth commented that the area had been set aside for the benefit of the residents of the estate and that it should not be built on, and to leave it as it is. The present owners probably want little to do with it, though the paths in and around it are cut regularly. People on the Falklands should have their say. It was agreed by the PC to leave the land as it is, and to draw a line under the matter.

19. TO RESOLVE ON PLANTING AND MAINTENANCE OF GARDEN AREA TO FRONT OF MEMORIAL PARK BY BIG BLOOMERS. It was agreed that the BBs be allowed to keep this part of the area in good order.

20. SHDC STANDARDS COMMITTEE – APPOINTMENT OF PARISH MEMBERS. There are three seats available for PC members and this would be decided after the May elections.

21. TO RESOLVE ON NEW EQUIPMENT FOR PARISH OFFICE: The requirement was for a) a shredder, b) a mobile phone for use by the Clerk for PC business and c) a fireproof filing cabinet. It was agreed to purchase all three items.


At this point members of the public were requested to leave the premises.



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Apr 12011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held at St. Matthews Church, 23nd March, 2011

Present: Cllrs. Chris Brewis, Michael Booth, John Preston, David Dewsberry, Chris Brandon-King, Robert Middleton, John Grimwood, David Wall, Mrs. Jenny Rowe.

The members of the public were introduced to the new Parish Council Clerk Ms. Susan England and the temporary clerk, Jane Ripley

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons: Cllr. A. Davies, no reason given. Cllrs to discuss in Closed Session.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act. As usual Cllr MB signed the book according to his particular interest in the allotments.

3. TO DECIDE ON A DATE TO RECONVENE THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING. This caused some confusion as the Annual Parish Meeting has to be reconvened before 1st June and with the elections being on the 5th May. It has been agreed the APM will now be held on the Tuesday 31st May, and the first Parish Council meeting following the elections will be held on the Tuesday 17th May.

It was at this point a member of the public asked if there was to be an Open Forum this evening. The Chairman promptly apologised and heads were counted on who wanted to speak during the 15 minute period allowed for parishioners questions. The 15 who requested to speak were allotted 1 minute each.

Mrs. Giles spoke about the Multi Agency Group (MAG) meeting the previous week when it had been suggested that the land, commonly known as Tom's Wood, be turned into a children's playground, on an estate where the majority of homeowners were retired people. She went on to say that further along Bridge Road the roads of Withington Street, Chestnut Terrace and up to and including Nightingales Way had no playground either, so could not the PC arrange for a play area put in the West End of the village.

Mrs. Hardy stated that she wished to voice her objection against any part of the area known as Tom's Wood be designated as a play area and that the status of the area should remain as it is.

Mr Shapland stated that while the agenda for the APM had been on the Parish Council's website, it had not been on the notice boards, and although this did not prove to be a problem for those with access to computers it was not fair for those who did not. Parishioners had to go to the Parish Office to collect one. Cllr. CB-K advised that due to many other notices on the board there had not been enough room to spare. Jane Ripley added that for the next meeting, and thereafter, the full Agenda will be posted on the Notice Boards.

There followed several questions from residents living on the Falklands Estate, who said that as there were mainly retired people living in the area of Tom's Wood, they definitely did not want young children playing there. One resident says he collects half a black rubbish bag of litter each week from that area. Another commented that the District Council say that they don't own the land nor does the LCC, the owners are Regalbourne.

Another Falklands Estate resident said she did not understand why the matter was brought up again as previously the Parish Council had said 'no' to the idea of a play area on Tom's Wood. Cllr. Brewis stated that if nothing is done within 6 months then the matter can be brought up again. He added, strange but true.

Mrs. Minns stated that at the APM someone asked who had brought up the question of parking at the East End of the village and she stated it was her. She added that she had been asking the same question for 7 years, because in her opinion there is not enough parking space at that end of the village. She also stated there had never been a village green in the village. What with several hairdressers, a fish & chip shop etc., and not to mention the proposed Marina and refurbished hotel, the question is: where were all the cars going to park?

Mrs. Lyneham asked why they were changing the road name signs, on the roads north of Bridge Road, Withington Street etc, as the previous ones had been perfectly visible? She stated that it appeared to be a complete waste of money. The response was that they were being changed to make them clear and uniform.

Mrs. Blundell sought the Parish Council's help in requesting the Lincolnshire County Council to change the position of the bus stop in the first lay by on the A17 (direct King's Lynn) near the junction with East Bank. Not only was it a long walk to it, it was also difficult to see the oncoming bus, especially when large vehicles were parked in the lay by, without stepping out into the road. She also asked if there was anything the Parish Council could do to discourage vehicles from parking on the green area at the top of East Bank which had recently been planted with bulbs that were now growing well. Cllr. Brewis said he would furnish the names and addresses of the relevant authority she could approach with this problem.

Mr, Croxford, returned to the matter of the public open spaces on the Falklands Estate and said he had only asked that the grassed area be mown so that the children could have a kick-about with a ball. He added that according to the South Holland local plan he believed the land was to be enjoyed by all people, including children and the elderly. It was an open space that had been grassed over, but planting had changed the habitat.

Mr. Clery said that when his company had sold the land to Regalbourne it had been with the understanding that a specified open space be left for a possible community centre, and as far as he was aware, there were no rare species of plants to be found there, and that the land had been made available for general enjoyment. The legal owner was now the District Council.

There was uproar when another Falkands Estate resident said he had taken photos of people who were tipping their garden rubbish, like grass cuttings, tree prunings etc., over their fences onto this piece of land. A second resident attempted to explain why the grass cuttings had been placed around the new trees but was interrupted by Jane Ripley who brought the meeting to order.

Mrs. Preston wished to publicly express her thanks to Big Bloomers for the wonderful job they were doing in the village having seen for herself how hard they had worked.

4. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES – Notes from the meetings of 22nd February 2011 and 8th March 2011 to be accepted as minutes. Cllr. C. B-K wanted a change to the minutes saying they were taken as read but had not actually been read out at the meeting.

5. POLICE MATTERS: No Police presence, no report.

6. CHAIRMAN'S REMARKS: Voting in the proposed elections would take place on 5th May from 7 am to 10 pm. Poll cards have now been issued. If anyone has not received a card they should contact SHDC.

7. CLERK'S REPORT: given by Cllr. C. B-K.

• He spoke of the issue of the disputed land on the Falklands estate, also of the question about a children's play area. This to be on the agenda for the next meeting as a proper agenda item.

• There had been a report of vandalism of the telephone box opposite the estate agents in Bridge Road. It had been requested that an approach be made to BT about the maintenance of this facility. Cllr. Brewis interjected that the matter should be reported, but added that in most cases like this, the box is usually removed for good. There had been no response from BT.

• There were the continued problems with the two pedestrian crossings regarding large puddles in wet weather and this had been referred to the Highways department again.

• There were still minor road works to be done.

• It was being considered asking the Pay-Back team if help could be provided to rake up the dead knotweed, in the Arnie Broughton Walk, before any new growth appeared that would require spraying to keep it under control. Once the dead material has been cleared it was to be burnt on site. The PC hope to be able to sort this problem very soon.

• With regard to the MAG meetings, Karen Johnson had already distributed the minutes of the last meeting, both she and Gary Taylor (Portfolio Holder of Place) thanked all those who had attended and for their positive input to the scheme. There is doubt that the scheme will continue after the elections, but it is to be hoped that the good projects that have been implemented will continue.

• PCSO Ben Harrington had suggested that the Allotment holders formed a neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

• Flood warning workshops were being listed and Cllr JR suggested this could be a point on the agenda for the reconvened Annual Parish Meeting.


• Cllr. CB stated that Road works were continuing and that increased traffic bringing children to school had been reported.

• Parts of New Road had been resurfaced, although there were some manhole covers and the like that were due to be reset.

• Cllr. MB reported that he had not a report as such but spoke about the latest Council Tax etc.

• Cllr. RM enquired why the SBPC were paying rent for allotments. Cllr. MB responded that there was an agreement that the land rented for allotments could be re-let by the PC.


a. Accounts for payment

Date Payee Item Chq No Net VAT Gross
28/2/11 Bridge PC's Office rent 301529 £185.00   £185.00
29/3/11 Woodco Photocopier   £13.49   £13.49
29/3/11 LALC Good Cllr's   £2.18 £0.44 £2.62
29/3/11 Cluttons Allotment rent   £1,678.00   £1,678.00
29/3/11 JPress Press advert   £158.24 £31.66 £189.90
29/3/11 Bridge PC's Office Rent   £185.00   £185.00
29/3/11 Brandon-King Expenses   £53.59   £53.59
29/3/11 J Ripley Fees + exp's   £411.48   £411.48

b. Money In:

See bank reconciliation


a. To note general correspondence

i. Sutton Bridge Community Centre Fund Committee (See item 16)

ii. Sports Surface Solutions; Protective surface.

iii. Norfolk County Council, Minerals & Waste Management

iv. Fraser Dawbarns lease of land to SBCCF C'tte completed: Lease had now been agreed.

v. FOI request from a resident re parking at the top of Bridge Road: information had been provided to the enquirer but no specific details were given.

vi. Best kept village competition entry form: It was agreed to enter this competition.

vii. Request for details of 2010/2011 budget: These were provided as per request.

viii. Details of changes by Inland Revenue re payroll for Clerks: dealt with by the acting Clerk

ix. Register of electors : Copy is received quite regularly, full list now available.

x. HMRC employers PAYE: refers to Temporary and new Clerks.

xi. Thanks from LCC Highways following meeting

xii. Lincs empty Homes Project explanatory notes: will be put on the next agenda.

xiii. British Heart Foundation request for recycling bins in SB: This will also be on the next agenda, as it it something that must be carefully considered as there had been problems with such bins being set on fire in the past.

xiv. Lyons Davidson letter – CLOSED SESSION

xv. Litter bins catalogue

xvi. Temp footpath closure – LCC by e-mail: This applies to footpaths being re-laid in Bridge Road.

xvii. Lincs Doorstep Crime p'ship by e-mail

xviii. Good citizens award by e-mail: This was another subject that was to be discussed in CLOSED SESSION..

xix. Letter from DAS (Insurers) = CLOSED SESSION

xx. Posters re: Power Station Liaison Group meeting: next meeting will be the AGM to be held at the RBL, 6.30 pm on the 5th April,

xxi. planting trees on Tom's Wood – without permission, by e-mail; previously discussed

xxii. South Holland Vol Car Scheme increase in passenger contributions; Cllr. JG said this scheme had been the victim of its own success and would report further later in the meeting.

Cllr. C. B-K reported that two further items of correspondence had been received, one with reference to the tree planting scheme in memory of the late Queen Mother and the second from Centrica who report a change on methodology.



H18-0094-11, Proposed canopy to agricultural store, Westmere Farm, New Road, Sutton Bridge – Mr J Hoyles : The PC had no objection.
H18-0113-11, Proposed single storey extension, 184 Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge – Nene Pharmacy: The PC had no objection.
H18-0104-11, Construction of two floating pontoons and area for stationing up to 10 portable offices & 2 storage containers, Port Sutton Bridge, Sutton Bridge – Port Sutton Bridge Ltd: Cllr. C. B-K said that large commercial planning applications were now discussed by the full PC committee and proposed that this be referred to Closed SESSION when the members of the PC would have an opportunity to look at the plans.

H18-1071-10 – JE Picaver Ltd Greenhouses
H18-0039-11 – EDF Energy Warehouse


H18-0114-11, Proposed erection of detached chalet dwelling, 62 New Road, Sutton Bridge – Mr W Seaman
H18-0172-11, Proposed replacement dwelling at Riverside, East Bank, Sutton Bridge – Ms E Garner & Mr M Mears




a. Update on outstanding matters
b. To report any new matters : Nothing has been done on either of these matters.


A. Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr Grimwood: Fly tipping in the Arnie Broughton Walk continues, Trees at the side of the park on Railway Lane have been trimmed. The swings have been attended to, but the main issue is the removal of the dead knotweed from the ABW to be done urgently. The Christmas Tree lights have now been removed, what they could reach anyway, and are now in Cllr. MB's storage.

B. Allotments – Cllr Preston : One outstanding matter on the allotments to be discussed in CLOSED SESSION. Several allotment holders are already running a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. All vacant allotments have now been let and some confirmations are awaited.

C. Finance – Cllr Preston: see above

D. Personnel Committee – Cllr Wall: No report

E. Planning – Cllr Davies: Absent, no report, another matter for CLOSED SESSION.

F. Footpaths – Cllr Preston: despite the better weather recently nothing has been done.

G. Web-site – Cllr Middleton: Updating has mostly been done by the Temporary Clerk, Jane Ripley, and Cllr. C. B-K. It is working well.

H. Multi-sports Centre – Cllr Middleton: advised that this should be an item on the next agenda as it could be seriously large. Cllrs. JR, DW, JG, RM and CB-K are involved, together with SBFC reps David Earth and Jenny Sutton, plus Gary Croxford. Cllr. RM showed the newly drawn up plans for a new pavilion explaining that it could also be used for cricket, tennis and village fetes. The necessary changing room facilities had been incorporated including the separate facilities for visiting referees/umpires. The new Pavilion would also have a very large kitchen accommodating inside and outside functions. So far three quotes had been obtained,(£234,000. £248,000 and £300,000). He further requested that as many people as possible contacted SHDC and the SBPC to persuade them to use part of the S106 monies for this project. SHDC has been contacted with regard to where the money for the S106 fund had come from. Cllr. MB added that the PC has until 2015 to make application for this money and that the PC should ensure the money is made available for the benefit of the parishioners of SB and offers his support to RM and the others on that team.


a. Phillips and Allen's Charities: No report

b. Voluntary Car Scheme: Cllr. JG advised that the increase in fares was from 27p to 30p per mile, still value for money. Cllr. CB stated that one particular co-ordinator had worked for this scheme for many years, making it the success it is, and a note of appreciation should be sent to this co-ordinator,.

c. Red Cross Lincs: No report

d. SBCCF: Cllr. DW reported that the footings and groundwork had now been laid, but there had been more problems with SHDC. There will be an Open day in the Memorial Park on 2nd April when it is hoped to hold a raffle, and a "Buy a Brick" scheme for 50p.
e. LALC: there is to be a meeting on Thursday 31st March.

f. Holbeach Senior Links: Cllr. DD reported that at the last meeting it was stated that help to fill in the Census forms would be available at the church on Saturday morning, 2nd April, 10 – 12 am.

g. Power Station Liaison: Next meeting in April

h. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary: No Report.

i. Multi Agency Group / Youth Club Meeting: Cllr. JG stated that this now depends on the May elections, and is "on hold" until then. A meeting has been arranged with members of the Youth Club for 7th April.

j. Community Engagement model Group: No report

k. Charter of Friendship Group: No report.

15. TO RESOLVE TO AUTHORISE A COUNCILLOR TO SIGN THE LEASE, AS RECOMMENDED BY THE COUNCIL'S SOLICITOR, FOR THE PARISH OFFICE IN THE COMMUNITY CENTRE: Cllr. C. B-K reported that queries had been raised on certain points of the lease in relation to the use of electricity and water. With regard to Insurance cover, it is up to the PC to cover contents of the office they will use. A parking space had been designated for use of the Clerk. Several Cllrs wanted to suspend SO's so P. Clery could respond. Cllr. MB suggested that first they discussed the whole matter. He wanted to know if 1) the rent of £2,500 per annum is to be paid in advance or in arrears on a quarterly basis; and 2) there will be a larger room available to the PC for meetings other than just the office in the inclusive sum of £2,500 pa; and 3) the annual charge for electricity and water is included or at an extra cost. The car park remains the property of the PC, It is a public car park.

It is encouraging to note that an in-depth, reasoned discussion on this subject had taken place.

SO's were then suspended for response by P. Clery, who advised that of course there was a Right of Way in the car park. That the sum of £2,500 pa included use of the larger room for SBPC meetings, but excluded the £100 pa for water, as this would also serve the outside public toilets. He confirmed that there would be a designated parking space for the Clerk.
SO's reinstated.


17. TO DECIDE ON THE COUNCIL SENDING A LETTER TO LINCOLNSHIRE POLICE TO SEEK A POLICE PRESENCE IN THE NEW COMMUNITY CENTRE: Cllr. CB said letters should be written to Messrs. Compton and Page of the Police Authority with a copy being sent to SBCCF.

18. TO RECEIVE A REPORT ON THE SITE VISIT REGARDING CAR PARKING AT THE RIVER END OF SUTTON BRIDGE – Cllr Davies: Cllr. JR declared an interest and left the chamber.

• In the absence of Cllr. Davies, Cllr. DD read from Cllr. Davies' report that four councillors had attended the site meeting at the East End of the village to ascertain the provision for extra car parking on the West Bank. The site involved runs from the small block of flats on the West Bank to the electricity sub station and then from the slipway to the boundary of Bridge House West to create more parking spaces.

• There was to be no parking on the village green.

• There was adequate space for 12 to 18 cars.

• They now had to approach the SHDC car parking authority to seek permission and to find ways of financing the project.

• Cllr. JG said the best solution was to leave the village green alone, and in an effort to discourage parking on the smaller part at the top of the High Street, some of the stored iron work removed from the pedestrian crossing should be installed as a deterrent.

• It remains that the proposition be put to the SHDC that a meeting and site visit be arranged, also to write to the LCC Highways Dept, at Pode Hole.

• SO's again suspended for P. Clery to state that the land along the river bank now belonged to Henry Smiths' Charities and any enquiry should be sent to them.

• SO's reinstated.

• It was agreed to arrange a meeting with HSC.

• Cllr. JR returned to the chamber.

19. TO RESOLVE TO ACCEPT THE EQUALITY POLICY AS PROVIDED BY LALC: Cllr. C. B-K proposed to accept this as provided.

20. TO DECIDE ON WRTIING TO NENE MARINE TO SEEK MORE INFORMATION ON THE PROGRESS OF THE WORK AND THE UP-TO-DATE POSITION ON THE S106 FUNDING OF THE PROJECT: Cllr. JR declared interest and left the chamber. Cllr. JG suggested that the relevant parties be invited to give a progress report at the APM. Cllr. RM questioned the S106 money involved in the project. Cllr. C. B-K proposed a letter be sent to Mr. Jee at LCC for an update on the plans and to invite him to the APM or a regular SBPC meeting. It was decided to write to both Mr. Jee and the Nene Marine Group. Cllr. JR returned to the chamber.

21. TO CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY OF PROVIDING PIPED WATER TO THE GARDEN ALLOTMENTS: It was agreed that cost would be prohibitive and not to proceed with it.

22. TO RESOLVE TO WRITE TO SOUTH HOLLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL FOR A FULL ACCOUNT OF THE S106 FUNDS TO DATE: Cllr. RM said he had already requested this information in regard to the Multi Sports Pavilion and would inform the PC as soon as received. Cllr. CB asked that the Clerk also write for the same information.


• Cllr. JG that members of the Big Bloomer's be congratulated and thanked for the continuing work they do, and also thanked a member of the public for their assistance with JG's litter picking.

• Cllr. CB-K. said that the following items should be placed on the agenda for the next meeting:- 1) Play area on the Falklands Estate. 2) Lincs Empty Homes Project. 3) British Heart Foundation request. Cllr. CB the length of each Cllr's speech be limited in length also be put on the agenda.


At this point members of the public were requested to leave the premises. 8.45 pm.






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Mar 222011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge 'Annual' Parish Council Meeting
held at the British Legion Club, 22nd March, 2011

The Sutton Bridge Annual Parish Meeting was held on Tuesday March 22nd at the British Legion Club hall at 7pm. Unfortunately, due to an oversight, the date and time were omitted from the public notice. Therefore, according to Law, the Meeting could not officially be called the Annual Parish Meeting and so the Minutes of the 2010 Meeting could not be read and approved. Items 5, 6, and 7 (Reports from the Chairman, the Acting Chairman and the Clerk's Financial Report) could also not be dealt with. The meeting went ahead because the new owner of the East Lighthouse had been invited to speak about his family's plans for the lighthouse since their purchase of it in November 2010. A member of the public proposed that the Parish Council call another Annual Meeting). This was seconded and the Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr David Dewsberry, agreed to do this before the end of June (the last date possible).

As the new Parish Clerk does not take up post until Monday, March 28th, it was proposed that the Vice-chairman, Cllr Brandon-King, should be the note-taker for the Meeting.

Agenda item 4: Mr Doug Hilton, the new owner of the East Lighthouse, spoke eloquently about his family's enthusiasm for wildlife and their concerns to make it possible for 'people in towns to become interested in Nature' by providing them with 'something they want—to provide a 'green gateway' to the natural world, 'somewhere where people could go'. Mr Hilton talked enthusiastically about Sir Peter Scott's association with the East Lighthouse, saying this would be his focus for developing the site.

His plans include a new Visitor Centre—a low profile single-storey building that would overlook the ponds (to be refurbished) where visitors could enjoy the activities of the wild fowl while using the restaurant and viewing areas. The Visitor Centre would also contain a classroom for school groups and for exhibitions informing people about the Wash and its importance to wildlife.

There would also be a small shop where people could buy memorabilia. The existing garages would be turned into a Sir Peter Scott museum which would house the large collection of memorabilia that Mr Hilton owns. The project, which will be entirely funded by Mr Hilton's family is to be named the Snow Goose Trust and the Museum will be called the Sir Peter Scott Centenary Buldings.

Mr Hilton was asked about an earlier reference at another meeting where he talked about the possibility of boat-trips in the Nene to the Wash. He said that this would be something that would be the responsibility of others and would operate out from the new Marina. This would come under the control of the Port Authority and Natural England. He said it was their intention to work with other organisations to become the 'core' bringing people into the area for access to the important natural space that is The Wash.

The plans for the East Lighthouse refurbishment were available for the public to look at after the Meeting.

(Agenda Items 4,5 & 6 not read—see above)

Agenda item 8: Other matters from the Public:

a. A parishioner asked why polling-cards would not be issued by the Parish Council for the forthcoming local elections on May 5th. The Vice-chairman said that the District Council would be issuing polling-cards because there were District Council elections as well as a referendum being held on the same day.

b. A parishioner asked for information about the recent meeting by some councillors about the proposal to use the Village Green as a car Park. The chairman stated that this could not be answered at this meeting because the matter had not been discussed by the full Parish Council. The parishioner wanted to know when the PC would discuss the matter with the public because there is no opportunity for members of the public to discuss matters of such importance with the Parish Council. He added that the 15 minutes Open Forum session at the beginning of each Meeting does not allow for discussion. The Chairman insisted that this could not be discussed at this Meeting even though he was asked if the Councillors who were at that Village Green Meeting were present at the Annual PM.

Eventually, Cllr Brandon-King gave his personal view which was that he did not support using the Village Green for car parking, but favoured the riverbank instead.

c. Another parishioner asked if any progress had been made on the plans for the new cemetery. The situation is still unchanged because the Parish Council has not moved any further forward with discussions with Parochial Church Council over using the side and front of the churchyard. There are some problems concerning covenants on the Memorial Park and ownership of the other two sites: Speechley's allotments and the Wright's Lane allotments.

d. The Chairman of the new Community Centre announced that April 2nd was to be a fund-raising event and to extend membership. This would take place at the site and the building programme would begin and hopefully be completed by the end of the summer.

e. Cllr Robert Middleton outlined his proposal for the rebuilding of the Sports Pavilion in the Memorial Park, and was looking for support within the village for this. He emphasised that this should be something that should be undertaken because the village wanted it and, in that respect, was looking for support from the audience. He was asked if the plans for the refurbishment of the Youth Club had been abandoned and if so, where would young people be able to meet. The Youth Club still has a 10-year lease before it runs out.

Cllr Middleton said the Community Centre Fund had agreed to provide storage for the YC equipment and space for young people to meet. The problem of ownership of the YC building and the land it stood on made it a complicated issue, together with the costs involved in refurbishing the roof, which would have to be stripped of asbestos before any reroofing could take place. There followed some discussion as to costs for the Pavilion and the Youth Club refurbishment/rebuild and the availability of money from the S106 money, most of which is currently held by South Holland district Council.

The public were invited to look at the plans for the Pavilion, drawn up free of charge by a local architect, which were on display on a side table. Cllr Middleton said that a number of local people had already provided support and expertise for the project, including a local builder who would undertake the work at cost plus wages, rather than for profit.

Cllr Middleton stressed the importance of the Pavilion Committee working with others as a combined group rather than as separate individual groups. That way, a cohesive approach to accessing the S106 money might be achieved.

The Meeting officially closed at 8.20pm. Members of the Public remained behind to discuss, within small groups, matters arising from the Meeting.

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Feb 262011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held at St. Matthews Church, 22nd February, 2011

Present: Cllrs: J. Preston, M. Booth, A. Davies, D. Dewsberry, C. Brandon-King, R. Middleton, J. Grimwood

The meeting began at 7pm with the Open Forum

Mrs. Faires commented on the fact that litter bins had been placed in two of the lay-bys of the A17, and asked if notices could be placed in the other lay-bys requesting people take their litter home. She also asked when the Christmas tree lights would be removed. Cllr. Dewsberry stated that the lights should have been taken down on the previous Saturday but it had rained all day, so they would be removed as soon as possible.

Mr. Clery stated that there was to be another small ceremony at the new build site on the 2nd April, and requested space in the Memorial Park be available for the coffee/refreshment stall. Even if there were to be a Football match on that day, he did not think it would interfere with any play as the ceremony was due at noon.

Mrs. Minns asked if the PC had got any further on with the churchyard extension and the parking problem at the Village Green.

Mr. Shapland asked for clarification of Item 14 on the Agenda, reports from outside bodies. What exactly are items a, k and l. In reply Cllr. Dewsberry stated that the Phillips and Allens Charities (a) were set up c1700 in Long Sutton to provide for education and grants to students. At the time Sutton Bridge was part of that parish and continued to benefit. The Community Engagement model Group (k) was in liaison with the surrounding parishes and the Police, where residents can report any matters that concern them direct to the Police. And (l) Charter of Friendship Group is a community agreement between the parish of SB and Sedlec in the Czech republic , wherein reciprocal visits are made each year, the Czechs having visited SB last year, and SB will visit Sedlec during 2011.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons - Cllr. D. Wall indisposed, Cllr. C. Brewis would be late.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Cllr. M. Booth signed re his interest in the Allotments,

3. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES – Notes from the meeting of 25th January 2011 to be accepted as minutes, agreed as previously read and would be posted on the SBPC website from Wednesday 23rd February, 2011.

4. POLICE MATTERS - Two police officers were present. There has been a dramatic reduction in anti-social behaviour in the area. Cllr JP stated that complaints had been received from a resident on the Falkland's Estate about a car racing through the Estate late at night at excessive speed. It is unfortunate that a registration number has not been taken, therefore there is little the police can do, but they will endeavour to monitor the area. Also there was the matter of a person seen to be defecating in the Arnie Broughton Walk, the police are aware of this matter and will follow it up. There is also a problem of illegal hare coursing in the area. Here again the police advise they are doing what they can, but resources are stretched to the limit. Sgt. D. Ashwell also mentioned the new Government led website where the crime figures for any particular area are available, but even if these appear to be high, it does not necessarily mean it is all real crime, as a lot of the figures included are for reports of anti-social behaviour, which is not considered a crime.

5. CHAIRMAN'S REMARKS - The PC thanked the Acting Clerk, Jane Ripley, and Eunice Arteman for their help and co-operation in the absence of a permanent clerk. Also the PC are very proud of the way the PC Office has been manned by volunteer councillors during the past month. The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on the 22nd March, 2011 in the Royal British Legion Hall at 7 pm, the new owners of the East Bank Lighthouse have been invited to put forward their plans. Representatives of the Environment Agency have also been invited to speak about Flood Risk. It was emphasised that this proposed meeting is NOT a Parish Council meeting, but solely for the purpose of Parishioners to be given the opportunity to have their say in any matters affecting the town and/or it's environment.

6. CLERK'S REPORT - Parishioners are requested to contact the Clerk via the website (which now has a "Contact Us" page) about any matters they wish to discuss about the Parish at the Annual Parish Meeting.

read Cllr. C. B's report. The road works in Bridge Road were going ahead and all the proposed work should be finished by the end of the current Financial year. New Road will be resurfaced this month. The CPO for the Travellers Site is going ahead. There will be no reduction in the Library Services this year and the library facility for Sutton Bridge in the new SBCC is in place. LCC require more Special Constables and Retained Fire Fighters. There are many cut backs in services, however the Council Tax has been frozen according to a statement made on the 22nd February. The 505 bus service now runs every 20 minutes during the day. Concessionary fares will now be applied to the Call Connect service in outlying areas as well as the Long Sutton to Wisbech 50 service. Cllr. M. B. added that he was disgusted that the public toilets in the village are not open.

As appears on the Agenda, with the addition of two extra items. Other matters of a financial matter were to be discussed in closed session.

There was no Item 9 recorded on the Agenda.

a. To note general correspondence
(i) Elections of Parish Councillors: Elections for Parish Councils will take place on 5th May, 2011. Nomination packs can be obtained from the PC office and nominations put forward by 7th March with completed forms to be lodged by noon, 4th April, 2011. Discussion followed on whether or not to issue polling cards as this would cost in the region of £900. It was finally agreed that no polling cards would be issued.
(ii) RoSPA Playground inspections order form
(iii) Meridian Printers leaflet
(iv) Greenscape Tree surgeons leaflet
(v) Letter from new owners of East Bank Lighthouse – by e-mail
(vi) Request for assistance with 2011 Census 27.3.11 – by e-mail LALC: Anyone requiring assistance to complete the 2011 Census Forms should apply to the SBPC office for further information of where such help may be obtained.
(vii) Request from ONS re assistance with completion of forms – by e-mail
(viii) Advice from AVIVA of claim passed to Solicitors – by e-mail: to be discussed in closed session.
(ix) Register of Electors Monthly up-date SHDC
(x) Letter of thanks for grant, from Big Bloomers
(xi) Advice of incorrect e-mail on Council website – by e-mail CORRECTED
(xii) SHDC 'Empty Homes' project leaflets
(xiii) E-on suggested change of tariff for Parish Office electricity

Further correspondence had been received: Centrica advising an abnormal load of 167mt would be arriving at the Walpole Sub Station via the A17 on the 27th February. The Bowls Club had sent in a request for a grant of £100. decision on this has been deferred until such time as all requests for grants for the coming Financial Year had been received.


H18-0039-11 Construction of storage warehouse and hard-standing for Sutton Bridge Power Station
H18-0267-08 Appeal APP/A2525/A/11/2145518/WF re Proposed two bed semi-detached homes at 141 Railway Lane, Sutton Bridge, for P R Properties (Surfleet) Ltd (for About Moving Ltd)

H18-1013-10 Proposed single storey extension to shop front, and conservatory to rear of pharmacy, 184 Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge , for Nene Pharmacy

Cllr. J. G. stated he considered that it was a shame that this had not been granted as very many residents use this facility and the small shop space does get exceedingly crowded at times. However, it is up to the applicant to lodge an appeal, and not for the SBPC to do so.

H18-1017-10 Proposed 2 storey extension, 145 Fields Farm, Sutton Bridge for Mr & Mrs Robinson
H18-1005-10 Boundary garden wall and gates, Prospect Lodge, Chestnut Terrace, Sutton Bridge, for Mrs F Minns
H18-1032-10 Retention of dwelling without agricultural habitation clause, Foxaceae, King John Bank, Walpole Marsh, for Mrs P Fox
H18-1040-10 Proposed boat shed & Garages Prospect Lodge, Chestnut Terrace, Sutton Bridge for Mrs F Minns
H18-1023-10 Proposed detached boiler store, Rose Cottage, King John Bank, Walpole St Andrew, for Mr J Taylor


a. To report any new matters
b. To discuss parking at the east end of Bridge Rd – Cllr Davies: Much discussion centred on this area of the village, as it is alleged that some residents are requesting extra parking facilities here. Suggestion has been made to make a parking facility from the small block of flats on the West Bank of the river south towards the Swing Bridge. In addition, land on the village green itself is also being looked at for parking purposes. In this connection Cllr JP showed other members of the PC photographs of a solution that had solved a similar parking problem in another borough, that of using concrete blocks that allowed grass to grow through which could be a solution. SO's removed while the PC were reminded that Henry Smith Charities own the land of the river's banks. It was decided that a site visit be arranged for Saturday, 5th March at 1pm, and the matter put on the agenda for the next PC meeting. Also discussed is how part of the village green has been churned up by vehicles parking near to top of the High street. This area would also be included in the site visit.


A. Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr Grimwood: Issues are ongoing and it was becoming urgent that the dead knotweed be cleared as soon as possible before the new growth appeared and required spraying again. It was suggested that an approach to the Community Pay-Back Scheme be made for help to do this. The PCC had held a meeting in December, but nothing had been heard from them to date. A litter bin had been made safe at the Youth Club and can the PC bill SHDC for the costs. The Clerk advised there was no money available. Despite requests for rubbish to be removed from the playground in Chalk Lane, Cllr. JG had removed the rubbish himself. It was also mooted that benches would be placed on the Chalk Lane play area. Due to an unfortunate incident it is suggested that the pathway of the Arnie Broughton Walk be widened and perhaps here again, the Community Pay-Back Scheme could assist. Someone had tidied the RBL car park and made an good job of it. SO's suspended, while TH advised that the young offenders on the Youth Offenders Service had worked very hard with excellent results on another project in the village.
Cllr. Grimwood is to be commended for the excellent job he does as a Parish Councillor.
B. Allotments – Cllr Preston: All in order.
C. Finance – Cllr Preston: to be discussed in closed session.
D. Personnel Committee – Cllr Wall: No Report
E. Planning – Cllr Davies: Made the observation that the Planning Department
appeared to take little notice of comments made by the PC.
F. Footpaths – Cllr Preston: Monies had been received back for footpath
clearing. The walks had not taken place due to the weather.
G. Web-site – Cllr Middleton: No report
H. Multi-sports Centre – Cllr Middleton: reported that the working group had been widened to include members of the Football Club and the SBCCF. They also have an architect on board and consider it best that the Football Pavilion should be a rebuild rather than a refurbishment in order that it could be used by other particular sports group in the village. It is agreed that the present building is owned by the PC. The Youth Club centre is coming to the end of its lease (within the next ten years) and the present holders wish to get rid of it. It was stated that a condition of the lease when it does come to an end is that the building would then have to be knocked down. Cllr. RM had spoken with two members of the SHDC who are responsible for the distribution of the S106 fund and both have said they will support the case and put it forward to the Cabinet. That is for refurbishment/rebuild of the Pavilion plus the Youth Centre. The cost of refurbishing the Youth Centre would be £211,000, divided into 4 parts. The first three would need to be done as soon as possible at a cost of £90,000, and the last part being replacement of the roof costing £125,000. A meeting has been held with the Football Club and Langwith Builders, who have undertaken to provide a potential plan to look at the Pavilion at an inclusive price with no capital expenditure or cost from the PC. Cllr. MB stated that the S106 fund is new build = yes, refurbish = no. The best thing would be to rebuild the Pavilion. A firm agreement would be required from SHDC. It was agreed to put this matter on the agenda for the next meeting rather than as a report.
Cllr. Middleton is also to be commended for forming this group to provide new and better sporting facilities, not only for the younger generation, but for all sporting residents of Sutton Bridge.


a. Phillips and Allen's Charities: Grants are available to students up until 31st May, 2011.
b. Youth Club
c. Voluntary Car Scheme
d. Red Cross Lincs
g. Holbeach Senior Links
h. Power Station Liaison
i. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary
j. Multi Agency Group / Youth Club Meeting: MAG meeting being held Thursday 24th February.
k. Community Engagement model Group
l. Charter of Friendship Group

Suggested that a newcomer to the village may be considered for this post, however there then followed a long discussion on who, how and when this appointment should be made. Decision will be delayed until a new Parish Clerk has been appointed. The acting parish clerk advised that the best candidate for an internal auditor would be a parish clerk from a different district. This was another subject to be discussed in closed session.

16. TO DISCUSS A SOLUTION TO PARKING ON THE VILLAGE GREEN – Cllr Grimwood: Matter was discussed under Item 12c.

17. TO PROPOSE THAT THE COUNCIL HOLD MEETINGS ON THE LAST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH WITH THE EXCEPTION OF DECEMBER AND JANUARY WHEN THEY SHOULD BE HELD ON THE THIRD TUESDAY – Cllr Brandon- King; As there has been difficulty in settling due invoices without having a PC meeting, having a December meeting on say the third Tuesday of the month would even out the work flow. Also to consider to reinstate holding a meeting in August. It was decided that this matter be "left on the shelf" for the time being. Cllr. MB informed the meeting that the reason that there was no PC meeting in August was that many years ago most of the parish councillors were farmers and August is always a busy month for farmers.

18. TO RESOLVE A BUDGET FOR EXPENDITURE RE: OFFICE COMPUTER. - Cllr Middleton: After another discussion on this subject and as many of the councillors considered the present computer adequate for purpose, it was agreed to ask Bridge PC's to wipe off the unnecessary programmes on the present computer. However, provision must be made for a back up system.

19. TO REPORT ON MEETING WITH LCC HIGHWAYS DEPARTMENT ON MONDAY 7TH FEBRUARY 2011 – Cllr Dewsberry: The amendments to the Enhancement Scheme would be completed by the end of March. New Road to be resurfaced. There was no money being spent on highways next financial year, but potholes were another matter. A decision is awaited regarding what is to be done to the pedestrian crossing near the old school.

20. TO PROPOSE THAT THE COUNCIL WRITE TO THE COUNCIL'S SOLICITOR TO ASCERTAIN IF THERE ARE ANY COVENANTS ON THE MEMORIAL GROUND WHICH MAY AFFECT CONSIDERATIONS FOR ITS USE AS AN EXTENSION TO THE CHURCHYARD – Cllr Middleton: as it has not been ascertained whether there is or is not a covenant on the Memorial Park with regard to the extension for the churchyard, he suggested that a letter was written to the PC's solicitors requesting a search of the deeds be made, and upon receipt of their advice a decision could then be made.

21. TO RESOLVE THAT CLLR'S NAMES, ADDRESSES AND E-MAIL ADDRESSES BE PLACED ON THE COUNCIL WEB-SITE – Cllr Brandon-King: Another long discussion on this subject, with some councillors willing to have their details on the PC's website, as do several other parish councils in the area, while others are unwilling to give other than their names and email addresses. For the time being it was decided to leave it as it is, without individual councillors names or details.

22. TO RESOLVE THAT (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE CURRENT COMMITTEE), ALL OTHER COMMITTEES BE DISBANDED AND INDIVIDUAL CLLR'S BE GIVEN SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITY FOR PARTICULAR AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY – Cllr Middleton: Mrs. Ripley advised the councillors that the best policy would be to get rid of all the committees and set up working parties as and when necessary, which could also include parishioners. These could then report back to the full PC. This should be left until May for the new PC to decide upon.

23. TO RESOLVE THAT THE COUNCIL SEEK ALTERNATIVE BANKING FACILTIES AS A MATTER OF URGENCY – Cllr Middleton: stated that the situation was untenable at present with only two authorised signatories. This subject brought much humour into the meeting. It has been decided to add two more names to be authorised signatories. Again, it was decided to leave this item until after the May elections.


25. To Resolve on whether the council should move into closed session for discussion of the following agenda items, on the grounds of confidentiality.


27. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: St Matthews Church 29th March 2011

Open Forum starts at 7 pm.

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Jan 282011

Notes on the Sutton Bridge Parish Council Meeting
held at St. Matthews Church, 25th January, 2011

(It would appear that the Agenda for tonight’s meeting was in a different format from Agendas of previous meetings).

Present: Cllrs: M. Booth, J. Preston, D, Dewsberry, C. Brandon-King, R. Middleton, J. Grimwood, and D. Wall

The meeting began at 7pm with the Open Forum.

Mr. Ford asked if there was now a different criteria in regard to Planning Applications as he had noted that the proposed plans for the extension to the Co-op Convenience store near his home had been passed by the Parish Council with “No Comment”. No one from the Parish Council had been to seek his or his neighbours’ opinion on the matter. The proposed extension would be only 6 metres from his front door. Furthermore he had noted that the Co-op had also sought an extension to their licensing hours, and which would now be from 7 am until 11 pm. The new extension would also deprive the store of 12 car parking spaces, and because of its position on Bridge Road and said loss of parking spaces, would make it even more difficult for HGV vehicles making deliveries to the store.

Cllr. Brandon-King stated that the Parish Council had no say in the applications for liquor licences as this was now the remit of the SHDC, as such licences were no longer granted through the courts.

(The question remains why were the proposed plans for the extension to the Co-op Convenience Store passed by the Parish Council with “No Comment”?)

Mr. Croxford asked if it would be possible for a children’s play area to be made on the vacant area of land on the Falklands Estate. He stated that this open space on the Falklands Road appeared to have become the unofficial dog walking area with people even bringing their dogs there by car. There is no near play space for the children on the estate without their using major roads.

He further asked that now the Compulsory Purchase Order was now in force with regard to the Travellers Site, would it not be a good time to hold a referendum in the Village for residents to have a say as to whether they wished to either stay under the jurisdiction of SHDC or to be annexed to Norfolk, where they seem to get much better policing and other benefits all round.

Mrs. Minns asked if the Enhancement Scheme had been abandoned as the out builds had not been removed.

Cllr. Brandon–King said there would be an update from the County Councillor when he arrived at the meeting later. The rest of the scheme would be completed before the end of the financial year.

The Parish Council Meeting then followed.


The note taker appointed for the meeting appointed was Mrs. E. Arteman

2. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE with reasons:
Apologies received from Cllr, C. Brewis who would be late arriving.

3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: to receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act:
Cllr. Booth re Allotments

Clerk’s notes from the meeting of 30th November 2010 to be accepted as Minutes - agreed as previously read.

No Police present.

Cllr Dewsberry was pleased to be back in the chair and thanked all councillors for the way they had kept the office going in his absence. He had also provided sherry and mince pies as a token of goodwill to all for the New Year, and wished everyone a happy and prosperous 2011.

(Perhaps sherry and mince pies should be offered at every meeting as it certainly seemed in improve the spirits of those present).

In the absence of the temporary Clerk, Cllr. Brandon King stated that a rota of volunteer councillors had smoothed the day to day running of the Parish Council Office, and thanked them for their time and effort put in. There had been many applications for the vacant post of Parish Clerk and it was anticipated that this matter could be sorted soonest.

Cllr. M. Booth stated that most funding for voluntary bodies such as the CAB was being maintained.
The CPO for the Travellers Site now having been awarded it was anticipated that work on the building of the site would begin in April. Cllr. Booth went on to say that at a Planning Meeting at SHDC it had been stated by another member of the Committee that “….the least work possible would be done on this site and as the gates would be locked (he) did not care if the site was used or not….”
It was regretted that the Youth Club had been closed.
The Public Toilets are still closed due to vandalism.
Local public transport would still be maintained and no change to times of use for concessionary fares.
It has been discovered that the very expensive Travellers Site at Holbeach, that has yet to be completed, has been built on land not owned by the SHDC.
Although figures for crime in the district would appear to be down, it is still important that all crime be reported to the police and a report number be obtained.
Pot holes caused by the exceptional winter weather as well as general wear and tear will take time to repair. New Road is to be resurfaced in February.
The new legislation regarding parking on yellow lines is now operative and applies to Sutton Bridge same as anywhere else.
The lease between the Parish Council and the SBCCF has been finalised and all is now in order for the build to commence.
The Environment Agency have requested a meeting to liaise with the Parish Council.
Saturday refuse collections at the Memorial Park will continue with the next being 19th March.
The new speed limits for Bridge Road will be implemented shortly.

9. FINANCIAL MATTERS; Self explanatory as appears on the agenda.


There followed a long list of correspondence, much of it being read out.
a. Amendments to lease re SBCCF – matter sorted.
b. Chaser HMRC re PAYE & NIC for ex-clerk. Still unable to finalise until all details processed. HMRC aware.
c. Coastal Flood Risk Campaign – The Environment Agency are to be invited to the Parish Meeting in March.
d. From LCC re: Youth Offending Service – offers of assistance from Community Pay-back offenders – this has been forwarded to Big Bloomers.
e. Large puddle on new Zebra Crossing – Highways to do remedial work.
f. East Bank Lighthouse – owners have outlined their plans for the development of the area around the lighthouse, and are to be invited to the Parish Meeting.
g. Code of Conduct Training – was cancelled due to lack of interest, although it was said that three councillors would have gone.
h. The salt box reported missing from its position on East Bank corner of Sluice Road had been removed, replaced and then stolen. It would shortly be replaced.
i. The Multi Agency Group requested that two of the bus shelters in Bridge Road be painted with anti graffiti paint and also allowing that same shelters could be painted in the same way as the Old School and various other shops in the area had been. It was decided to allow the bus shelters to be repainted with anti-graffiti paint in the first place, then any other decorative painting be considered at a later date.
j. Register of Electors from SHDC.

Other correspondence related to: Quotation from possible contractor, a complaint re allotments, applicant for Clerk’s position, “Love Food – Hate Waste”, On going Insurance Claim re damage to trees in the Memorial Park, confirmation of CPO re Gypsy & Travellers transit site, Lincolnshire Playing Fields Association, Queen’s Jubilee Fields in Trust, E-on advice of changes of T&C’s re Pavilion in Memorial Ground, RBL Great Poppy Weekend 20-12 June, Reporting highway maintenance problems from LCC, Register of Electors from SHDC, letter re Queen’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrations, though in view of the impending May Parish Council elections it was agreed to keep this “on the shelf”.



Change of use shop to flat at 88 Bridge Road, SB Greens Carpets.

Proposed new signage to Nene Pharmacy, 184 Bridge Road. SB – advised by SHDC – not required – no further action.

Retention of dwelling without agricultural habitation clause, Foxaceae, King John Bank, Walpole Marsh for Mrs. Fox

Part retrospective plastic clad greenhouses JEPCO Peters Point, SB for J E Piccaver Ltd.

Proposed single storey extension to shop front for Nene Pharmacy, 184 Bridge Road.


Proposed detached boiler store Rose Cottage, King John Bank, Walpole St Andrew for Mr. J. Taylor.

Proposed boat shed and garages Prospect Lodge, Chestnut Terrace, SB for Mrs. F. Minns


Storage for ride-on tractor, Clearview, King John Bank, Walpole St. Andrew

Extension for additional cooking facilities Wingland Foods Ltd.

Extension to Anchor Public House

Change of use of shop to flat at 112 Bridge Road

Replace Moorings, promenade and parking Sutton Bridge Marina

All weather ménage for Nene Lodge, East Bank

New Sash Window for Curlew Lodge, Guys Head Road.


Garages and boat sheds at Prospect Lodge, Chestnut Terrace.


a. Update on outstanding matters – reimbursement received from LCC
b. To report any new matter – street lighting not working in Bridge Road reported to LCC
c. To discuss parking at the east end of Bridge Road – Cllr Davies (absent from meeting).


a. Churchyard and Playing Fields – Cllr Grimwood reported that the Friends of Sutton Bridge Playing Fields and Open Spaces had installed many benches in the Memorial Park and other play areas. There had been a big clean up around the Youth Club area and this had made huge improvement.
(A welcome addition to the amenity of the Memorial Park).
b. Allotments – Cllr Preston stated that £9,000 had been received and £4,000 was still outstanding, but that matters were all in hand. However, people were giving up allotments without giving the proper 6 months notice.
c. Finance – covered by Cllr Preston
d. Personnel Committee – Cllr Wall had nothing to report
e. Planning – Cllr Davies (No Report)
f. Footpaths – Cllr Preston stated that these had not been looked at due to the recent bad spell of weather, but it would be done as soon as conditions improved.
g. Website – Cllr. Middleton – no report.
h. Multi-Sports Centre – Cllr Middleton reported that there had been two or three meetings with the people involved with the Football Club, with Gary Croxford representing the SBCCF. Divided the situation into two groups – 1) Sports, 2) Buildings. The situation at the Youth Club is that LCC own the land, and the Methodist Church owns the building. Running costs are about £5,000 p.a. It has been suggested that the building could be bought a small cost, and the lease at even less cost. The Pavilion in the Memorial Park needs to have £30,000 spent on it to bring it up to the standard and potential for other sports clubs to use the same building. There is the potential for a new Football team. The present Football Club are not willing to take on the Pavilion entirely. Sutton Bridge still has a large pot of S106 money, but it was thought this could only be used for a new build. Talks have been taking place with SHDC and it is to be hoped that some of this money could be used to renovate both the Pavilion and the Youth Club buildings. But first it must be ascertained that the S106 money can be used for this purpose. It is also considered important that the Youth Club is reinstated as soon as is possible before the building falls into disrepair.
(It is good to see that the Parish Council is working hard to facilitate the reinstatement of the Youth Club).


A. Phillips and Allens Charities – all grants had been paid out in December.
B. Youth Club – closed. The building can only be used for youth activities and we do not want the building to deteriorate. The equipment has been removed to Spalding. It has been suggested to ask the young people what they want, and also suggested that the youngsters could be coached to Spalding Youth Club until this one is re-opened. There is a great need for volunteers to work at the Youth club to come forward. There may also be grants available to run the Youth Club. They have also been offered the use of the Royal British Legion hall.
C. Voluntary Car Scheme - this service is used by residents of Sutton Bridge and surrounding villages. It has covered 3895 journeys and a total of 75,500 miles in the past year.
D. Red Cross Lincs. ???
E. SBCCF – standing orders were suspended and Gary Croxford Chairman of the SBCCF advised that the area had now been fenced off and the ground being prepared for the start of building within the next few weeks. (Good news).
F. LALC ???
G. Holbeach Senior Links – next meeting on 23rd February, 2011.
H. Power Station Liaison – Mrs. Jenkins was now retired and her replacement has yet to start the programme for visits from schools and other interested organisations.
I. Kings Lynn Advisory Group Wash Estuary – talks had been held with the new owners of the East Bank Lighthouse. The drilling in the Wash had stopped in 2010, and a new attempt would be made this year, when they will try to drill through at a lower depth. The Harbour Master of Kings Lynn has expressed concern about the cables lying on the seabed, which is uneven, is continually shifting, and which could be dangerous when shipping using the Wash drop anchor or fishing nets as these could catch on the cables. The investigation into the injuries causing seals deaths is still being investigated.
J. Multi Agency Group/Youth Club Meeting. (See Correspondence matter concerning bus shelters)
K. Community Engagement Model Group – all gone very quiet, nothing has been heard for 6 months.
L. Charter of Friendship Group – Cllr Dewsberry produced a greetings card sent to himself/Sutton Bridge from the Mayor of Sedlec-Prčice.

It is hoped that a new internal auditor can be found to ensure procedures that are currently in place are adhered to. It would be good to have a volunteer to do this important job. It was further suggested that this item be placed on the agenda for the next PC meeting.

Cllr. Grimwood said cars continually parking on the grass at the east end of the town.
Cllr. Brandon-King suggests an increase in the number of PC meetings to 12, i.e. 1 per calendar month, with the December meeting being held on either the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of that month.
A report on the progress of the new Marina Project was called for. Standing Orders removed to allow Mr. Morley to inform the PC that work would commence this year on the “wet” side of the Marina, and that the “dry” side would be completed early next year. (Good news).

Cllr Booth informed the PC that a large cherry picker would be required to remove the tree lights from their present position, although it would be quite expensive to do this. However there was a possibility that a small cherry picker could be arranged if it could get into the churchyard, but this would depend on the state of the ground. He and Cllr. Grimwood would endeavour to have the lights removed as soon as possible. Consideration was given to purchasing more Christmas lights, although it was suggested that there was enough already, but perhaps they should be looking at a different setting for the lights next December.

Cllr Booth - this had already been covered in discussion earlier in the meeting.

Cllr Middleton – suggested the PC bought a new computer for the PC office as the old one was not really up to the job. It was suggested that £600 be set aside for the new computer, as well as monies for the software that would also be required. The choice between desk top or laptop types are to be considered with the suggestion that with usb ports it would be possible to have a keyboard and mouse for a laptop, thereby having the best of both worlds. It was agreed that the purchase be made prior to the appointment of a new clerk.

Cllr Brewis. Mrs. Ripley had advised that it would be acceptable to offer such a reward. However, since the toilet facilities would be available (with an outside entrance) in the new Community Centre, there seemed little point in following this up. At present the Toilet for the disabled was still available to those who hold a Radar key.

Cllr Brandon-King. An emailed application made in September 2010 from the Big Bloomers had come to light and discussion centred on whether this was for the year 2010 or 2011. Cllr. Grimwood said the PC should offer as much help as possible to this excellent group. It was agreed that there were funds available and that Big Bloomers be awarded the total sum requested of £500. (Good news).

At this point the council moved to go into closed session and the public were requested to leave.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 7 pm at St. Matthews Church 22nd February, 2011

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