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The following is a selection of messages received through our “Contact Us” page.

Oct 6 2014

We have received an email from a local resident who has put his own interpretation onto the sticker being handed out by the Wash and Sutton Bridge Protection Group, and who says:

Please find attached a picture/poster I made in protest at the proposed new power station in Sutton Bridge. The poster incorporates the 'Don't Dump on Sutton Bridge' sticker, a number of which were distributed in Sutton Bridge a few days ago. I thought the stickers were very striking and they inspired me to do something creative with them. My poster tries to put across the impact that a new power station could have on future generations of Sutton Bridge.

I am aware that your website is neutral on topical issues such as this, but I thought I would send you the poster anyway. If you would like to place it anywhere on your website that would be great.

Don't Dump on Sutton Bridge

Jan 16 2011

Enquiries continue to come in to

A student studying architecture at Nottingham University has chosen Sutton Bridge as one of his subjects.

The proposed Marina Project continues to generate a lot of interest from companies specialising in marine engineering/supplies. We have also received enquiries from people requesting to be placed on the waiting list for berths at the proposed new marina.

Information has been received regarding foreign Prisoners of War who were held at the Prison Camp in Sutton Bridge. We are pleased to say that we have been successful in reuniting old friends.

Several other enquiries have been received from people tracing their family history, and we have been able to give the enquirers further leads to follow. The same enquiries have also given an added interest on life in Sutton Bridge in the 1950’s and we are still researching these, which will form the subjects of further articles on Our Town pages.

3.1.2010 : Within days of our web site being launched we received our first congratulatory message from a resident in Foul Anchor.

6.1.2010 : Enquiry regarding the proposed Energy Park from a lady in Tydd Gote.

7.1.2010 : Congratulations on your website from a resident in Lutton

21.1.2010 : From regarding making Sutton Bridge a cleaner, greener place. This was sent on to the excellent team of Big Bloomers.

17.3.2010 : Well Done Bridge Watch for allowing Sutton Bridge residents to give their comments. Resident of Sutton Bridge.

8.4.2010 : Enquiry received regarding mariners and pilots as they appeared on the 1871 and 1881 census, and asking where they could find records for these occupations. We were thanked for the leads given to this person to follow up and also for the photographs sent to them of the house in Custom House Street where one of their relatives had lived back in the late 1800’s.

20.5.2010 : An enquiry from a Civil Engineering Contractor regarding the proposed marina.

25.5.2010 : An enquiry for help to find information about ancestors who had timber yards in Sutton Bridge in the 1870’s. This was forwarded to our local historians.

6.7.2010 : Enquiry from Peter Oldham, who used to live in Princes Street and was a member of the St. Matthew’s Church Choir in the early 1960’s.

Research on this is still ongoing. Does anyone remember Peter Oldham? He was in the church choir in the 1960’s during which time he tells us there were photographs taken during various events and asks if any photos are available. So far we have made no progress with verbal enquiries and have made a request for help on this subject to be placed in the October issue of the Parish Magazine. If you can help please do contact us on

19.7.2010 : A gentleman contacted us to say he was giving a talk on the Wisbech River and Port and would like to include a mention of the old dock in Sutton Bridge. We were able to send copies of old photos of the old dock in time for his presentation.

27.7.2010 : An approach from the UK Border Agency requesting to place an article on our web site.

25.8.2010 : A Tydd Gote family contacted us with reference to the proposed Tydd St. Mary Wind Turbine Farm as they were concerned about the wind turbines and the possible effect on autistic children.

29.8.2010 : A Walpole Cross Keys resident “just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented, informative and thought provoking website”.

6.9.2010 : UK Border Agency sent us their press release, now posted on our web site.

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