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Safety Matters – Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge

Aug 2 2010


In the 29th June, 2010 edition of the Lincolnshire Free Press appeared a public notice issued by Lincolnshire Country Council, concerning proposed speed limits along Bridge Road.

The above speed limits were discussed at the Parish Council meeting held on 27th July. However, according to the Public Notice the 27th July was also the date by which objections to the proposals should have been sent to LCC.

If and when these speed limits do come into force it is hoped that they will go some way to increasing safety along the whole length of Bridge Road.

Safety Matters – Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge

In its determination to get rid of the Bridge Road Enhancement Scheme (which has had the effect of slowing traffic to some extent) Sutton Bridge Parish Council has neglected to take up issues of SAFETY along Bridge Road. These are some of the things that should be considered.

Pedestrian Crossing

With the Medical Centre now in Railway Lane, it is crucial that a Pedestrian Crossing is sited somewhere close to the Pharmacy. This will assist people to cross the road when they need to visit the Medical Centre and/or The Pharmacy, or simply access Railway Lane. At the moment they have to play a game of Russian Roulette in order to get across the road and, many are elderly and some are in Mobility Vehicles.

Junction of Railway Lane & Bridge Road

There is a major accident waiting to happen at this busy junction. When vehicles park opposite Railway Lane North, right on top of the junction, this severely restricts visibility making manoeuvring around the junction at the same time as having to contend with speeding traffic a most dangerous exercise. Safety at this junction MUST be improved before someone is seriously injured or killed. The question has to be asked - what does the Parish Council intend to do about the problem?

Speeding Vehicles

Speeding vehicles are a danger not only to themselves but all other users of Bridge Road, whether in a vehicle or on foot. Recent accidents in this area are proof that a serious problem exists; measures must be taken to slow drivers down.

Heavy Lorries using Bridge Road

Heavy lorries which have no need to visit Sutton Bridge are using Bridge Road as a through route; they are causing the road to break up in places, which means additional expenditure for the Highways Department which will have to come out of Council Tax or other taxation. The problem doesn’t end there: when some of these lorries do stop, mainly for personal reasons, they cause parking problems, totally flouting parking regulations and, when asked to move, some have shown aggressive and threatening behaviour.

Heavy lorries in Sutton Bridge Heavy lorries in Sutton Bridge
Heavy lorries in Sutton Bridge Heavy traffic in Sutton Bridge
Heavy lorries in Sutton Bridge Heavy lorries in Sutton Bridge

What was the point of the A17 by-pass
if not to reduce heavy traffic through Sutton Bridge?

We deserve a safer Sutton Bridge.
A weight restriction for through traffic must be imposed and enforced.

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