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Sutton Bridge 4X4 Motor Project

Mar 22 2012

Sutton Bridge 4x4 Project: 2012 Update

The 4x4 Landrover that the Sutton Bridge youngsters stripped down and refurbished with the help of Stuart Coote and Andy Hunt has been put to good use by its new owners, The Second Chance Childrens' Charity that is based in Portsmouth. PCSO Ben Harrington has been sent the following progress report from Doug Hulme, the Charity Leader:

"The Land Rover is doing sterling service and has been very reliable. We've been using it on our land and to ferry the kids around, " said Doug in an email to Ben.

This has been especially important since the charity is a mini bus down at the moment. Doug said that they hadn't been able to take the vehicle to Finland this year as they had planned, because of lack of finances and other constraints. As they were only able to mange one week at the Finnish cottage, they hired a vehicle on arrival in Finland instead.

Doug went on to say that during a sunny spell in mid March they took the vehicle "down the land a week or two ago and parked outside the office, under the centre signs, and got a few of the kids and staff to crawl all over it and then took some pictures ." (Permission has been given to BW to use the photos)

The youngsters and their leaders are pleased with the Land Rover

Doug also told Ben that they have decided transfer everything from their written-off Land Rover onto the Sutton Bridge one. This is expected to take a while but it will mean that the Sutton Bridge Land Rover will be an exceptionally well appointed one. The old vehicle has the winter gear on it including an electric heater for the engine while it's parked; heated seats, mirrors and windscreen; and even a winch, all of which will be incorporated into the new vehicle.

Dec 20 2011

Sutton Bridge 4x4 Project: The Final Chapter

The project has been running for approximately 21 months and the team working on the project consisted of two mechanics (Stuart Coote and Andy Hunt) and five local young people (Daisy Kilbon, Karl Tear, Martyn Kennett, Sam Bacon and Anthony Hughes).

The youngsters have worked hard on this project throughout and have shown true dedication, seeing the vehicle through to the very end.

PCSO Ben Harrington, who initiated and co-ordinated the project said he was “Extremely proud of these young people who, when they first started, either had limited, or no knowledge, about mechanics at all, and they have managed to overcome many problems along the way, and in so doing, have built up a good team working relationship. They used their own time and attended regularly, never giving up or complaining even when working through the cold winter months. Come rain, sun or snow they turned up on time ready to go. The vehicle was taken to bits down to the bare chassis and then rebuilt.”

The Landrover Defender 110 has now been completely renovated and has it has been handed over to The Second Chance Children's Charity ( It was collected by Doug Hulme and his son Warren, who drove from Portsmouth to collect the vehicle. They were extremely impressed by the youngsters’ work and were very grateful to The Sutton Bridge Motor Project for donating such a vehicle to them.

The project had to find another charity to donate the vehicle to when the original intended charity suffered severe cuts and was unable to support donations of vehicles from the UK. The Second Chance Children's Charity needed a new vehicle such as this one and after Ben had done some research, he felt the vehicle was going to a worthy cause and would be put to good use.

Ben asked that the Sutton Bridge youngsters working on the Project should be given due credit for sticking with the project through to its completion.

Aug 18 2011

Good News!

PCSO Ben Harrington, Sutton Bridge's Community police officer, has told Bridgewatch that the 4x4 Project in Sutton Bridge is now coming to an end, and that he has been able to find another charity: The Second Chance Children's Charity ( who is delighted to accept the vehicle for their work with underprivileged and disadvantaged youths.

The remaining work, mainly to do with electrics and the engine, will have to be done first before the vehicle is handed over.

The original charity that the 4x4 project team was working with, Sightsavers, had to pull out of the project due to financial cuts to their budget and Ben has worked very hard since then to find another suitable charity to benefit from the good work done by the Sutton Bridge 4x4 Project team.

During the winter months, the Second Chance charity has use of a cottage in Finland that enables the youths to participate in outdoor activities that benefit them both physically and developmentally. They need a vehicle like the one the Sutton Bridge 4x4 project has been working onto replace the one they currently use.

All the group members—Ben, the young people of Sutton Bridge working on the 4x4 project, their adult helpers, Stuart Coote and Andy Hunt (both trained mechanics), are pleased that the vehicle will be going to help such a worthy cause. Ben has been in frequent touch with the Second Chance Charity's chief executive, Doug Holme, who is very grateful to receive such a splendid vehicle.

PCSO Ben Harrington with Andy Hunt and Stuart Coote, the 4x4 Motor Project mechanics and tutors

Ben, Stuart, Andy and the youngsters would like to express their thanks for the support and encouragement they have received during the 17 months that the Project has been operating from various businesses and residents:

SOUTH HOLLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL for the use of the unit in Railway Lane and the extension of time to complete the vehicle as well as providing a safe, working environment for the vehicle and the youngsters.

TEARS of Sutton Bridge (Robert and Dick), who have helped transport the vehicle to wherever it was required. On many occasions they dropped what they were doing to assist.

BUSH TYRES of Long Sutton (Manager Steven), for providing four tyres.

PARKWAYS in Long Sutton (David Pateman) for discounted items especially uniforms.

SIMMONITES for trade price for the chequer plating.

MM4x4 (Chris Hammet) for the light surrounds and trade price lights.

KETTS AUTOPAINTS of Wisbech for various trade price items.

COUNTY LANDROVER (Richard East) for numerous trade price car parts.

PARKINSONS of King's Lynn, for various items.

THE LINCOLNSHIRE CRIMINAL JUSTICE BOARD for the original funding, made available through the Government's Community Cash back scheme that was launched in May 2009, where 'cash' retrieved from criminals' seized assets had been earmarked for funding worthwhile community projects.



An anonymous donation from a local resident

Jun 12 2011

The completion date for this project is expected to be in July 2011. The young people involved have continued to work enthusiastically on the project. However, due to some unseen problems that arose when the interior was being fitted out, the group's leader, Stuart Coote and a friend, are making some extra effort to get the project finished on time.

Stuart Coote working on repairing the doors

Unfortunately for the Project, the original motivators for this project, Sightsavers Charity, has had to pull out due to funding cuts. They were going to take over the vehicle and send it out to Africa to be used as a field ambulance, reaching children in outlying villages who needed urgent eye treatment.

PCSO Ben Harrington, Sutton's Bridge's Police Community Support Officer, has tried to find other charities to take on this project, but unfortunately the three other charities he approached, all said the same thing.

It must be very disappointing to the youngsters, who have worked so hard to see their aims thwarted in this way. However, Ben and Stuart are determined that the vehicle will go to a good home. They are looking for another charity, working in Africa, who may have need of a Landrover 'ambulance' to whom they can donate the vehicle and who would be willing to take it over.

The Almost Complete Vehicle - fully kitted out as a field ambulance

The Lincolnshire Criminal Justice Board, who provided a major proportion of the funding for this project (together with other donations), have been very supportive and have allowed the change of intended destination if necessary.

PCSO Harrington said he was very grateful to Bush Tyres of Long Sutton for their donation of four tyres. He also thanked those who had contributed funds to the project, including Sutton Bridge Parish Council.

If any Bridgewatch readers can make any suggestions about charities that might be appropriate, PCSO Ben Harrington would be pleased to hear from you. He can be contacted via

Jan 21 2011

Dear Bridgewatch,

Thank you for your continued support for our project, with much delight I can add some more pictures for yours and the publics viewing.

Sutton Bridge Motor Project updates picture 1: December 2010
Sutton Bridge Motor Project updates picture 1: December 2010

Sutton Bridge Motor Project updates picture 2: January 2011
Sutton Bridge Motor Project updates picture 2: January 2011

We are now in the process of placing the external body work back onto the vehicle and then install the interior, once this has been completed a service will be required on the engine.

We are trying to establish buyers for 2 pieces of equipment that we have removed from the vehicle all offers considered.

* a Brown Church galvanized heavy duty roof rack with ladders and all fixtures.

* a PTO winch system



Oct 25 2010

Sutton Bridge 4x4 Motor Project - Update

The 4x4 Project is well under way. Since our last visit the team have completely stripped the land rover down to its chassis. This has been scraped clear of all rust and the youngsters were at the stage of applying a special black paint to all the under-body parts to seal it against further rust, as the photographs show.

ome of the Sutton Bridge 4x4 Motor Project team with their supervisor and trained mechanic, Stuart
Some of the 4x4 Project team with their supervisor and trained mechanic, Stuart.

Daisy getting down to the job of rust-proofing the undercarriage at the Sutton Bridge 4x4 Motor Project
Daisy getting down to the job of rust-proofing the undercarriage.

Sam and Karl applying rust-proof paint to the rear of the vehicle at the Sutton Bridge 4x4 Motor Project
Sam and Karl applying rust-proof paint to the rear of the vehicle.

The Team have been given an extension until February to complete the project when the vehicle will be shipped out to Africa for use by the SightSaver charity as a field ambulance.

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Aug 11 2010

Sutton Bridge 4x4 Motor Project - Update

On the 7th July, Assistant Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police, Keith Smy visited Sutton Bridge to find out how the 4x4 Project was developing. He said he was glad of the opportunity to hear about the activities that the funding for this project has been supporting. He added that the young people involved had a fantastic opportunity, not only to gain valuable experience and qualifications, but also to contribute towards the important work being done by the SightSavers charity in Africa.

Sutton Bridge 4x4 Project workers
Sutton Bridge 4x4 Project workers, Martin and Sam working on the Landrover, under the supervision of Stuart

Members of Bridge Watch have also visited the Project and talked to the young people involved. Not only have the young people learned new skills, including team work, but also realise that furthering their own education is a key to achieving their own aims and ambitions. At the end of the project the young people will have gained a greater awareness of safe and responsible driving, as well as a recognised NVQ certificate. Additionally, through their own research, they have discovered that their lives are quite different from those of most of the youngsters living in some areas of Africa.

The Project has been going since May and is scheduled to run for nine months. The vehicle they are restoring—a 10-year old Landrover—will become a field ambulance for SightSavers to use in the remote regions of Africa.

4x4 Project members
4x4 Project members, Martin, Sam, Karl and Daisy

The Project has been largely funded by money from the Criminal Justice Board through the Government Community Cashback scheme that uses money from criminals’ seized assests to fund worthwhile community projects.

The Project arose because of an escalation in car crime, theft and criminal damage in the Sutton Bridge area.

Assistant Chief Constable Smy visits the Sutton Bridge 4x4 Project
Assistant Chief Constable Smy visits the 4x4 Project on July 7, 2010

ACC Smy said, “It is important that all the recipients of the Community Cashback grants can see the connection between crimes being brought to justice by the combined efforts of all the criminal justice agencies, and the funding they are receiving.” Everyone directly benefits from the seizure of criminals’ cash.

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Jun 4 2010

Sutton Bridge Motor Project

This is the latest update Bridge Watch has received on the 4 x 4 project. We now look forward to receiving some photographs of how the project has progressed.

We are now several weeks into the project and it is taking shape very quickly. The youths (now 8 in total) are still very keen to take part and have worked very hard over the last couple of weeks to ensure that the vehicle is renovated. To date most of the interior eg wood and linings have been removed apart from the seats, the side foot bars and various other parts of the vehicle such as the roof have also been removed making the vehicle nearly unrecognisable from when we first started.

Funding for the restoration project was made available through the Government's Community Cashback scheme launched in May 2009, where 'cashback' from criminals' seized assets, such as confiscated cash or property, has been earmarked to fund worthwhile community projects. As well as this the Sutton Bridge PowerStation and the local Sutton Bridge Parish Council have all donated money towards this project.

As soon as any pictures etc become available we will ensure they are sent through.

Apr 8 2010

Sutton Bridge Motor Project

Ben Harrington writes:-

We have now purchased our vehicle which is a Landrover Defender LWB 110 Station Wagon TDI. The vehicle is a '99 or T registered vehicle and will be used for the restoration of this project. The vehicle appears to be in working order and therefore should not prove to be a problem when working on it. We are also now in receipt of the keys for the unit at Railway Lane North Sutton Bridge from SHDC which has provided the rent for free at this stage, however the usual utility bills will be covered by ourselves. Also we are just awaiting the rates department to make contact as we are unsure of their current status on the charity.

The youths are now being re-contacted unfortunately at this stage we now only have 5 who are keen and very interested in the project, 2 of the youths from the original 7 dropped out due to college or other reasons. However we are confident the project can still progress and of course will ensure more interaction with the group and other members. Our aim at present is to complete all the health and safety/ admin bits on Wednesday 14th April. We can then put an exact start date in place.

LCC are going to cover the liability insurance and again we will have to provide contents insurance. All in all it appears that the project will be successful even with low numbers being interested in this amazing opportunity.

Mar 9 2010

Sutton Bridge Motor Project

Knowing that they only had till the end of March to achieve their target, a representative of Bridge Watch spoke to Laura Griggs today about the 4x4 project to see how things were progressing. There was very good news: it seems that they will be in a position to purchase the car before the deadline. So the project will be up and running shortly.

Sutton Bridge Motor Project

The Motor Project is a 9-12 month course, which will offer a diversionary activity for up to twelve local young people aged 13-17 years. The project will provide an opportunity for the young people to learn about something they have an interest in, in a safe and constructive environment. The experience will provide an opportunity for achieving goals, gaining practical and teamwork skills. If students successfully complete the 6-9 month course they will be awarded a nationally recognised NVQ accreditation used by Lincolnshire County Council.

The project is aimed at restoring confidence with the general public. This will be done by engagement with those who have been affected as a victims of crime and with those whom we have met while on general patrol.

We envisage the following benefits for the local community from young people being involved in this project:

The project envisages that crime within the community will reduce, mainly by targeting the days when Anti-Social Behaviour is at its highest. The community will see a reduction in vandalism and will have less fear of crimes being committed.

Once the vehicle has been restored, we envisage it being sent to a third world country, most likely Africa, for the benefit of local villagers. The organisation that we are currently working with for this project is Sightsavers. Their website is

The project has already been part-funded by The Sutton Bridge Power Station and Sutton Bridge Parish Council. The Lincolnshire Criminal Justice Board (LCJB) has provided funding which has come through the OCJR (Office of Criminal Justice Reform) Community Cashback Fund, money taken directly from criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Further funding is urgently needed to ensure that the project is up and running by 31st March 2010.

PCSO Ben Harrington or his Community Beat Manager Laura Griggs would both be only too willing to provide further information about this important community project. Ben may be contacted on 07900 111518, Laura on 07900 137749 or a message can go via

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