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Saturday 24th August until Friday 2nd September.

Around 300 paintings in various mediums by approx. 100 local artists. Most exhibits are available for purchase with a percentage of the sales going to the church funds.

Opening times are Saturday to Thursday 10am until 6pm, except for Sunday which is Noon until 6pm. Friday is 10am until closure of the event at 3pm.

Light refreshments and lunches are available. WC. and disabled access. Admission is free.

Several artists will be painting in the church during the event.

Organiser:- Geoff De Roux - telephone 01406 540219
Email enquiries:


Sutton Bridge Art Group meet every Wednesday in the The Curlew Centre from 2pm till 4pm. The group is open to all abilities, you just have to have an interest in Art! We have regular demonstrations by professional artists, and if you are interested in joining us, why not drop in - we have a tea break at 3pm. Or, you can phone for further information to Mrs. Sandra Carpenter, on 01945 780 931.


Sutton Bridge Art Group had its beginnings in the 1980s when people like Cynthia Tilley, the late Ena Caney, Sylvia Sayer and others, joined together to form a group of artists and would-be artists, to meet in the old village hall and the British Legion. As time went by the venue changed and the group expanded.

Today's members attend at The Curlew Centre every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm till 4pm. taking a tea break around 3pm. The 2014 programme is varied and interesting with either a visiting Artist or a group member leading. At least once a year full day Workshops are also held.

For further details and to find out if there are places available, (at any one time there may be a short Waiting List in operation), please drop in. Annual Fee is £10 plus £2 a session to cover rental and refreshment costs.

You do not have to be a skilled or practising artist, but just have a desire to take up a pencil or paintbrush and "have a go".

Returns to its roots in Sutton Bridge

Sutton Bridge Art Group is returning to Sutton Bridge to the new community centre—The Curlew Centre — from March 7th, 2012, after holding meetings for some time at the Baptist Church Hall in Long Sutton.

The new venue is the Jubilee Room, a spacious, light room upstairs which is accessible by both lift and stairs. Meetings are held at the usual time: 2-4pm, with a tea break at approximately 3pm.

Members of the Sutton Bridge Art Group in their new venue: the Jubilee Room at the new Community Centre, Sutton Bridge

The 2012 Programme (below) is varied with either a visiting professional artist or a group member leading the workshop at least once a month.  Throughout the year most mediums are covered and include watercolours, acrylics, pastels and pen/ink & wash to the more abstract, which accommodates the differing interests of the membership.

Among the visiting artists for the current year are Lisa Taylor, who will be covering Drawing and Pen/Ink & Wash, and Peter Dalziel, from Spalding, who works in Pastels.

At least twice a year we hold Day workshops from 11am to 4pm, with a working lunch (we bring our own). So far this year, we have booked Debbie Mitchell in July who will be encouraging us to have a go at cartoons and, in September, Tim Fisher, from Leicestershire, will be leading us in painting flowers in Acrylics.  This is also the title of his latest book and DVD.

New members are very welcome.  Membership costs £10 per annum, plus an additional £2 or £3 when we have a visiting artist.  Non members pay £5 when we have a visiting artist.

2012 Programme


7th                    ‘Members Treasures’

14th                  Do your own work  

21st                  Sketch your own hand 

28th                  Painting practice – colour mixing etc or Do your own work


4th                    Do your own work  

11th/ 18th         Visiting artist PETER DALZIEL

25th                  Do your own work  


2nd                   Bring along a flower to paint in your favourite medium

9th                    Do your own work

16th/ 23rd         Visiting Artist LISA TAYLOR

30th                  Do your own Work


6th  /  13th         Paint your first ‘Hockney’—Spring in your favourite medium

20th / 27th         Painting in the style of Seurat with FID CROPPER  


4th                    Do your own Work


18th / 25th        Painting in acrylics using palette knives with JUDITH SAXTON


1st                  Do your own work 

8th / 25th         Painting the stained glass design of Tiffany in either watercolours or your favourite medium (designs provided) with LIN BRADLEY

22nd                  Do your own work

29th                   Painting your Summer ‘Hockney’


5th                    Continuing your summer“Hockney”  

12th                  A DAY WOKSHOP painting flowers in acrylics with artist TIM FISHER

19th                  Do your own work 

26th                  A visit from artist PETER DALZIEL


3rd                    Peter’s visit continued  

10th                  Do your Own Work

17th                  Members treasures revisited

24th                  Do your own work

31st                  Painting with MARY MIDDLETON


7th                    Painting with MARY continued

14th                  Do your own work

21st  /28th        Painting your Autumn ‘Hockney’


5th                   Afternoon Christmas party with refreshments and a quiz with JUDITH SAXTON 

12th                  Christmas dinner

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Sutton Bridge Art Group meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons at the Baptist Church in West Street, Long Sutton. The sessions last from 2pm-4pm. Membership is £10 per year, plus £2 per week, and £3 when a visiting artist attends. (Workshops are priced separately)

Tim Fisher with the Sutton Bridge Art Group

2011 will be another busy year for the Art Group: during most months of the year we will have a demonstration or workshop, either from a visiting professional artist or a member of our group.

The year has already begun well with a visit last week from professional artist Tim Fisher, from Leicester, who led a day's workshop in Pastels. Tim is a well known contributor to many art publications including The Paint and Leisure Painter magazines. He also runs painting holidays both here and abroad.

Members of Sutton Bridge Art Group

The programme for the rest of the year is varied. Some of subjects we shall be following this year are:

End of March we will be Painting Canal Art in acrylics, led by our 'boating' member Alan Manger.

April: Lisa Taylor will be leading a Pen and Ink session with a follow-up in September.

In both May and October, we shall be working in pastels with Peter Dalziel from Spalding.

Also in May group member, Judith Saxton, will lead with Having Fun with Watercolours.

June: The focus will be Still Life, provided by member, Kevin Dear. His subject is Exotic Flower and Seed Heads.

July: Art Group member, Jan Hume, will give an oil painting demonstration.

Also in July, a visit from Lincolnshire artist Debbie Mitchell has been arranged.

August: Watercolour artist Graham Timbrell will visit for a workshop

August also sees Art Group member, Lin Bradley, demonstrating the use of masking fluid in painting.

November: Art Group member, Mary Middleton, will show us how to depict realistic fabrics in acrylic paintings.

The group also has weeks when we do our own work. During the summer there will be a quiz and raffle day.

Sutton Bridge Art Group

The group is very friendly and welcoming. We encourage new members to come along and join us or contact us via

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